Mang Mang Magazine Vol. 2

Mang Mang Magazine Vol. 2
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Publisher: Mang Mang Magazine
Language: Chinese
Pages: 182
Size: 17 x 24cm
Weight: 400 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Product Description: "Mang Mang" is an independent Chinese magazine that emerged from the diaspora Chinese community, with a focus on human rights, gender, and social movements. In its second volume, the magazine explores the theme of "Navigators After the Wave," delving into how activists persevere and explore new paths post-social movements. From observing the formation of new diaspora communities to examining gender issues and reflecting on our own identity, the magazine aims to present a wide range of profound topics. Through feature articles, special columns, and independent submissions, the goal is to encourage readers to reflect on the relationships between individuals and communities, past and future, and collectively seek solutions to challenges.

The current issue of "Mang Mang" is structured around several themes: The "Flashback" section contains fragmented memories from the Blank Paper Movement period, presented artistically with comics and a memory puzzle. The "Nomads" features interviews with Hong Kong activist and the Chinese diaspora community in London. The "Gender" delves into feminist action stories from China and Taiwan, exploring gender issues in social movements. Additionally, this edition includes story of Chinese human rights lawyer Li Yuhan; observations from a Chinese activist's visit to Taiwan for elections; and an event record from the New York "Zephyr" community honoring Chinese doctor Gao Yaojie.

The name "莽莽" translates to "wild and vibrant growth" in English. The magazine aims to capture the complexities of the current times and foster connections within the dispersed Chinese community.