Wiggle – “Best of” USB Drive

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Wiggle “Best of” USB Drive
A USB drive disguised as a cassette tape created for the Berlin concert at Panke Gallery in 2023. Contains tracks selected from all of their releases to date (1996-2023) as well as a megamix of most of their songs.

Handmade by Gil Kuno using glitching techniques on a laser cutter.

Wiggle “Best of 1996-2023”

01 Boik
02 Warning
03 Daisuki Me (Alternative Mix featuring Sexy Funko)
04 Signal Fault (featuring Cristian Vogel)
05 Feedback
06 Headbash (featuring Ken Ishii)
07 Krictl
08 Wadjala Spirit (featuring Ken Ishii)
09 Pejuta (featuring Tatsuya Yoshida [Ruins])
10 Let It Wiggle (featuring Ken Ishii)
11 Fridgeon
12 Amphibian
13 Discoship
14 Megamix

Wiggle members (past and present): Gil Kuno, Simon Bennett, Brett Boyd, Tatsuya Oe, Linda, RinaRina, Murochin, Eiichiro Suzuki

Wiggle website: wiggle.band

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A-B (Cassette). Linus Bonduelle.

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A-B features two sound works made in 2022, both recorded and edited in Charlois, Rotterdam. 
Side A, ‘Walk’, is best listened to when going out for a stroll. It is a guided tour with a narrator-companion holding an essayistic monologue about how we observe the world and ourselves while walking. Side B, ‘Sticks and Bells’, is a pastoral play choreographed for an array of 12 cowbells and 12 walking sticks, which tells the story of a conflict between a group of hikers and a herd of cows. The riso-printed libretto to this instrumental piece is published with the tape.


released February 16, 2023 

All sounds recorded in Charlois, Rotterdam. 

Printed at KIOSK Rotterdam, bound at De Boog Rotterdam. 

A big thanks to the performers of Sticks and Bells: Ash Kilmartin, Bobby Sayers, Bruno Neves, Claudia Schouten, Ghislain Amar, Kate Price, Kirsten Van Lienden, Lisa Meijer, Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, Marie Saladin, Marloes de Vries, Matt Plezier and Ronja Calle. 

Further thanks to Ash Kilmartin, Flip Driest and Frédéric Van de Velde.

Shell-printed cassette with a riso-printed cover. Includes the libretto to Sticks and Bells. Hand-printed, cut and bound at KIOSK and De Boog Rotterdam. Edition of 50. 

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January 2023 Music Mix

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6 Graphic Etudes, Richard Scott, arbitrary, 2022

Dear friends and colleagues, 

We hope you had a great start to 2023!

After a very brief hiatus we are back on deck and ready to share with you our newest musical arrivals. Make sure to check Motto’s full catalogue for an immersive experience and our Motto Disco page, revived and refreshed especially for your ears.

To hear a selection of sounds from these albums, follow this link to our new mix created by Max Parnell.

The mix features sounds from:

King Gong
Richard Scott
Kristen Oppenheim
YL Hsueh
Vladislav Delay & Eivind Aarset
Sonic Boom / Papiro
DJ Fusiller x Fusiller

We hope you enjoy!