Jesus Days, 1978 – 1983. Slide show and publication presentation by Greg Reynolds @ Motto Berlin. 22.11.2013.

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Jesus Days: Slide show and publication presentation @ Motto Berlin. 22.11.2013.

Jesus Days, 1978 – 1983
Photographs by Greg Reynolds

“In the late 70s and early 80s, I was a closeted gay man in his 20s working as a campus minister for an evangelical Christian student organization called the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I struggled with my homosexuality. I was overwhelmed by grief and saw no option other than to repress my desires for sex and love. In 1978, a missionary friend gave me a 35 mm Pentax K1000 that she didn’t use. I knew very little about photography, but I loved taking pictures. It wasn’t my intention to document the American evangelical movement, but rather to take photographs of the people and places that were important to me. Now I see that the camera allowed me to say in pictures what I could never say in words.” 

From 19.00, slide show begins at 19.45

Motto Berlin
im Hinterhof
Skalitzer Str. 64
Berlin 10997

Sometimes I cannot smile. Piergiorgio Casotti.

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Sometimes I cannot smile, Piergiorgio Casotti.

Part of Casotti’s “Arctic Spleen project”, Sometimes I Cannot Smile is documentation on the problem of teen suicide in East Greenland. The book is a personal, intimate journey inside the Greenlandic juvenile world where nature, violence, boredom and a strong cultural legacy have been claiming for decades the highest and saddest “toll”. That of hundreds of young lives.

Hardcover, 168 pages.

Price: €37

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AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»

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AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»: the first volume of “original soundtracks produced for film which doesn’t exist yet”. Produced in Morocco during the summer of 2011, this record contains tracks made out of local music in North Africa and field recordings, transformed and remixed. Welcome to the Azurazian world, along the lowered Mediterranea by the Gibraltar dam, and follow the adventures of Ghazi Van Keering, searching to learn the new Daseinphilosophy in wasted landscapes. A print art work is included with the record.

Pressed by: Grautag Records

D 20 €

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Provence Magazine. Issue E – Madame

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With contributions by Nadja Abt / Ann-Leonie Auer / Michele d’Aurizio / Juliette Blightman / Mikaël D. Brkić / Eli Broad with photos by Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda / Merlin Carpenter / Gürsoy Dogtas / Martin Ebner / Genoveva Filipovic / Edgars Gluhovs / Mauricio Guillén / Julian Göthe / Alexander Hempel / HIT / Tom Holert / Karl Holmqvist / Egija Inzule / Morag Keil / Nina Könnemann / Adriana Lara / Andrea Legiehn with an illustration by Siw Umsonst / Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho / Eric Lavesson / Adam Linder and Shahryar Nashat / Fred Lonidier / Fiona McGovern and Magnus Schäfer / Luise Pilz / François Piron / Bonny Poon / Gottfried Schnödl / Silberkuppe / Mathew Sowa / Maraike Steding / Megan Francis Sullivan / Sergei Tcherepnin / Benjamin Thorel / Danh Vo / Colin Whitaker / Amy Yao a.o., including A document made by Paul Thek and Edwin Klein / Textiles: Open Letters by Rike Frank and Grant Watson / A reportage on Andreas Dorau / Lars Eidinger on Rainer Werner Fassbinder / A retrospective account of a 1990 artwork / Fernando Mesta on Joseph Strau’s jewelry / A Drive by Robert Walser with an introduction by Susan Bernofsky.

Language: English
Price: €15.00

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Meriç Algün Ringborg. Location: Date: Time:. Göteborgstryckeriet.

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Location: Date: Time: by Meriç Algün Ringborg

“Location: Date: Time: is both a two-part reflection and demonstration of disappearance in both personal and cultural terms. The first portion contains an essay that illustrates contemporary and historic assumptions of space and time. Rather than trying to articulate the very meaning of lacking substance, Ringborg writes the idea of disappearance through its converse–documentation, power, place and surveillance. The second portion contains a series of fragments taken from different unnamed sources that both describe and demonstrate erasure in all its moods, ranging from the humorous to the poignant.”

D 15 €

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An Individual Note 02: Their Amorous Journey ‘Home…Away…Home’. Motto Melbourne. 23.06.12

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Leith Thomas & Mark Groves (An Individual Note 01)


An Individual Note 02: Their Amorous Journey ‘Home…Away…Home’ (The Nature of Field Recording)

– Performance and Talk by Philip Samartzis

Philip Samartzis is Coordinator of Sound in the School of Art at RMIT. He is a researcher in the areas of sound art, acoustic ecology and spatial sound practices. His PhD, Surround Sound in Installation Art, examined the place of sound in contemporary art practice through a range of site determined sound art projects. In 2010 Philip was awarded fellowships by the Australia Council for the Arts, and the Australian Antarctic Division to document the effects of extreme climate and weather events on the human condition in Antarctica. Since returning, Philip has presented this work at numerous festivals and galleries across the world.

3pm start, doors close at 5pm

Motto Melbourne / Pin Up Project Space
15-25 Keele St, Collingwood 3066

Please visit The Daphne Oram Trust

Paradiso Reisemagazin #1 – Italien

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Paradiso Reisemagazin #1 – Italien

D 7 €
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Bad Day #12

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Bad Day #12

Bad Day is a biannual cross-cultural interview magazine founded in Toronto.
#12 Featuring: James Franco, Peter Saville, Barbara Kruger, Erwin Wurm, Miranda July, PFFR, William Hundley, ROLU, Haw-lin, Julia and a Cartoon

D 12€

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Travelling Across the USA / Reise durch die USA by Paul Gerhard Diez

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Travelling Across the USA / Reise durch die USA by Paul Gerhard Diez

The photo book “Travelling Across the USA” shows photographs by passionate amateur photographer and then student of theology Paul Gerhard Diez which he took during a journey across the USA in 1954. The photographer wrote a short comment on each picture. “Travelling Across the USA” is published by Books & Booklets in a German and an English edition, with an accompanying essay by journalist Georg Diez, the photographer’s son.

Das Fotobuch “Reise durch die USA” zeigt Bilder des Hobbyfotografen und damaligen Theologiestudenten Paul Gerhard Diez, die dieser während einer Reise quer durch die USA im Jahre 1954 aufgenommen hat. Die Bilder wurden vom Fotografen jeweils mit kurzen Kommentaren versehen. Entstanden ist ein Zeitdokument und ein besonderes Reisetagebuch zugleich. “Reise durch die USA” ist in einer deutsch- und einer englischsprachigen Version erschienen, mit einem begleitenden Essay des Journalisten Georg Diez, dem Sohn des Fotografen. Herausgegeben von Bücher & Hefte.

16.9 x 12 cm
176 pages

D 25€

English Edition

German Edition

Available for Distribution

The Ramallah Lecture – Jakob Jakobsen – Nebula

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The Ramallah Lecture – Jakob Jakobsen – Nebula

This book is based on a blog written by the visual artist and political activist Jakob Jakobsen during a six-week stay in Ramallah and the West Bank.

“In the summer of 2008 I visited Palestine. ArtSchool Palestine had invited me over for the purpose of meeting and working with local artists and other people in the occupied territories. As the theme of my visit was relatively open, my Palestinian host explained that my stay here could be understood as a type of artistic research. That suited me fine as I had worked with activist investigations and artistic research in The Copenhagen Free University for almost six years.

I’ve followed the situation in Palestine for many years and the Palestinian cause has persistently challenged my political sense of justice. Since September 11th 2001 the conflict has been spun more and more into the War against Terror and life for the Palestinians appears to have become even more troublesome. But what do you really know as an outsider and a media consumer in the West? In terms of the struggles over territory that go on in and around this small piece of land some call Palestine, what actually shapes the scenery that is produced in the public sphere? My stay in Palestine was an opportunity to get closer to the everyday conditions in the occupied territories, although I was constantly asking myself about my own role as an artist and a political person in this situation of conflict.” – From the introduction of ‘The Ramallah Lecture’

Jakob Jakobsen is an artist, organizer and activist. He ran the Copenhagen Free University, co-founded the artist run TV-station tvtv and has participated in exhibitions and projects all over the world. He has been visiting and working in Palestine at several occasions.

D 14€


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