David Brandon Geeting. Everything Gentle. Café Royal Books.

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Everything Gentle by David Brandon Geeting, Café Royal Books.

“Everything Gentle” is a phrase my mother always used when I was a kid,
implying that I should take it easy, as I am clumsy by nature. These photographs are a light,
no-stress meditation on balance, or lack thereof.

D 4.50 €

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Craig Atkinson / In Certain Places. Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City. Café Royal Books.

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Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City by Craig Atkinson / In Certain Places (Elaine Speight and Charles Quick), Café Royal Books

Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City, was the third symposium curated by In Certain Places that used a situation or live project in Preston, to examine a wider national and international debate.

In Certain Places move people about the city to produce a discourse, which is grounded in the physical experience of the city.

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Lietuva. Stories of Everyday, Paul Paper

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Lietuva. Stories of Everyday, Paul Paper

Only now, when I‘m abroad, I can make a book about Lithuania. It is personal and subjective (like everything I do) and not about how my country is or how it looks like. For that, check tourist leaflets. It’s about growing up in a young country full of new enthusiasm. As someone born in a nation that doesn’t exist (Soviet Union), I feel strange roots carving me and my creativity. In dialogue with tradition of romantic depiction of Lithuania, this small tribute tries to avoid telling highly-coloured visual stories of places that don’t look so nice once you actually visit them. It is here rather, through objects and moments of everyday, evoke clues and insights about land that is not easy to find on the map. – Paul Paper

Published by Café Royal Books. Edition of 100, numbered.

Includes fold out poster.

D 6€


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Rear Window. Erik van der Weijde. Cafe royal

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Rear Window – Erik van der Weijde

“The wife is at work, the son is at school and i’m stuck in the new apartment. With a cup of coffee and my video camera. Wow, those dogs are so cool…”

24 Pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
numbered 2nd edition of 100
Published by Café Royal Books


Deep Hole Ends – Alex Howard + David Brandon Geeting

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“The book does not really have a “theme” per se, but if there is any underlying thread it is the
fact that all of these images were taken over the past spring/summer. Alex’s were all taken in
the UK and mine were all taken in the US at the same time. We have been pen pals for quite
some time now and feel as though our photographic styles mesh well – we’ve wanted to do a
collaboration for a few years!” David Geeting.

140mm x 200mm
colour numbered edition of 100
Published by Café Royal Books

D 12€

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Tutto è Santo. Edouard Baribeaud

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Tutto è Santo, Edouard Baribeaud

24 Pages, numbered edition of 100. Published by Café Royal Books

D 7.50€
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