Petunia #7. Dorothée Dupuis. Valérie Chartrain, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Victoria Dejaco (eds.)

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petunia_7_motto_1 copypetunia_7_motto_1 copy.2petunia_7_motto_1 copy.3petunia_7_motto_1 copy.4petunia_7_motto_1 copy.5petunia_7_motto_1 copy.6petunia_7_motto_1 copy.7petunia_7_motto_1 copy.8petunia_7_motto_1 copy.9


WITH Caroline Mesquita, Grégoire Blunt & Emmy Skensved, Maité Garbayo, Marlie Mul, Temra Pavlovic, Amy Sillman, Dorothy Howard, Ramaya Tegegne, Philipp Timischl, Daniel Berndt, Deniz Unal, Geraldine Beck & Miriam Leonardi Frances Stark, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė Gill Karjevsky & Tali Keren, Deanna Havas & Haydée Marin-Lopez, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Heather Guertin & Verena Dengler

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mono.kultur #40 : EDMUND DE WAAL : W IS FOR WHITE. mono.kultur.

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Edmund de Waal is a potter. His pots, plates, and vessels are the result of craft and mastership, but they are also so much more than that: they are experiments in form and function, abstractions of thoughts on silence and space, on repetition and failure, on substance and fragility, on memory contained.

Edmund de Waal is an artist. He arranges his objects in complex choreographies that are as mysterious as they are mesmerizing. Displayed in galleries and institutions worldwide, his considered installations play with architectural concerns, integrating ideas of space, light and obscurity.

Edmund de Waal is a writer. In 2010, his intimate memoir of a kind, ‘The Hare With Amber Eyes,’ intertwined the biography of a collection of netsuke figures with the biography of his family and became a surprise bestseller, winning several awards. His latest book, ‘The White Road,’ presents a highly personal and engaging research into the history of porcelain.

Whether he sculpts with words or with clay, what Edmund de Waal works with are concepts, ideas, and desires. In a body of work that is at odds with our times and yet oddly successful, his writings and objects overlap and integrate each other in an attempt to understand and transcend our complex relationship with objects and our surroundings.

In an interview with mono.kultur structured like an A-Z of notes and ideas, Edmund de Waal talked about his rules of attachment, the impossibility of repetition, and why ‘doubt’ is the most beautiful word.

Visually, the issue takes inspiration from that most perfect of materials: porcelain. Printed entirely in double-sided splendour, the two finishings of the paper – shiny gloss and smooth matt – evoke the texture of ceramics before and after glazing.

Interview by Mareike Dittmer / Artwork by Edmund de Waal / Design by Designbolaget

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45 Last Words. Uta Pütz. art3.

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45 Last Words
Ikebana I-II
Close-Up Magic I-II
Weltraumfahrt I-IV
Arrangiert in schönen Gefäßen I

Concept: Uta Pütz
Graphic Design: Lisa Pommerenke
General editor: Sylvie Vojik

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Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe. Claudia Reinhardt. Verbrecher Verlag

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Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe, Claudia Reinhardt, Verbrecher Verlag, 9783957321534, motto 1Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe, Claudia Reinhardt, Verbrecher Verlag, 9783957321534, Motto5Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe, Claudia Reinhardt, Verbrecher Verlag, 9783957321534, Motto 2Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe, Claudia Reinhardt, Verbrecher Verlag, 9783957321534, Motto3Tomb of Love, Grabkammer der Liebe, Claudia Reinhardt, Verbrecher Verlag, 9783957321534, motto4


In my series Killing Me Softly (2004), I recreated the suicides of famous woman artists, placing myself as the model. Back then, fifteen years ago, it was the suicide of Sarah Kane which induced me to deal with the theme of suicide. In the most recent photographic work Dospar, Liebespaare (book title Tomb Of Love), i shift the attention to couples who committed suicide together. This time I solely have the position behind the camera and I work with non-professional actors, who were instructed by me, staging the death of ten couples and families.



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Reasons to Be Cheerful. Chloë Delanghe. WIELS & Motto Books

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Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 1Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 2Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS,  9789078937272, Motto Books 3Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 10Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 5 Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 9 Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 7 Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272, Motto Books 6   Reasons to Be Cheerful-Chloë Delanghe-WIELS, 9789078937272,  Motto Books 8

Reasons to Be Cheerful by Chloë Delanghe deals with the problematic of portraiture and the supposed weight of image making. The book is a fragmented portrait of the artist’s mother Sally Kovacsik. The first chapter, composed of portraits made by Sally’s husband Geert Delanghe, shows her just before and after childbirth. The second chapter, on the contrary, juxtaposes family portraits with objects, rooms, letters and notes. Each image of the book functions as contained gestures, seeking both remoteness and closeness. Moreover, photographs of Welsh castles repeat this conflicting movement. Reasons to be Cheerful is a disorientation of images, a fragmented portrait.

Editor: Chloë Delanghe
Graphic Designer: Dylan Van Elewyck
Photography: Chloë Delanghe and Geert Delanghe
Text: Sally Gabrielle Kovacsik
Published by WIELS, Brussels and Motto Books, Lausanne/Berlin


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One Helluva Hole (English). Jérémie Gindre. Motto Books

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One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_1One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_2One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_3One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_4One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_5One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_7One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_8One Helluva Hole_JeremieGindre_Motto Books_9



The novella “One Helluva Hole” by Jérémie Gindre is one of the outcomes of a residency that artist Jérémie Gindre undertook in 2011, at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva, where he studied the effects of brain damage in Neuroscience. Focusing on the emotional side of experiences and how this affects human behaviour and society, this short fictional writing describes the vicissitudes of Bill Ronson, whose life changed dramatically after a terrible accident that perforated his brain

It is this inexplicable mix of feelings, together with the occasion of an extra day – extra chance – in the year, that gave motion to the exhibition, where different artists present works somehow connected with the idea of emotions, experiences, sensitivity and personal perceptions.


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Mousse #52. Edoardo Bonaspetti (ed.)

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Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto0Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto 1 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto10 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto 2Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto9 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto8 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto7 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto5 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto2 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto 6 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto 4 Mousse #52-Edoardo Bonaspetti -motto 3

by Sabrina Tarasoff
At the Tip of my Fingers
by Eva Fabbris
by Than Hussein Clark and Charlie Billingham
by Jennifer Allen and Giaco Schiesser
by Jens Hoffmann, Sanya Kantarovsky, Ryan Gander, Jac Leirner, Camille Henrot, Cheyney Thompson, Rayyane Tabet, Liz Magor
by Magalí Arriola
The Political Discourse of the Time
by Jesús Fuenmayor
by João Ribas
Hypervolume in Hyperspace
by Hans Ulrich Obrist
by Chus Martínez
The Pros and the Cons
by Christian Jankowski
by Andrew Berardini
No Script
by Niels Olsen and Fredi Fischli
by Domenick Ammirati
An Ideological Revision of Furniture Design
by Josephine Graf
A Utopian Balance between Light and Shadow
by Kiki Mazzucchelli
Discovering the World
by Filipa Ramos
Seeing is Never Believing
by Agniesszka Gratza
by Michael Turner


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Alienation. Ana Gzirishvili. გაუცხოება. ანა გზირიშვილი

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Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto0Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto9Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili -motto6Alienation-Ana gzirishvili-motto00Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto 7Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-mottoAlienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto4 Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto8 Alienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto1Alienation-Ana Gziration-mottoAlienation-Ana Gzirishvili-motto3

Language: Georgian, English

Artist book
edition of 50


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Panorama (The Right of View), Istanbul 2010. Amt _ project (ed.) Sputnik Editions

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panoramapanorama 3panorama 5 panorama 4 panorama 2 panorama 1

A panorama of the city, a public platform, a dysfunctional lookout, blocking the actual view but confronting the viewer with textual observations of the city and the condition of the view in Istanbul, „Panorama (The Right of View)“ was a traveling attraction and an architectonic sculpture. After standing in Kadiköy, on the Asian shore from october-december 2010, looking across the Bosporus onto the city, it was moved to Eminönü for the spring of 2011, into the middle of the city, on the shore of the Golden Horn, next to the Galata bridge, the Spice Bazaar and the New Mosque.
The publication documents the project and presents the full length of the panorama’s text panel in a 3,5 meter printed leporello.

About author: Andreas Fogarasi (born 1977 in Vienna), studied architecture and fine arts in Vienna and Paris, lives in Vienna. His work has been exhibited widely, including Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; GfZK Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich; Grazer Kunstverein; Mücsarnok Budapest; Kunstverein Düsseldorf; Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; MSU, Zagreb; Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna; Lombard-Freid Projects, New York; Ludwig Forum, Aachen; Palais de Toyko, Paris and at the 52nd Biennale di Venezia 2007, where he was awarded the Golden Lion for best national participation. In his works, Fogarasi uses forms of display that are reminiscent of minimalism and conceptual art to explore questions of space and representation. Located between documentary and sculptural practice he critically ana- lyses the aestheticization and economization of urban space and the role of architecture and culture in con- temporary society. Incorporating video, sculpture and installation in wide-sweeping discursive webs, Fogarasi deals with fault lines in historiography, imagineering and cultural identities. Solo exhibitions (selection): GfzK. Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig; Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich (2014); Galerie Cortex Athletico, Paris (2013); Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto; Trafó, Budapest (2012); Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; CAAC, Sevilla (2011); Ludwig Forum, Aachen; Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna (2010); MAK, Vienna; Ernst Museum, Budapest; Lombard Freid- Projects, New York (2008). Group exhibitions (selection): Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; New Museum, New York (2014), Grazer Kunstverein, Graz; CAC, Vilni- us (2011); MSU, Zagreb; Mücsarnok, Budapest (2010); 52th Biennale di Venezia; Kunstverein für die Rhein- lande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf; European Kunsthalle, Cologne (2007); MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles (2006); Palais de Toyko, Paris (2003); Manifesta 4, Frankfurt / Main (2002).



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Gagarin #31. Wilfried Huet (Ed.). GAGA vzw

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Gagarin 31gagarin31 9 gagarin31 4 gagarin 31 8 gagarin 31 7 gagarin 31 6 gagarin 31 5 gagarin 31 3 gagarin 31 2Gagarin31 1

31 / 2015

with original texts by
Christina Iglesias
Shreyas Karle
Peter Buggenhout
Nikolaus Gansterer
Diego Tonus
Olafur Eliasson
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook
Ben Kinmont


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