Motto Melbourne Autumn Sale! 25% to 50% off all stock! 12 – 13.04.2014.

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Motto Melbourne Autumn Sale! 25%-50% off all stock!

Books, Magazine’s, Artist’s Publications and Editions.

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th April 2014.

Motto Melbourne / Magic Johnston
27 – 29 Johnston Street
Collingwood, Melbourne
VIC 3066

BOOKSTORES from TOKYO @ Motto Berlin. 22.03-05.04.2014

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Japanese books and stationery fair @ Motto Berlin
Saturday 22 March – Saturday 5 April 2014
Opening on 22 March – from 5 pm

Five independent bookstores from Tokyo are coming to Berlin:

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks. A project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo, run by young owners in their 20s to 30s, as well as a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.

KRISIS @ bruno. Venezia. 22.03.2014

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KRISIS @ bruno
Esposizione e presentazione di Krisis | Orientation

22.03.2014 — 29.03.2014
Tuesday – Friday h 10 — 19
Monday + Saturday h 15 — 19

22.03.2014 / h 18 — 20

29.03.2014 / h 18 — 20

C\o bruno
dorsoduro 1621/A,
calle dell’Avogaria
30123 – Venezia

Krisis | Orientation è dedicato alla crisi dei modelli orientativi e al crescente senso di disorientamento. Da sempre l’uomo ha cercato di costruire un proprio orientamento all’interno del mondo che abita. La complessità della realtà e l’immensa quantità di stimoli a cui siamo sottoposti richiede una costante selezione di informazioni ritenute utili: la costruzione dell’orientamento è dunque un’attività principalmente eliminativa. Questa operazione di framing della complessità è stata veicolata nel tempo dal linguaggio lineare (sotto forma di narrazioni e miti), da sistemi di classificazione (prevalentemente di tipo tassonomico), da rappresentazioni grafiche (atlanti, guide e mappe), ecc. Nel corso degli ultimi decenni questi modelli sono entrati in crisi: il crollo delle grandi narrazioni preclude la costruzione di un immaginario collettivo condiviso, i sistemi di classificazione dinamica rendono obsoleti i modelli tassonomici, gli atlanti e le guide stanno lasciando il posto a sistemi di navigazione on demand.
La crisi dell’orientamento nasce dalla complessità delle correlazioni tra numerose emergenze diverse, il cui effetto più visibile è una complessiva tendenza alla frammentazione, alla individualizzazione, alla selezione, alla separazione, alla monetarizzazione del contesto sociale e ambientale. I paradigmi di orientamento diventano circoscritti, limitati, incapaci di costruire visioni ampie e condivise. L’accelerazione progressiva dei fenomeni limita la capacità di produrre orientamento dall’esperienza vissuta e accresce la necessità di informazioni e indicazioni provenienti dall’esterno.
In questo scenario diventa cruciale ripensare al disorientamento come un’esperienza che possa essere una fonte di rinnovamento per nuove pratiche d’orientamento.

James Langdon. A School for Design Fiction. Book presentation @ Motto Berlin. 19.03.2014

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A School for Design Fiction by James Langdon. Spector Books
Book launch with a short reading and screening
Wednesday 19 March
from 7pm

A School for Design Fiction is an itinerant school, in the tradition of the ‘invisible college’. This publication documents its founding, including contributions by Céline Condorelli, Sofia Hultén, Peter Nencini and K. N. W.

Motto & OtherFilm @ Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. 06.03.2014.

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Motto & OtherFilm @ Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Motto & OtherFilm present a temporary store and screening of Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni’s In Search of UIQ at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

In Search of UIQ unfolds the story of Felix Guattari’s Un Amour d’UIQ both as a missing film and as a missed chance for cinema.
Slipping between documentary, fiction and essay, through the deployment of video and sound archives, letters and other documents that are enmeshed in a series of fabulations and spectral re-enactments, In Search of UIQ explores what Guattari’s cinema of the Infra-quark might have been (and may still become) in relation to his thought and clinical practice, and considers its implications in terms of the wider social and political transformations both of its own time and of the present moment.
Building a dynamic counterpoint between the unfilmed UIQ script and hypotheses of its possible manifestations, In Search of UIQ creates a phantom topography of this missing big-screen encounter involving science- fiction, schizoanalysis and molecular politics – virtually projecting UIQ towards horizons of present and future struggles as a tactical weapon of sabotage in the war of images.

To accompany the screening, Motto will present a temporary bookstore, offering a selection of books, magazines, records and artist’s publications.

Thursday 6th March, 6pm.

Institute of Modern Art
420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, QLD

Joachim Koester, Stine Hebert @ Charlottenborg. 19.02.2014

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Boglancering / Book Launch. Joachim Koester
Samtale / Conversation. Joachim Koester & Stine Hebert
19. februar / 19 February, 17 – 18.30
Motto @ Charlottenborg. København / Copenhagen

In-Between Things, Giacomo Santiago Rogado. Book launch and screening @ Motto Berlin. 06.02.2014.

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Amanda Haas Design & Studio Rogado are happy to invite you to the book launch of:
Giacomo Santiago Rogado 
“In-Between Things”

Thursday, February 6th, 2014, 7-9pm, @ Motto Berlin, Skalitzer Str. 68, Berlin.
With drinks, video screening and selected works on display.

Texts by Christy Wampole
Design by Amanda Haas
Published by Studio Rogado, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-033-04226-1

€ 38.00

Kushtetuta # 2 “Mums and Dads” launch @ Motto Berlin. 01.02.2014

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Kushtetuta # 2 "Mums and Dads" launch @ Motto Berlin. 01.02.2014_Kushtetuta # 2 "Mums and Dads" launch @ Motto Berlin. 01.02.2014

Kushtetuta # 2 “Mums and Dads” launch @ Motto Berlin. 01.02.2014
from 7pm

Kushtetuta is a small publication edited by Alvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj.

The name “Kushtetuta” – meaning “constitution” in English – was chosen to mark an ironic beginning: for different reasons, the constitution of Kosovo grants far more freedom and rights than society does. If you divide the word into syllables: “KUSH TE TUT A?” translates from Albanian to: “Who scares you?”

Issue no. 1 (December 2012) was created as an insert for the cultural magazine Kosovo 2.0. The first issue was dedicated to the theme of sex, compiling work from several international artists and writers, exploring the theme of homosexuality and intervention.

Issue no. 2 (January 2014) has been published independently and printed with two covers. It brings together contributions from artists, writers and architects, including fragments of Petrit’s and Alvaro’s own work.

The issue is dedicated to the theme of mums and dads: mums and dads as family, as fight, as nation, as dialogue, as fetish, as education, as monument, as history, mums and dads as origin. The theme attempts to unify various fragments and opinions concerning the very first social environment we encounter: the family. Through the work of the contributors, who deal with differing topics and problematics, a unique thread develops: a thread which starts to define this complex relationship; where expectations, desires, interests and opinions meet in the middle of a generational change.

Contributors to the new issue include:
Bruno. B, Carlos Motta, David Horvitz, Danh Vo, El Roto, Ettore Sottsass Jr., Eva Kotatkova, Francisca Benitez, Félix González-Torres, Franz Kafka, Gerry Bibby, HaveIt, Mark Wulfgar, Patrizio Di Massimo, Piero Pazzi, Slavs and Tatars, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yorgos Sapountzis, Alvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilaj.

The related editions, produced on occasion of the release of issue no. 1, are currently on show in the exhibition “Editionshow”, organised by Chert, Raster and Motto in the space of Chert Gallery, until Saturday, February 15, 2014.

Mathew Hale & Misha Hollenbach. Book launch and screenings @ Motto Berlin. 23.01.2014.

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Mathew Hale & Misha Hollenbach. Book launch and screenings @ Motto Berlin. 23.01.2014.

Please join artist Mathew Hale, designer/publisher Misha Hollenbach and Motto Berlin for the book launch of CUT IN CANNES (Pambook, 2013).

To accompany the launch, Mathew will present the screening of his slide projected piece TAXI STOP FIJI (2008), and also the first ever screening of his super8 film TAXI STOP FIJI IN COLOUR (1999).

Drinks will be served.

Thursday 23rd January.
7pm start. First screening at 7.45pm.

Motto Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
im Hinterhof
Berlin 10097

„Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance – Art – Academy“. Discoteca Flaming Star @ Motto Berlin . 22.01.2014

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Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.07.44 AMScreen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.08.30 AM

„Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance – Art – Academy“
Wednesday, January 22nd @ Motto Berlin
7.30 pm

For the occasion Jeremiah Day presents the PERFORMANCE:
“The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness”

Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. Performance — Art — Academy.

„Who is your work for?,” asks Amiri Baraka, in Jeremiah Day ‘s text, the students of the Naropa University. “In what ways does a search for one´s own artistic means stand in relation to an already classical vocabulary – in our case the classical period of modern performance art?” reads Felix Ensslin’s question to the performers after their performance of Esther Ferrer ‘s “Intimo y personal” at the Heusteigtheater. And Karolin Meunier reports how Ulrike Mueller questioned her own paintings and attempts to clarify with them to “How to leave behind the space of representation and move into the here and now of production and reception”. 

Issues that may not be answered with words but also in actions. Questions that do not want to be treated in the format of a conference. Questions that can lose themselves in the rush of the events of a performance festival. Questions, in need of constant revision and of new production, that are beyond simply exhibiting them. Instead, a perpetual Show, Demonstrate, Exchange. In the MoMA, in the library or alone in the bathroom. An event format with the goal to think performance, conversation, teaching and the event in conjunction.

The recent volume is edited by the organizers Johannes Paul Raether and Discoteca Flaming Star and documents in examples the performances and discussions of the first two organised events in Berlin and Stuttgart. In addition texts by the artists Karolin Meunier and Jeremiah Day, specially written for the publication, deepen the immediate impressions of the evenings and reflect from their own practice problems developed in the field of performance, art and academy.

A publication by the department of Fine Arts / Intermedia Arts of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart .
Edited by Discoteca Flaming Star and John Paul Raether.
Contributions: Jeremiah Day , Felix Ensslin, Sabrina Karl, Karolin Meunier, Yorgos Sapountzis, Ute Waldhausen, and others

Layout: Sarah Baumann and Antonia Terhedebrügge at the Institute for book design and media development of the State Academy of Fine Arts, Head Prof. Uli Cluss.
164 pp., numerous b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-942144-29-2
Price: EUR 10

Jeremiah Day will perform part of “The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness”, his long-term project dealing with old-fashioned and uncomfortable questions of “truth,” understanding and factuality. With its point of departure in the 1970′s Church Commission – an investigation into the US intelligence agencies and the legacy of the man who led the hearings, Senator Frank Church – the work’s evolving forms seem to have a new relevancy against the backdrop of recent disclosures of wide-spread surveillance.