Bader Motor + Zabo Chabiland (+Nicolas Moulin) @ Motto Berlin. 07 March 2020

Posted in events on March 2nd, 2020
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Bader Motor. (live)
7pm (sharp)
Zabo Chabiland. Sleeping Odyssey. (live)
(Grautag record release)
And Nicolas Moulin will also play records with friends and ghosts

AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»

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AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»: the first volume of “original soundtracks produced for film which doesn’t exist yet”. Produced in Morocco during the summer of 2011, this record contains tracks made out of local music in North Africa and field recordings, transformed and remixed. Welcome to the Azurazian world, along the lowered Mediterranea by the Gibraltar dam, and follow the adventures of Ghazi Van Keering, searching to learn the new Daseinphilosophy in wasted landscapes. A print art work is included with the record.

Pressed by: Grautag Records

D 20 €

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