Satisfaction: Consumption Art in Poland, 1973-1979. DVD set

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Satisfaction: Consumption Art from the communist Poland of the 1970’s.

During the revitalization of avant-garde practices in 1970s Poland, a strain of artmaking emerged that applied Pop aesthetics to the unlikely subject matter of consumer identity in a Communist state, responding to a new initiative by the government that encouraged the private consumption of luxury goods in the service of a more modern socialism. The films that arose from this moment engage with absurd, colorful and even scandalous content. Informed by Marxist analyses of the Western culture industry, they examine the effects of a socialist-consumerist experiment through sensuous fantasies of desire and excess

2 x DVD, poster and booklet

Polish / English

D 25

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FOOL FOR APRIL Kunst, Musik, Fool+Drinks — 5. + 6. Mai @ Perla-Mode

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Kreislauf 4+5
FOOL FOR APRIL Kunst, Musik, Fool+Drinks

Motto will be at Perla Mode this week end (5–6th of May) from 11-23h (Sat.) and 11-17h (Sun.).
More information below:

2012 Calendar, Körner Union/Maximage and T. Rihs

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2012 Calendar

Edition of 300, 48,5 x 69 cm, offset, 4 pantones

This 2012 calendar is made of photograms directly composed on offset plates. This unusual and experimental technique allows to print perfect fades without using any raster.
Objects, things and animals were selected and arranged by students, during a workshop at ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne, held by Körner Union/Maximage and T. Rihs, assisted by Olga Prader.
Printed at ECAL by Benjamin Plantier, 2011
20 CHF

For now: only available at Motto Zürich

Three Attempts for a Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of
 ALBERTO GARUTTI. Kaleidoscope Press

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This artist’s book was published on the occasion of the workshop with Alberto Garutti (29-30 September 2010) held at the Fondazione Galleria Civica – Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento in the context of the Trentoship / Trento.Link Program.

Alberto Garutti (b. Galbiate, Como, 1948) explores the narrative and immaterial dimension of Public Art, an area of multi-author intervention, revising themes of a conceptual nature. “This book is a kind of hypothetical catalogue – more a (self) provocation and (meta)reflection than a true editorial object – in which three different authors have been invited to suggest three different possible books, which constitute together a multiple solution of an aporia, i.e. three possible approaches (a fictional account; a conversation; a critical essay) to a monographic book that does not yet exist, and that maybe will never see the light of release.” (A. Viliani)

Co-published with the Fondazione Galleria Civica – Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento.

Edited by
Andrea Viliani

Chus Martínez & Ingo Niermann
Hans Ulrich Obrist & Stefano Boeri
Luca Cerizza

English / Italian
October 2010

Softcover, 19 x 27 cm
60 pages

ISBN 978-88-97185-00-0
EUR 18

Casco Issues XII launch @ Motto Zürich/Corner College. 18.11.11

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Casco Issues XII launch @ Motto Zürich/Corner College. 18.11.11
Start 7pm

Opening the evening with the film ‘Glory of the Garden’ (HD-Video, 14 min, 2009) by Marion von Osten, a slow-tempo satire of change in the art institutional structure over the last decades, this evening will focus on the bio-political aspect of an institutional operation. It will reference Katerina Seda’s practice, as well as the sociological approach in Mary Kelly, Margaret Harrison and Kay Hunt’s ‘Women and Work’ as both put emphasis on the “daily regimes” of villagers and workers. Deductively, we can draw from the daily regimes of different “institutions”, ranging from highly established ones to self-organised spaces, and groups, especially in light of Bob Black’s article ‘The Abolition of Work’ and the recent article ‘Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street’ by Judith Butler whereby she criticizes Hannah Arendt’s narrow concept of what action can be. The question then of course would be: what changes do we want and what can we do to the established daily regimes?

After the film screening we will launch the new issue of Casco Issues with the editors Binna Choi and Axel Wieder. Casco Issues is a magazine published by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, which explores recurring issues that emerge from Casco’s programme. It centres on artists’ and designers’ writings and other unconventional forms of publishing. The twelfth edition of Casco Issues, ’Generous Structures’, focuses on “playfulness” as a value in critical cultural practice. As a playful inquiry, it positions alternative notions of playing against the grain of neoliberal ideologies of “lifelong learning” and “work as play”.

Casco Issues XII: Generous Structures
Edited by Binna Choi & Axel J. Wieder.

Contributions by Zayne Armstrong, Ei Arakawa, Bob Black, Augusto Boal, Ruth Buchanan, Binna Choi, common room, Paul Elliman, ifau & Jesko Fezer, Zachary Formwalt, Beatrice Gibson with Will Holder and John Tilbury, Kleines postfordistisches Drama, Mattin, Hwayeon Nam, Merijn Oudenampsen, Nam June Paik, Anne Querrien, David Reinfurt, Margit Rosen, Katerina Šedá, Axel Wieder

Co-published by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory and Sternberg Press.
Design by Julia Born and Laurenz Brunner, with Sam de Groot.
12.5 x 19.5 cm, 392 pages, 77 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-1-934105-33-7
D €19.00

Trois films photographiés – A Change of Speed, a Change of Style, a Change of Scene – After Birds – Screen O Scope. Philippe Decrauzat, Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva. Book Launch @ Motto Zürich, 5.11.2011

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Trois films photographiés – A Change of Speed, a Change of Style, a Change of Scene – After Birds – Screen O Scope, Philippe DECRAUZAT.
Published by Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva.
Photographies: @David Gagnebin-de Bons.

LAUNCH @ Motto Zürich on the 5th of November 2011, 6.30 pm.
With a discussion around the book between the artist and Véronique Bacchetta.

This artist’s book is an edition of 400. Each copy is composed of 18 quires, bound together following a random repartition system. Each book is unique and numbered with an adjustable rubber stamp.

Vanessa Safavi. Blind Traveller. Kunsthaus Glarus. Chert, Berlin.

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Vanessa Safavi. Blind Traveller.

Published on the occasion of the exhibitions:

Vanessa Safavi “Resorts”, Kunsthaus Glarus, August-October 2011 and “Between the Tree and a Plastic Chair”, Vanessa Safavi solo exhibition at Chert, Berlin, September-October 2010.

Published by Kunsthaus Glarus and Chert 2011

With texts by Jennifer Chert, Sabine Rusterholz Petko, Vanessa Safavi

Graphic design: Nils Reinke-Dieker

30 pages

19.5 x 29.5 cm

D 11€


trans19 – composition. Launch @ Motto Zurich, 28.9.2011

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«this was fun – it was a lot of fucking work, and it‘s one of the hardest things I‘ve ever done, but it was worth the effort.» JOHN ZORN

Wir möchten euch am Mittwoch 28. September zur Vernissage in den Motto Bookstore an der Kochstrasse 1 in Zürich einladen. Um 19:30 Uhr wird die Redaktion das Heft vorstellen und anhand einiger Artikel in die Thematik “Komposition und Architektur” einführen. Beim anschliessenden Apero freuen wir uns auf anregende Diskussionen.

Es grüsst, die transRedaktion

Philipp, Steffen, Michel und Siham

27-28.08.2011: Motto/Corner College/Lehni&Trueb RE-OPENING. Zürich

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Saturday, August 27: Motto/Corner College/Lehni Trueb RE-OPENING.
Start 2pm:

“Selection Maison – Bring Dein Ding” exhibition.

Kueng Caputo design furniture auction led by Garrett Glen Mikael Nelson.

6:30pm: Artist talk between Susanne Kriemann and Axel John Wieder, about the book ‘Reading Susanne Kriemann’, published by Sternberg Press. 2011

Sunday, August 28 2011, 1-5 pm

San Keller
Eine partizipative Lesung serviert mit Tee, Torten und Digestivs

Einen Verdauungsspaziergang nach dem Kunstgenuss bot San Keller den Besucher/innen der Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel an, nachdem diese sich die jeweils aktuellen Ausstellungen angesehen hatten. Im gemeinsamen Gespräch wurde das Gesehene kritisch reflektiert und Gedanken ausgetauscht. Die aufschlussreichen, teils kontroversen Unterhaltungen hat San Keller anschließend in insgesamt fünf Heften publiziert. Am Sonntag 28. August lesen San Keller und Rein Wolfs Auszüge aus den Gesprächen. Dabei ist aktive Beteiligung gefragt: Das Publikum darf sich in die Rolle der Ausstellungsbesucher/innen versetzen und Teile der Texte im Zwiegespräch mit San Keller rezitieren.

der:die:das – ausgabe e wie Eis, issue e like “Eis” (ice), Summer 2011

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der:die:das – ausgabe e wie Eis, issue e like “Eis” (ice), Summer 2011

“der:die:das is a mono thematic magazine based in Zurich. It draws its inspiration from objects of everyday life. Our relationship with the mundane is put to question and deconstructed through the investigation of objects, ideas and stories. The familiar is staged in an unfamiliar way while the alien in the usual is discovered.”

der:die:das is published every sixth month in German with an English translation.
Contributors “der:die:das – ausgabe e wie Eis”:
Francis Alÿs, Florian Ammann, Nicole Bachmann, Big Zis, Michael Bodenmanna, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Etzensperger, Helve & Christian, Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch, Véronique Hoegger, Michael Hunziker, Stefan Jäggi, Alban Kakulya, Aleli Leal, Andreas Lutz, Jon Mathiey, Melanie Matthieu, Irving Penn, Hans-Ruedi Rohrer, Barbara Signer, Remo Stoller, Gabriela Weidmann

D 12€


Available for Distribution