Neukalm. Christian Vialard. Grautag Records.

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Neukalm. Christian Vialard. Grautag Records.

Mixed and produced by Frederic Bigot at the Padded Cell in Berlin.
February 2013
Mastered by Norsq
Front, back and inside sleeve: Nicolas Moulin

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Blame. Sister Iodine. Premier Sang.

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Blame. Sister Iodine. Premier Sang.

French pioneer experimental rock band formed in the early 90′s by Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet, Sister Iodine is a rare band who with “Blame” is releasing only now their 5th studio album.

Edition of 400 copies.

Price: €16.00

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Steven Warwick (Heatsick). Interiors. Publication launch @ Motto Berlin. 15.01.14.

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Steven Warwick (Heatsick) Interiors. Publication launch @ Motto Berlin.

Join us for the launch of ‘Interiors’ by Steven Warwick, published by Motto Books. Steven’s recent LP under his Heatsick alias, RE-ENGINEERING, alongside other releases from PAN and many other labels will also be available.

Wednesday 15th January

Motto Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
im Hinterhof
10997 Berlin


The Wire #359

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The Wire #359

2013 Rewind
The Wire’s crucial review of the last 12 months in underground sound and music, including the releases of the year, opinions and reflections from a host of musicians and critics, and analyses of some of 2013’s most notable audio culture trends

Blue Daisy
Kwesi Darko’s obsessive beats are in bloom. By Ben Mechen

Kathy Alberici
Tuning in to Berlin’s broadcasting history. By Dan Barrow

Keeping Time
A new view of South Africa’s jazz history. By Francis Gooding

Fun In The Murky
Trevor Wilkes keeps 1990s experimental techno alive. By Joe Muggs

Collateral Damage
Jazz is radical music, so why is it funded by big business? asks Daniel Spicer

Global Ear Copenhagen
Nathan Budzinski finds collective energy in the Danish city’s Mayhem collective

Invisible Jukebox Richard Skelton
The Cumbria based composer takes the old straight track through The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Steve Barker

The Inner Sleeve
Mark Harwood on Bobb Trimble’s Harvest Of Dreams

Douglas Kahn finds electrical inspiration in a strange meeting of compost and code

Print Run
New music books: Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession by Joe Mansfield; Composing Dissent: Avant-Garde Music In 1960s Amsterdam by Robert Adlington; Houston Rap by Peter Beste, Lance Scott Walker and Johan Kugelberg

On Screen
New films and DVDs: CPH:DOX documentary film festival and Leviathan

On Site
Recent exhibitions and installations: Oliver Beer and Schizophonia

On Location
Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Bendigo International Festival Of Exploratory Music, Bendigo, Australia; Graphic Scores: Celebrating The Art Of Music, Southampton, UK; Kelela + Bok Bok, London, UK; Kontraste, Krems, Austria; Out.Fest, Barreiro, Portugal; Recon, Bradford & Leeds, UK; Robedoor, London, UK

Soundcheck A–Z

75 Dollar Bill
Robert Beatty
Black Dirt Oak
Blank Realm
Jaap Blonk
The Bomber Jackets
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Oliver Coates
Common Objects
Croatian Amor
Lucretia Dalt
Death Grips
Dolly Dolly
Ensemble Economique
Lee Gamble
Jason Grier
Guerilla Toss
Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff
Margareth Kammerer
Kemper Norton
Felix Kubin
The Magic Band
Jean-Marc Montera
National Bedtime
James Plotkin & Paal Nilssen-Love
Adrian Rew
Jocelyn Robert
Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent
Gabriel Saloman
Domenico Sciajno
Junzo Suzuki
Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra
Michael Thieke Unununium
Various Music For Shut-Ins
Various Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer
Bernie Worrell
Zed Bias
Albert Ayler
Robbie Basho
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band
Harold Budd
COUM Transmissions
Fela Kuti And Egypt 80
Psychic Rally
Arthur Russell
Various Dance Mania: Hardcore Traxx – Dance Mania Records 1986–1997
Various Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young: Underground Punk In The United States Of America Vol 1
Various Mobilisation Generale: Protest And Spirit Jazz From France 1970–1976

Language: English
Size: 28.1 x 23.1 cm
Weight: 225 g
Binding: Softcover


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Mental Beat #0

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Mental Beat #0

Mental Beat is an old-fashioned paper fanzine devoted to punk rock.

Content: Ginger Wildheart (english text)
Nick Curran & the Lowlifes (english text)
Iggy & the Stooges,
Punk Magazine…

Cover girl: Pepper, American Horror Story – Asylum

Language: Italian, English
Pages: 28
Size: 21 x 15 cm

3 €

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The Word Vol. 1 / Is. 3

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The Word Vol. 1 / Is. 3

“The third rate edition”

The Word Magazine is bi-annual print publication with international aspirations and a thick Belgian accent that documents neighbourhood living, photography, fashion, music and the arts.

In this issue:

• Belgian visual artist ANNE-MIE VAN KERCKHOVEN on the importance of scketching.
• The unlikely tale of THE 70,000 VHS TAPE OBSESSIVE.
• The neighbourhood crowing of MARCEL, THE ELECTRO REPAIR MAN.
• The institutionalisation of BELGIUM’S AUTOMATIC BREAD DISPENSERS.
• THE BEST PARTY TENT IN THE WORLD – and it’s Belgian!
• The NOISE-PUNK-ROCK emerging from the country’s French-speaking quarters.
• Eminent Belgian painter LUC TUYMANS on turning points.
• The upper crust of THE COUNTRY’S MOST PROMISING ARTISTS captured in our brand new offices.

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Motto Disco 11: Standish/Carlyon

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Motto Disco 11: Standish/Carlyon


Motto Mix 11: STANDISH/CARLYON by Mottobooks on Mixcloud

Standish/Carlyon are Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon, formerly of The Devastations. The ‘futurist dub pop’ duo recently released their debut album, Deleted Scenes, and here they provide the eleventh installment of the Motto Disco series.

Motto Disco 10: M.E.S.H.

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Motto Disco 10: M.E.S.H.


Motto Mix 10: M.E.S.H. by Mottobooks on Mixcloud

M.E.S.H. (PAN / Dyssembler / JANUS) is Berlin based producer, James Whipple. He provides the tenth installment of the Motto Disco series.

Jay Z (poster). Ari Marcopoulos. Dashwood Books

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Jay Z (poster)

Jay Z (poster). Ari Marcopoulos. Dashwood Books
Edition of 150
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B-side of Onomatopeic Music. Form Next To Form Next To Form. All The Knives. Dent-De-Leone.

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B-side of Onomatopeic Music. Yuri Suzuki. Dent-De-Leone, Clear Edition & Gallery.

Is it a bird, is it a book? No, it’s BOOM, a visualisation of Yuri Suzuki’s sonic works. If an image is worth a thousand words, it can probably be worth a soundscape, a song or both, however cacophonic. Contributions by DMX Krew, Simone Grant, Tim Hunkin, Momus, Nobumichi Tosa (Maywa Denki) and Åbäke

Edition: 808 copies
Year: 2012
Language: Mostly visual, captions in English
Binding: Thread bound in black thread
Editor: Yuri Suzuki & Åbäke
Text read by: Momus

29 €

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Form Next To Form Next To Form. Nova Paul. Dent-De-Leone.

…is a book made from stills from Nova Paul’s 16mm film This is not Dying (2010). Two pieces of writing are included, Karl Steven’s liner notes on musician Ben Tawhiti and Gwynneth Porter and Nova Paul’s essay The Virtues of Trees that like a tree grew from conversations over a year, spanning into ideas of sovereignty, resistance, film analysis, genealogy and care of self and the world around us. RGB print processes were used in its design to echo the RGB optical process of three-colour-separation film itself. Whakarongo Mai, played by Ben Tawhiti on slide and steel guitar for This is not Dying, is reconfigured here on 7″ LP.

Year: 2012
First Edition: 1000 copies
Binding: Sewn
Special! with a vinyl

19 €

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All The Knives. Åbäke (Ed.). Dent-De-Leone.

Any printed story on request.

Monsieur, aimez-vous l’art? asked the man with the hat. On a positive response Robert Filiou would show an exhibition contained in a hat to a stranger. All The Knives, the box, modestly listens to Mr Filiou to reveal stories from a pocket, yours?

An exhibition curated by Åbäke with Yair Barelli, Jochen Dehn, Dirk Elst, Aurélien Froment, Vladimir Ivaneanu, Sally OäReilly, Matt Rogers and Adva Zakai, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 18 November 2012 — 16 February 2013. Coproduction of Frans Masereel Centrum & Z33.

13 €

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