SP∞CE Magazine – vol.00

SP∞CE Magazine – vol.00
Author: SP∞CE Magazine
Publisher: SP∞CE Magazine
Language: English / Japanese
Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
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Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

SP∞CE Magazine is a media focusing on lifestyles and cultures. “There are ∞ (infinite) ways to live your life.” We hope to be a guiding light for those who yearn for freedom and authenticity but may not yet know the way. The debut issue “vol.00” features the communities around skateboarding and art in our home city, Tokyo. Find yourself, be yourself.

- Saeka Shimada (photographer)
- Ryo Seijri (skater/artist)
- Buggye (skate collective)
- Y Town Playaz (skate collective)

Artist Pages:
- Wataru Kawaguchi
- Yutaka Kobayashi
- Otokoume
- Azusa Nigo
- Ryo Sejiri
- Ranko
- Cohal
- Miho
- Pure
- Mofurio

- Eroticism And The Power of Survival / エロと生命エネルギー
- How to Talk to Yourself / 自分を知ろう

Party Archives:
- Group Art Exhibition “M∞N” | July 2022
- Skate Video Premiere “M∞N” | October 2022
- M∞N -420 Specials- | April 2023