Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair – Ricerca della comodità in una poltrona scomoda (Poster). Bruno Munari. CNEAI.

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Bruno Munari, Ricerca della comodità in una poltrona scomoda (Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair), 1944. © Bruno Munari. All rights reserved to Maurizio Corraini s.r.l.

Author: Bruno Munari
Publisher: CNEAI
Size: 76 x 50 cm

Price: €12.00
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The Space Age. Aleksandra Mir. Sternberg Press.

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The Space Age. Aleksandra Mir. Sternberg Press.

On Saturday 28 August, 1999, against a background of puffing industrial plumes, a pinkish-blue sky, and the sound of bongo drum beats, Aleksandra Mir, dressed in a smart white dress and with American flag in hand, scaled the side of a moonscape of sand dunes and makeshift craters to become the first woman on the moon. The performance First Woman on the Moon marked the beginning of Mir’s exploration of outer space as she staged a moon landing by transforming a Dutch beach into the moon’s surface using the help of local people and heavy machinery.

Mir’s projects offer her own take on popular cultural myths and historical events, by combining religious iconography with NASA imagery or symbols of space travel. Her work reflects on these events that span half a millennium of human—mostly male-dominated—quest, transforming or deconstructing them into a make-believe world of her own. Mir resists and modifies; her work creates its own authenticity and truth.

The Space Age consists of seven fold-out posters and a text by Martin Herbert. The publication coincides with the exhibition at M – Museum Leuven which encompasses fourteen years of Mir’s career (1999–2013).

Copublished with M – Museum Leuven
Design by Yvonne Blanco

Posterbook incl. seven fold-out posters

16 €

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M6 (2013). Mike Nelson. Eastside Projects.

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M6 (2013). Mike Nelson. Eastside Projects.

On the occasion of the exhibition M6 by Mike Nelson, Eastside Projects presented a major new print edition of eight silk-screen prints.

This specially commissioned print portfolio has been produced alongside M6, his solo exhibition on display at Eastside Projects until 9 March 2013. In each portfolio there are eight large-scale screen prints featuring image of blown out tyres from his installation. These tyres, selected and photographed by Nelson, are presented as trophies of an ignored parallel world, a powerful collection of dark abject monuments or ritual artefacts.

49.50 €

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Economy Class (poster). Stefan Marx. Dashwood Books

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Economy Class (poster). Stefan Marx. Dashwood Books
Edition of 150
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Sonidero City. Mirjam Wirz. Mirjam Wirz & Buzz Maeschi (Eds.).

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Sonidero City. Mirjam Wirz. Mirjam Wirz & Buzz Maeschi (Eds.).

Sonidero City – Sound system and DJ Culture in Mexico and Colombia, by Mirjam Wirz

“DJs as messengers delivering greetings between friends and communiques between rival gangs: Cumbia-rhythms slowed down to accomodate traditional dance styles. Low tones and ludicrously distorted voices. The Sonidero-culture of Mexico’s neighbourhoods is impossible to ignore.” – Jonathan Fischer on Sonidero City, DU Magazine 819 / 2011

The long-term photographic reportage of Sonidero City is an homage to the Cumbia DJs / Sonideros of Mexico City, who from the 60s to today have stood behind their sound systems’ mics, sending music as well as greetings across the capital’s streets. While some stack loudspeakers into massive towers, others stick to a modest set-up, spinning their own LP collections on 70s-era record players. They go by names such as Sonido Sensación Tropical, Sonido África, Sonido La Conga.

In contrast, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, giant flourescent- painted speakers called “Picó” spill afro-colombian Champeta music through local communities, where the accompanying dance of choice is called “polishing the belt buckle.”

Over the course of three years Swiss photographer Mirjam Wirz visited the living rooms, courtyards and dance events of Mexico City, Monterrey and Barranquilla. The result is her book Sonidero City, a lively visual collection tracing the paths Mexico and Colombia’s sound system culture have forged.


Sonidero City – Soundsystem und DJ-Kultur in Mexiko und Kolumbien
von Mirjam Wirz

“DJ’s als Vermittler von Liebesgrüssen und Botschaften für rivalisierende Gangs: Cumbia-
Rhythmen, die auf den landestypischen Tanzstil heruntergebremst sind. Tiefe Töne und
aberwitzig verzerrte Stimmen. Die Sonidero-Kultur ist aus den Nachbarschaften Mexikos
nicht mehr wegzudenken.”
Jonathan Fischer über Sonidero City, DU Magazin 819 / 2011

Die fotografische Langzeitreportage Sonidero City ist eine Hommage an die Cumbia DJ’s/
Sonideros von Mexico City, die seit den sechziger Jahren und bis heute am Mikrophon ihres
Soundsystems stehen und Musik sowie Grussbotschaften in die Strassen der Hauptstadt
hinaus senden.Einige bauen riesige Türme von Lautsprechern auf, andere spielen mit kleiner Anlage aus ihrer LP-Sammlung auf den Plattenspielern der siebziger Jahre. Sie tragen Namen wie Sonido
Sensación Tropical, Sonido África, Sonido La Conga.

An der Karibikküste Kolumbien hingegen dröhnt aus in fluoreszierenden Farben angemalten,
gigantischen Lautsprechern die afrokolumbianische Champeta-Musik durch die Nachbarschaften. Das Soundsystem heisst Picó und den Tanz dazu nennt man sich gegenseitig die Gürtelschnalle

Die Schweizer Fotografin Mirjam Wirz hat während drei Jahren mit ihrer Kamera Wohnzimmer,
Innenhöfe und Tanzveranstaltungen in Mexico City, Monterrey und Barranquilla besucht, daraus ist das Buch Sonidero City entstanden, eine lebendige visuelle Sammlung, die den Spuren dieser Soundsystem Kultur folgt.

Language: Spanisch / English
Pages: 224
Size: 19.9 x 26.5 cm

31 €
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AM Poster Series 2013. Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama, Bernadette Corporation. Art Metropole.

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AM Poster Series 2013. Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama, Bernadette Corporation. Art Metropole.

AM Poster Series 2013, Litho Edition Set.

Art Metropole Toronto Canada
56 x 35.5 cm.

Set of 3: 35€
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Single Poster:

Claire Fontaine: 15€
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Masanao Hirayama: 15€
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Bernadette Corporation: 15€
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Billowing. Lisa Oppenheim. argobooks.

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Zu ihrer Ausstellung Everyones Camera im Göttinger Kunstverein erforscht Lisa Oppenheim die Geschichte des Mediums Fotografie. Das Künstlerbuch Billowing zeigt Naturphänomene neben Rauchentwicklungen bei Demonstrationen und Kriegsereignissen. Dabei werden die Bilder ohne Kamera erstellt sondern beispielsweise aus Negativen kreiert oder Solarisationen erstellt. Photogramme von Protesten stehen neben Vulkanausbrüchen, Silbergelatine-Drucke von Bombardierungen im Zweiten Weltkrieg neben harmlosen Wolkenformationen.
Mittels künstlerischer Aneignung, visueller Verkürzung und serieller Anordnung verhandelt die Künstlerin subtil die Auseinandersetzungen, die bis heute die Fotografie bestimmen: die Konflikte zwischen dem Dokumentarischen und dem Symbolischen, zwischen Repräsentation und Abstraktion. (Laura Schleussner)

Author: Lisa Oppenheim
Publisher: Argobooks
Language: English
Pages: 24 with 3 posters
Size: 27x20cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €12.00
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Voices from the corridor part 1 or Everybody’s practice of exhibiting. Stefano Faoro.

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Voices from the corridor part 1 or Everybody’s practice of exhibiting. Stefano Faoro.

Image 1: The Hochspannungshalle ‘Parabelhalle’ is a high voltage test hall in Spandau, Berlin. In the laboratories researchers can generate artificial lightning, thunders, rain and other weather conditions in order to test prototypes designated to different climates. It was designed in 1961 by architect Walter Henn.

Image 2: A film-still from ‘Shock Corrdior’, directed by Samuel Fuller in 1963.

Image 3: Walter Henn was, since the early 1950s, part of a group of German architects who developed the theory of Bürolandschaft, literally ‘office landscapes’. They predicted and applied the end of corridors in working and public buildings. They designed and built rooms where desks could float free and a non-hierarchical ambiance could increase collaboration and, therefore, production. The Osram offices were built by Walter Henn in 1965, in Munich.

Part of ‘Voices from the corridor part 1 or Everybody’s practice of exhibiting’.
A production by Stefano Faoro, Berlin 2013.

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UBER ALLES, Erik Steinbrecher, Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

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This artist’s book is a collection of eleven items including booklets, photography, posters by Erik Steinbrecher. This publication accompanies the artist’s exhibiton at the Kunstbibliothek in Berlin from 8 November 2012 to 17 February 2013. The show presents books, prints and other artworks from 1995 to 2012.

The titles of the items included in the bag UBER ALLES are:

1 Paar Schuhe/ pair of shoes
Astra Turbo
Knacki Knacki
Wie am Schnürli
Free Poster ( Ei/ egg)

Author: Erik Steinbrecher
Publisher: Erik Steinbrecher, Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin,
Language: English
Size: 30.5 x 24 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €35.00
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AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»

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AZURAZIA, «Lowering the Mediterranean, irrigating the Sahara»: the first volume of “original soundtracks produced for film which doesn’t exist yet”. Produced in Morocco during the summer of 2011, this record contains tracks made out of local music in North Africa and field recordings, transformed and remixed. Welcome to the Azurazian world, along the lowered Mediterranea by the Gibraltar dam, and follow the adventures of Ghazi Van Keering, searching to learn the new Daseinphilosophy in wasted landscapes. A print art work is included with the record.

Pressed by: Grautag Records

D 20 €

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