The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom. Simon Denny. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

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The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom. Simon Denny. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

Simon Denny, who was awarded the Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel Statements in 2012, is interested in the development and contradictions of our thoroughly mediatized society. His installations, objects, and projects focus on the connections between changes in media, commerce, aesthetics, and politics-with their ever repeated and always rapidly obsolete promise of the new.

Texts from Christian Höller, Jasmine McNealy & Matthias Michalka. Interview by Laura Preston
16,5 x 24 cm
80 pages
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Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir & Shame magazine presentations @ Motto Berlin. 13.12.2012

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Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir & Shame magazine presentations @ Motto Berlin. 13.12.2012
start 7pm

A slideshow presentation addressing the sovereignty of the sign, and/or the independence of the phenomenon which had hitherto transported it, marks the official release of MINDGAMES – a publication conceived as abstract shapes, shrouded in words, to articulate a cross-dimensional plane of intrigue. The diagrams and images will describe the structures and concepts that occupied the mind of the author when creating the text. The presentation will include more than a hundred originally composed images and will be accompanied by a reading.

MINDGAMES incoporates metaphorical qualities depicting people and their relationships in an ongoing interchange between space, geometry, history, and meaning. This quadrangled story about shades and variations in co-dependence and sovereignty is inspired by a musician (John Lennon), a theorist (Henri Lefebvre), an author (Halldor Laxness), and a demented ruler of Rome (Caligula) – forming biographies that present portraits of associations rather than particular statements about individual lives. The publication was conceived as a way of enjoying information in the tradition of the autodidacts of the past – but in a style which is contingent to  a reverence towards traditional modes of archiving the world.

Published in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie.
Designed by Noah Venezia, Werkplaats Typographie, Arnhem / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.
Size: 12 x 17 cm
Pages: 152
Edition: 500
D 15€

“If shame emerges in the breach between you and me, between the private and the public, this magazine is a willfully idiosyncratic and multi-faced attempt to approach this breach, that is, to approach shame in its different registers from the sexual and personal to the political.“
Jenny Nachtigall
Shame is a recurring publication which observes and researches human feelings and the human body. Shame focuses on daily issues that easily pass by our attention and juxtaposes them to politics, design and art in printed form. This makes it look, at times, uncomfortable and embarrasing. Shame One was initiated and produced in the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL by visual artist Wolfgang Fuetterer and graphic designer Neda Firfova. As of 2012 Shame continues to be produced in Berlin.
Shame One contributors: Alexander, Nathaniel Boyd, Simon Denny, Nicholas Matranga, Shogo Matsushiro, Jenny Nachtigall, Wolfgang F. IX, Hinrich Sachs, Samo Tomsic

edition of: 200
pages: 52
published by: Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL
D 15€

Kaleidoscope Issue #11 – Summer 2011

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Kaleidoscope Issue #11 – Summer 2011

HIGHLIGHTS: Steven Shearer by Dieter Roelstraete; Slavs & Tatars by Carson Chan; Kaari Upson by Quinn Latimer; Alina Szapocznikow by Chris Sharp; Greg Parma-Smith interview by Nicolas Guagnini.

MAIN THEME: POP RIGHT NOW: Roundtable with Bettina Funcke, Massimiliano Gioni, John Miller, moderated by Joanna Fiduccia, with a postscript by Boris Groys, and artworks by Darren Bader; Justin Bieber by Francesco Spampinato; Rashid Johnson interview by Alessio Ascari; The Dark Side of Hipness Mark Greif and Richard Lloyd in conversation.

MONO: MARK LECKEY: Lost in the Supermarket by Barbara Casavecchia; The Browser Is a Portal by Isobel Harbison; Special Project by Mark Leckey; Art Stigmergy interview by Mark Fisher.

COLUMNS: PIONEERS: Morgan Fisher by Simone Menegoi; FUTURA: Helen Marten interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist; MAPPING THE STUDIO: Simon Denny by Luca Cerizza; CRITICAL SPACE: Douglas Coupland interview by Markus Miessen; ON EXHIBITION: Jeff Koons’ “The New” by Paola Nicolin; LAST QUESTION: And What About Pop Music? answer by Scott King.

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Video Aquarium Broadcast – Simon Denny

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Video Aquarium Broadcast - Simon Denny

This new publication is the first comprehensive book on the work of Simon Denny. In the size of a standardized DVD cover the book features an illustrated overview on Simon Denny’s exhibitions from 2008 to 2010, additional texts by Nicolas Ceccaldi, Simon Pound and an interview with the artist by Dan Arps. The publication is produced in collaboration with Michael Lett.

2010, 268 p., fully illustrated in colour
and b/w, Owrps., 19 x 13,2 cm
Edition 1000
Published by Galerie Daniel Buchholz and Michael Lett

D 28€

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