Komplaint Dept.

Komplaint Dept.
Author: Bob Nickas
Publisher: Karma
Language: English
Pages: 472
Weight: 600 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781942607823
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Product Description

The latest volume of writing by influential New York–based critic and curator Bob Nickas collects his 2012–14 column for Vice magazine’s Komp-laint Dept. This column unleashed the full omnivorous range of the author’s interests. There are essays on musicians such as Neil Young, Sun Ra, Royal Trux and Lydia Lunch, which look at their biographies and the history of Nickas’ personal relationship with their music; there are lengthy and often very funny “complaints” about, among other things, two different presidents, Jeff Koons, New York architecture, the meeting of fashion and punk, religion in general, nostalgia and the problem with contemporary graffiti. Additionally, there are meditations on filmmakers such as David Cronenberg and Nicolas Refin. The book is rounded out by perhaps the definitive (two-part) examination of how and why Richard Prince uses appropriation.

Bob Nickas has worked as a critic and curator in New York since 1984. He is the author of Theft Is Vision (2007) and The Dept. of Corrections (2016).