The Shelf Journal #3. Morgane Rebulard (Ed.). Shelf-Publishing.

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The Shelf Journal #3. Morgane Rebulard (Ed.). Shelf-Publishing.

A journal of Publishing design, cult of the shelf.
2014, France
Text in French / English


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Motto Melbourne Autumn Sale! 25% to 50% off all stock! 12 – 13.04.2014.

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Motto Melbourne Autumn Sale! 25%-50% off all stock!

Books, Magazine’s, Artist’s Publications and Editions.

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th April 2014.

Motto Melbourne / Magic Johnston
27 – 29 Johnston Street
Collingwood, Melbourne
VIC 3066

The White Review #10. Benjamin Eastham, Jacques Testard (Eds.)

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Geronimo by Benedict Andrews (Fiction)

Camille Henrot (Interview)

Poems by Wesley Rothman, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Mark Prince and Laura Elliott (Poetry)

Vern Blosum, Phantom by William E. Jones (Essay)

Jacques Rancière (Interview)

Resistance by Chris Kraus (Fiction)

Self-portrait with de Chirico and Other Works by Joshua Abelow (Art)

Mr Franklin D. Huff by Nicola Barker (Fiction)

Lydia Davis (Interview)

Positions by Isabelle Wenzel (Art)

Urgency and Patience by Jean-Philippe Toussaint (tr. Edward Gauvin) (Essay)

Poems by Najwan Darwish (tr. Sousan Hammad and Andrew Nance) (Poetry)

What Can an Art Magazine Be? by Orit Gat (Essay)

Miriam by Greg Baxter (Fiction)


Cover art: Parlour Ape Patterns No. 4 (2013) by Christian Newby

Author: Benjamin Eastham, Jacques Testard (Eds.)
Publisher: The White Review
Language: English
Pages: 176
Size: 17 x 24 cm

Price: €15.95
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Bookstores from Tokyo @ Motto Berlin. 22.03.14 – 05.04.14.

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Bookstores from Tokyo

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks; a project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo:

Archipelago Books

Book Apart

Book Storage

Nostos Books

Snow Shoveling

Accompanying the publications is a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.

The project is conceived and curated by Jun Harada.

Mousse #42. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

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Language: English / Italian
Size: 37 x 26 cm

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Diorama issue #6. Zoe de Luca (Ed.)

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Issue #6: Luce

By tuning the direction and intensity of the light, a variety of stage effects is produced: the Diorama, compartment within which, through a window, the viewer can discover and observe from inexhaustible perspectives. Diorama Magazine wants to recreate the nineteenth-century mechanism in a printed editorial product, outcome of a constant research, marked in monothematic seasons. It collects entries in a multifaceted amateur dictionary, in order to share its study and suggest a further development. Independent and self-published, each issue deals with the chosen theme oscillating between the myth and the unusual; an eye dedicated in recording the potential of the research.

Accordando la direzione e l’intensità della luce viene prodotta una molteplicità di effetti scenici: il Diorama, vano all’interno del quale, attraverso uno spiraglio, lo spettatore può scoprire ed osservare da inesauribili prospettive. Diorama Magazine vuole ricreare il meccanismo ottocentesco in un prodotto editoriale stampato, frutto di una ricerca costante, scandita in stagioni tematiche. Raccoglie voci in un poliedrico dizionario amatoriale, al fine di condividere il suo studio e di suggerirne un ulteriore sviluppo. Indipendente ed autoprodotto, ogni numero affronta l’oggetto scelto oscillando tra il mito e l’inedito; un occhio intento a registrare le potenzialità dell’indagine.

Language: Italian, English
Size: 23 x 16 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €8.00

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The Fox #4. Mathew Whittington (Ed.) Werkplaats Typografie.

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The Fox #4. Mathew Whittington (Ed.) Werkplaats Typografie.

A Fox in a Trap: Charles Nodier
Animals Again: Esther Leslie & Ben Watson
Oliver Twist and the Werewolf of London: Bill Sikes, Bull’s Eye, and Biopolitics: Bill Hutchison
The Fox Helps: Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks
Heidegger the Fox: Hannah Arendt
Tame Beasts: on obedience: Federico Campagna
The Burrow: Franz Kafka
Foxface: Mabli Elliman
Monsters & Messiahs: Mike Davis
The Rustle of Language: Roland Barthes
A New Experimental Method for an Anthropology of Things (or, An Agony in Five Fits): Hermione Spriggs
The Last Chapter: P.-J. Stahl
And including contributions from Valentijn Goethals, Daniel Arsham, Melissa Pilon, Leonard van Munster, Tetsuo Mukai, and Paul Elliman.

Edited and Designed by Mathew Whittington
Contributing Editors: Paul Elliman, Hermione Spriggs
Publisher: Werkplaats Typografie
Language: English
Pages: 144

Price: €10.00

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Edit #63. Jörn Dege, Mathias Zeiske (Eds.). Edit Literaturzeitschrift.

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Edit #63. Jörn Dege, Mathias Zeiske (Eds.). Edit Literaturzeitschrift.

Edit Papier für neue Texte: Winter 2013/14

Janko Marklein – Wir machen das
Andre Rudolph – erythema migrans
Kathrin Röggla – Der Lärmkrieg (Auszug)
Pascal Richmann – A Boy named Roy

Edit Essaypreis 2013
Noemi Schneider – Oh Boy, ich hasse Rot!
Sebastian Koth – Du berührst die Erde, dass sie deine Zeugin werde.
Lina Morawetz – Motten

Dossier Konzeptuelles Schreiben
Kenneth Goldsmith – Paragraphen zum Konzeptuellen Schreiben
Christian Bök – Eunoia
Robert Fitterman – Metropolis
Vanessa Place – Was ist Konzeptualismus?
Ara Shirinyan – Your Country is Great
Elisabeth Clark – Between Words
Swantje Lichtenstein – Vom Lesen, Schreiben und den Konzepten

Anne Waak – Wie ich einmal Ferien mit Claude Lanzmann machte
Danilo Scholz – Gläserne Jugend, gläserne Kämpfe:
Edward Snowden als militanter Bürokrat
Katharina Stooß – Kein einfacher Mensch

Bildteil: Edgar Leciejewski

Price: €5.00

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Of The Afternoon #4.

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Of The Afternoon

Of The Afternoon is distinguished by its unique design: the first half of the magazine is designed to share the work that we feature in one of our soon-to-be regular London exhibitions; the second half of the magazine features interviews with some of the most exciting names in contemporary photography at the moment, along with studio visits from young creatives from across the globe.

Of The Afternoon asks questions, exploring the creativity, passion and hard work that exists behind every body of work.

Featuring work from 30 of the photographers that were shown in our exhibition, plus interviews with:

Isabelle Wenzel
Lorenzo Vitturi
Christian Patterson
Peter Puklus
Fred Huning
Glen Erler
Kazuyoshi Usio
and studio visits from NYC

Language: English
Pages: 80
Binding: Softcover
ISSN: 2053-3594

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Cheap Method Edition – Struggling Bodies in Capitalist Societies (Democracies). Claudia Bosse (Ed.) theatercombinat / Motto Books.

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Cheap Method Edition – Struggling Bodies in Capitalist Societies (Democracies). Claudia Bosse (Ed.) theatercombinat / Motto Books.

cheap method edition offers a collection of working material issues. the aim is to open up specific methodologies, which are the basis for the creation of performative work. It is not about documentation, it is about starting a discourse on performative praxis, about the approaches, the material, the historical and political contexts and transportation, as well as the (artistic) decisions, the specific knowledge and experiences which are resembled in different working processes. cheap method edition will publish examples to create a discourse on fading performative works. cheap method edition combines artistic research with scientific and experiential knowledge, connects both in thematic issues to open up bigger contexts which can be re-used, re-worked and re-discussed and compared.

struggling bodies
in capitalist societies

a publication series of political hybrids

03 editorial by claudia bosse

08 gerald siegmund: to be or not to be:
towards a theatre of dis-identification
or the body as supplement

20 elke van campenhout: food and hunger

26 dialogue: gerald siegmund,
elke van campenhout, and others

40 marina gržinić: struggling with the
performative body in the garbage dump
of history

54 dialogue: marina gržinić,
gerald siegmund, hrvoje jurić and others

62 snapshots of BOXEN,
performance by günther auer

66 alice pechriggl: zu konstitution und
aisthêsis eines unumgänglich/en
demokratischen körpers.
ein textfragment.

74 hrvoje juric: scientific de(con)struction
and artistic (re)construction of the body

84 dialogue: alice pechriggl, hrvoje jurić,
and others

Language: English
Pages: 94
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782940524136

Price: €9.00

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