‘Bored at the Museum, Bored at the Studio’, Navid Nuur. Book Launch @ Motto Zürich

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Navid Nuur

Die Book-Launch “Bored at the Museum, Bored at the Studio” findet anlässlich der Ausstellung “Post Parallelism” von Navid Nuur in der Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (Eröffnung 11. Feburar 2010, 18 Uhr; bis 17. April) statt. Weitere Informationen sind zu finden auf:

Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
“Bored at the Museum, Bored at the Studio” erscheint bei:

Mousse Magazine and Publishing

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Rear Window. Erik van der Weijde. Cafe royal

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Rear Window – Erik van der Weijde

“The wife is at work, the son is at school and i’m stuck in the new apartment. With a cup of coffee and my video camera. Wow, those dogs are so cool…”

24 Pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
numbered 2nd edition of 100
Published by Café Royal Books


Angst #2

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Angst #2

ANGST is the magazine from publisher/editor Fiona Bryson. The second issue of the A5-format magazine contains articles by Joseph Szabo, Hanayo, Hugh Holland, Marina Faust, Miles Standish, Hannes Schmidt, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Leigh Ledare, Cat Stevenes and Mike Brodie.

D 10€


Available for distribution

Deep Hole Ends – Alex Howard + David Brandon Geeting

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“The book does not really have a “theme” per se, but if there is any underlying thread it is the
fact that all of these images were taken over the past spring/summer. Alex’s were all taken in
the UK and mine were all taken in the US at the same time. We have been pen pals for quite
some time now and feel as though our photographic styles mesh well – we’ve wanted to do a
collaboration for a few years!” David Geeting.

140mm x 200mm
colour numbered edition of 100
Published by Café Royal Books

D 12€

Available for Distribution


Momentary Monument I (The Swamp). Lara Favaretto. Archive Books

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monumentarymonument-mottodistribution1monumentarymonument-mottodistribution2monumentarymonument-mottodistribution3monumentarymonument-mottodistribution4monumentarymonument-mottodistribution5monumentarymonument-mottodistribution6monumentarymonument-mottodistribution7monumentarymonument-mottodistribution8Momentary Monument – Lara Favaretto

Momentary Monument is Turin-based artist Lara Favaretto’s first artist’s book, an extension of her project of the same title, which was shown as part of the exhibition “Making Worlds / Fare Mondi” in the 53rd Venice Biennial, curated by Daniel Birnbaum. Including texts by Daniel Birnbaum and Chris Sharp, this publication expands the project shown at the Venice Biennial. It is divided into three parts: the first is a prologue, explaining how a swamp is created; the central part tells the stories of twenty disappeared individuals, characters such as Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, who was lost in sea in 1975; and an epilogue describing the change in the surrounding landscape of the swamp, which doesn’t quite look
the same.

Lara Favaretto (born Treviso, Italy, 1973) lives and works in Turin. Her works have been featured in the Sydney, Sharjah and Venice Biennials, the Torino Triennial, and exhibited in Castello di Rivoli, MOCA Los Angeles, and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Edited by Paolo Caffoni
Hardcover, 15 × 21 cm
English text
384 pages

D 30€


Komma (after Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun), Antonia Hirsh.

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Komma (after Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun), Antonia Hirsh
Includes an accompanying pamphlet with essays by Maria Muhle and Kristina Lee Podesva.

The companion piece to a 16 mm film installation by the same title, Antonia Hirsch’s book is based on Hollywood scriptwriter Dalton Trumbo’s seminal anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun. As a modified facsimile of the original book’s first edition, the project re-imagines Trumbo’s novel through its syntactical idiosyncrasy, the omission of all commas.

The word “comma” is derived from the Greek komma, meaning “something cut off,” reflecting eerily on the plight of the fictional Johnny—a young American soldier who has been brutally mutilated as a result of combat.

Addressing issues of silencing, censorship, and instrumentalization, the project is refracted through the original novel’s historical context and Trumbo’s personal history. Komma proposes to represent the suppressed or “negative space” of the novel by isolating the text’s missing commas, rendering visible a subtext that the author made traceable only through an absence.

2011, English
14 x 20.3 cm, 316 + 16-page pamphlet
ISBN: 978-0-9738133-9-5
Published by Fillip Editions, an imprint of Fillip, Vancouver, specializing in books of critical writing and artists’ publications.

D 30€


Available for Distribution.

The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload – The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

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The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload – The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

Edited by Victor Boullet, the resulting collection of essays, images and musings reveals the disparate perspectives of the various up and downloaders. It illustrates how the internet is used and manipulated as a creative tool and is a font of information and communication at every level.

Contributors include Peter J. Amdam, Markus Thor Andresson, Theodor Barth, Sophie Barth, Rasmus Thirup Beck, Victor Boullet, Merlin Carpenter, Lorenzo Cirrincione, Keren Cytter, Guy Debord, Bill Drummond, Paul Andreas Enger, Matias Faldbakken, Bentley Farrington, Ullrich Fichtner, Anna Franck, Gilbert & George, Evan Haning, Nate Harrison, Iselin Linstad Hauge, Karl Holmqvist, Jason Hwang, Marte Johnslien, Ray Johnson, Brian Kennon, Svein Kojan, Adam Kurdahl, Oliver Laric, Pablo Larios, Matthieu Laurette, David Lewis, Tobias Madison, Edie McKay, Bjarne Melgaard, Han Nefkens, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tommy Olsson, Matt Packer, Richard Parry, Dr Nina Pearlman, Thomas Petitjean, Joe Scanlan, Chris Sharp, Sutton Lane, Kristian Skylstad, Kristina Skylstad, Brad Troemel & Jonathon F. Williams.

Published by Lauren Monchar & The Institute of Social Hypocrisy
Designed by Hey Ho
352 Pages
14 x 21 cm
500 grams
B/W Offset
Text in English
Edition of 1000

D 15€

Available for Distribution


‘SUP Magazine #23

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Featuring interviews & photo stories with:
Azari & III, Ben Frost, Blondes, Bo Ningen, Bridezilla, Connan Mockasin, DJ Nate, Etienne Jaumet, Holy Fuck, Kisses, Mystery Jets, Night Slugs, Oneohtrix Point Never, Penguin Prison, Prince Rama and Tensnake

+ Genre Feature:
Occult Rock: Blood Ceremony, The Devil’s Blood, Ghost & Sabbath Assembly

Photos and artwork from:
David Berezin, Coley Brown, Sanna Charles, Petra Collins, Bea Fremderman, Leonard Greco, Paul Herbst, Jói Kjartans, Andreas Lux, Mathieu Malouf & Hejji Shin, Asher Penn, Pedro Ramos, Ward Robinson, Dan Wilton & Milan Zrnic

Contributing Writers:
Marisa Brickman, Jeff Burch, Cameron Cook, Natalie Hardwick, Bryan Hood, Josh Jones, Laura Martin, Marek Steven, Ari Spool, Mitch Strashnov, Chau Tu

D 6€

Available for Distribution


The Heart is a Muscle – Hal Hartley

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The Heart is a Muscle – Hal Hartley

Softcover, 220 x 315mm (8.6 x 12.4 inches)
100 pages, color offset

Designer & Editor: Tony Cederteg
Assistant Designer: Annefrid Lundgren
Published by: Libraryman

First Edition of 300 copies, numbered
Printed in Stockholm, Sweden by Wassberg + Skotte

Hal Hartley (b. 1959 American) has touched us since our early teens with his somewhat choreographed aesthetics, fascinating stories and beautiful imagery. This books contains selected stills from his ’88 directorial debut The Unbelievable Truth to his upcoming full-length feature Meanwhile. The Heart is a Muscle is a book that we considered absent in our private collections.

D 52€

Available for Distribution


Berlin-Paris 2011. Motto presents Olaf Nicolai, Blondies @ Librairie Yvon Lambert. 28.01.2011

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Berlin – Paris 2011
Motto presents Olaf Nicolai, Blondies @ Librairie Yvon Lambert.
Opening Reception: Friday 28 January 2011. 6pm

On occasion of the third edition of Berlin-Paris, Motto has invited the German artist Olaf Nicolai with a carte blanche for an artist project.
Nicolai has chosen to present his project “BLOND” (and with it its corresponding artist’s book “The Blondes”), for the occasion rearranged in a new installation, “Blondies”, specifically for the situation at the bookstore, using the material that accompanied the originally project for the first time. With this arrangement Nicolai demonstrates in a playful way his conception of an artist’s book as a complex tool whose character oscillates between documentation, artwork and the starting point for new artistic inventions.

For the original project “BLOND” in the city centre of Tilburg / Netherlands and later in Amsterdam a barbershop was installed temporarily. The shop’s special offer – a professional hairdresser who dyed the customers’ hair blond free of charge – was made known by placing advertisements in the daily press. The free bleaching was subject to the condition that each customer agreed to be photographed before and after the bleaching and consented to further artistic use of this documentation.

Instead of featuring product advertisement, the wall and window displays of the salon functioned as display surfaces for an exhibition. In addition to photos of famous examples of the Mise-en-scène of “blondness”, pictures of performances or reproductions of art works (by Andy Warhol, Vanessa Beecroft, Karen Kilimnik, Douglas Gordon, Santiago Sierra, Olaf Breuning and many others) based on the trade mark “blond” were exhibited, transforming the shop into a mixture of a beauty parlour, art gallery and mantelpiece display.

42 of the photographs taken during the project “BLOND” were selected from the collection. They were compiled as an independent art series, “The Blondes”, (2003 / 2004). In the artist’s book “The Blondes” (2005) the photographs are reproduced in original size. The book’s design allows each image to be detached and used individually. The motifs of this series also provide the material for subsequent new works, in which they themselves may also become the screen for new projections. Thereby, the logic of simulation is perpetuated:

Two photographs of the series appeared in 2004 on concert tour posters and on the cover of the new album of the band F.S.K and in 2007, in a shopping street in a Southern German city, all 42 portraits were used as flag motifs.

A selection of books curated by Motto will also be on display.

Librairie Yvon Lambert
108, rue Vieille-du-Temple
75003 Paris
T. +33(0)142 710933
Mon – Sat. 10am – 7pm


(image courtesy: Olaf Nicolai, Eigen+Art Leipzig/Berlin)