Tobias Madison, Drawings.

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Pictures by Tobias Madison
Edited by Andreas Koller
Designed by Marietta Eugster
Published by
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Spectral Days. Setareh Shahbazi @ Motto Berlin. 01.11.2012

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Spectral Days – Book Release @ Motto Berlin
Thursday, Nov 1, 2012
from 7pm

An artist book by Setareh Shahbazi
with a text by Mirene Arsanios

Presentation in a casual conversation with Hanan Toukan

Kiosk ze sztuką/Kiosk with art. Lublin. Poland

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“Kiosk with art” is a project dedicated to Weglin district in Lublin (Poland) – an attempt to get into the space that had been deprived of regular contact with art. The whole event is centered around building of a kiosk that stands at the front of Weglin Cultural Centre. We present artists, whose work cross the disciplines, often mixed with science, music, or theater. We want to build a complex picture of contemporary art, showing its different faces.
Kiosk is also publishing space, that focus on phenomenon of artbooks. On 5’th of October, together with Motto from Berlin, we open Kiosk with artbooks, where we present books, zines, magazines and items related to selfpublishing. In addition, at the show one will also find Lublin publishers with NN Theatre and DDK “Weglin”, Hungarian with Roham, and Morava books from Poznan. We will also host founders of Printcontrol – the organization promoting best printed matter from Poland.

Curator: Ludomir Franczak
Organizer: Weglin Cultural Centre – Węglin Gallery
The project supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

The Kiosk runs until November 8, 2012

Francesco Pedraglio. The Object Lessons – Nina Beier & Marie Lund. Mousse Publishing.

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The Object Lessons – Nina Beier & Marie Lund by Francesco Pedraglio, published by Mousse Publishing.

The Object Lessons is an exhibition.

The Object Lessons is a story inspired by an exhibition, considered through three parallel accounts told in the first, second and third person.

The Object Lessons is an exhibition inspired by the narratives, characters and artworks features in a short story.

D 12 €

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Object Lessons. Joe Scanlan. Dexter Sinister / Mu. Zee.

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Object Lessons. Joe Scanlan. Dexter Sinister / Mu. Zee.

Two Objects
Two objects that may or may not go together.
Two objects that are distinct, but related.
Two objects roaming the earth in search of each other, like mythic lovers navigating the global network of book distribution, tracking, and sales

Smaller Object
In this volume, artist Joe Scanlan’s magazine columns from the past fifteen years have been gathered as one long, picaresque narrative in which democracy plays the dishonest but amiable lead role, from the Lumière Brothers’ use of their employees in the making of the first film to Tino Sehgal’s use of museum visitors in the production of his art. As Scanlan writes: Once again we regress to the familiar, not on the basis of its merits but because it puts the most people at ease. However vexed we were by modernist ideology, the products resulting from the current consensus-based, consumer-driven service economy are really starting to depress me. I miss having to accept something whether I like it or not, if only for the bits of stunning genius that single-mindedness made possible. Consumer culture, where is thy victory? Product, where is thy sting?

Larger Object
Which begs the question
It all started 100 years ago when
On the one hand
On the other hand
Of course
Which reminds me
That is why
Speaking of stylists
That being said
I choose
Once upon a time

paperback, 4-color, perfect-bound
text with four BW illustrations
17.5 x 10.8 cm, 96 pages

D 33 €

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The Kingsboro Press. Issue 8.

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The Kingsboro Press, Issue 8.


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Komuna Fundamento. Kuehn Malvezzi. Mousse Publishing.

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Komuna Fundamento. Kuehn Malvezzi. Mousse Publishing.

Esperanto’s failure to become a commonly spoken language is a fact, just as modern architecture has not become part of the mainstream: there are other kinds of lingua franca today. Like Esperanto, architecture intended to constitute a common ground appears instead to be sectarian in the midst of contemporary pluralism. Responding to David Chipperfield’s call for an exhibition of Common Ground at the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture, Kuehn Malvezzi built two interventions using grey stack-bond brickwork, at the entrance and in the Sala Chini of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the central pavilion at the Giardini. The Berlin-based practice created two thresholds, two specific spaces that encourage people to meet and linger, to sit down and watch. Komuna Fundamento embraces the relationship between the architectural object and its physical construction.

Including contributions by Candida Höfer and Armin Linke – two artists who approach architecture from opposite directions, while both working in and with space – architecture is considered by Kuehn Malvezzi as part of a curatorial action in space that is neither foreground nor background, but a transformative medium of the in-between. Very much like the installation, the book follows the logic of translation, putting contrasting imagery from various other places into a relationship.

Pages: 208
Language: Esperanto / English

D 33€

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It was big enough to get me completely inside. Rosie Heinrich. Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ.

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It was big enough to get me completely inside. Rosie Heinrich. Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ.

It was big enough to get me completely inside

Recorded voices recount the nature and dangers of human desire, crisis and transcendence with abandon.

The publication is a sound piece. It is a construction of interwoven interview fragments that form both coherent narrative and dissonance. The narrative oscillates between the seemingly fictive and real testimonies of three people transcending their perceived reality.

The work considers the construction of one’s own being, reality and narration.

10″ vinyl, 30 minutes, 16 pages, black and green print.
Design: Hans Gremmen
Prints: Bryan Nash Gill
Edition: 250

D 20€

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Out To Lunch. Ari Marcopoulos. PPP Editions.

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Out To Lunch. Ari Marcopoulos. PPP Editions.

Out To Lunch is a signed and numbered limited edition by Ari Marcopoulos. An index of sorts, Out To Lunch presents Marcopoulos’ earliest and most recent black and white photographs (we nixed the middle years) in various formats: matt-black&white images; high-gloss contact sheets; vinyl stickers; over-sized, glossy pull-out posters, and a screenplay written together with his son Cairo, all bound together with black binder’s gauze and housed in an illustrated plastic bag.

Limited edition of 350 copies, signed and numbered.

4to., (8-1/2 x 11 inches, 368 pages) 256 matt-black & white images, dozens of high-gloss contact sheets, 100s of vinyl stickers, 8 over-sized, glossy pull-out posters, a 32-page screenplay written together with his son Cairo; black wrappers bound with black binder’s gauze; housed in an illustrated plastic bag.

D 350 €

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SHELTER PRESS and OCCULTO MAGAZINE – Motto@WIELS ( 29/10/12 – 7 pm )

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Shelter Press is a Paris / Brussels based independent publishing company founded in 2011  and run by the publisher / graphic designer Bartolomé Sanson and the artist / musician Felicia Atkinson, from the fundaments of Kaugummi Books (2005-2011).
Shelter Press program focuses on contemporary art, writings, and experimental music through art books (from Julien Langendorff to Nicolas Poillot), mutliples and records (from Pete Swanson to Ben Vida)
Plants, abstraction, noise music, darkness, patterns, poetry, masks, cosmic sex, sunsets, landscapes, ceremonies, or stones can be found as recurrent topics of the images and sounds you will stare at from their garden.

Occulto Magazine has been founded in 2009 by Alice Cannava and Irene Lumpa Rossi. Laura Nozza has joined the team in 2011 as co-editor.
Occulto main editorial office is based in AC Galerie in Berlin Pankow.
Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas.


JE SUIS LE PETIT CHEVALIER (dark drone synth, FR/BE)
It isn’t exactly a small amount of digital or physical releases our Paris-born girl Felicia Atkinson has been putting out on her Bandcamp the past four years, both “solo” in addition to her other project Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, born in upstate New York in the summer of 2010. On An Age Of Wonder, the newest vinyl release of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, miss Atkinson continues to float in her peculiar borderland between ambient and drone, darker and more hideous than what we remember from, for instance, Green & Grey. ( No Fear Of Pop)
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician, curator based in Berlin. A true pedal junkie, she make drones using accordion, bass guitar, baritone guitar, keyboard and voice. Her attempt is re-creating the sense of bliss of the hair dryer sound that she used to hear when she was a child.