Releeeeease party of PEACOCKS WITH HICCUPS @ Motto Berlin. 25/5/2014.

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Releeeeease party of PEACOCKS WITH HICCUPS @ Motto Berlin

Sunny sunday afternoon releeeeease party of new issue of Poetic Series; PEACOCKS WITH HICCUPS
featuring poems by Luna Miguel, Catherine Wagner and Karl Holmqvist and drawings by Koo Jeong-A. There will be a bar and a spoken word reading by Karl Holmqvist so pleeeease swing by.

Sunday 25/05
4pm @ Motto Berlin

Skalitzer Str. 68
im Hinterhof
Berlin 10997

Karl Holmqvist – Peep Hole Sheet #08 . Mousse Publishing

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Karl Holmqvist – Peep-Hole Sheet #08, A Trip to Tangier . Mousse Publishing

Working mainly with written, spoken, or performed texts, poet and artist Karl Holmqvist experiments here the potential of the ‘empty spread’ of Peep-Hole Sheet. Investigating thus the inner nature of the medium and its open, ambiguous and sometimes contradictory relations with the ‘caravan of signs moving across it’. His A Trip to Tangier is in fact not only a travel in time and space, conveying a strong sense of awareness and freedom, but is also an hypnotic wandering through the possibilities and limits of language. As for many of his publications and videos, Holmqvist opts here for the sharpness of black and white: “I have stuck with black-and-white because it ’s stylish and refers back to text, and to the idea that all of reality could be seen as a type of writing or an act of communication.”

Published by Mousse Publishing
Text in English and Italian

D 10 €

Available for Distribution

Bad Day #9

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Bad Day magazine, issue 9

Interviews with: Shary Boyle, No Age, Luis Jacob, Glenn O’ Brien, Karl Holmqvist, Gaspar Noé, Trembling Bells, Fred Armisen
Contributors: Asher Penn, Bruce la Bruce, Paul Kneale, Nick Flanagan, Jeremy R Jansen, Cathérine Hug

Extra: limited edition Karl Holmqvist poster inside

D 10€

Available for distribution

May #5

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May #5

Préface / Preface
Learning to Breathe Protest
Apprendre à souffler la révolte

Le Soi, le Groupe et le Mac : deux faces d’une institution
The Self, the Group and the Pimp : Two Sides of an Institution


La Possibilité d’un monde
The Possibility of a World

Alexandre Costanzo

From the A to the K
Karl Holmqvist

« Regardez-la un instant. Puis, tournez la page. »
“ Look at it for a moment. Then turn the page. ”

Camille Pageard

“Please cremate my body. Loathing.”
« Prière de m’incinérer. Dégoût.»

Robert McKenzie

Le Complot de l’ornement
Gallien Déjean

Kim West

Moyra Davey, “Speaker Receiver”
Elisabeth Lebovici

D 10 €

Available for Distribution

The K. Protocol by Karl Holmqvist

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The K. Protocol by Karl Holmqvist

Published by Akiyoshidai International Art Village and Karl Holmqvist.

Cat People by Karl Holmqvist

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Cat People by Karl Holmqvist

D 25€