Militant Oriental – Peel Session II (vinyl – 12”)

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In 2004, 2/5BZ’s second vinyl EP which featured 3 tracks from his second appearance at Peel Session in 2004 (proposed early 2004, broadcasted in late 2004) together with 3 unreleased tracks has been released under his own label Gözel Records in 2006 and has beed re-pressed many times .
2/5BZ, aka Serhat Köksal, has worked as a multimedia artist with various releases in video, music, and literary formats since 1991 in Istanbul and performed live audiovisual performances under motto “NO Touristik NO Exotik” in 20 countries and 96 cities in clubs, festivals, squats, exhibitions and multimedia perforformances at well-known festivals such as Club Transmediale in Berlin, Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Donau Festival .
2/5BZ had an interview with John Peel in 1994 for BBC world Service . ” Of all the music I heard in Turkey, I liked 2/5BZ best “, commented John Peel and aired his works two times at Peel Session in BBC Radio 1 with following announcement “ that track is from one of my favourites sessions of the recent past from 2/5BZ from Istanbul.No Touristik No Exotic it is called..” John Peel (2004)

A1 Militant Oriental (Peel Session II)
A2 Karabesk (Peel Session II)
A3 Öküz İstanbul (Peel Session II)
B1 Petrol Stress (Remake)
B2 Bbam (Electro Saz Baǧlama)
B3 Şaka Etmiyorum (Nurkish Dub)

Bass Guitar – Yahya Enis Akin (tracks: A1, B1)
Clarinet – Tim Hodgkinson (tracks: B1)
Other [Dub] – Abdurrahman Palay (tracks: A3, B3)
Producer, Tape, Electronics, Voice, Other [Electro Saz], Sampler – Serhat Köksal
Voice – Armarǧan Temizel (tracks: B1)
Voice, Other [Mauv] – Benek (5) (tracks: B2)

Author: 2/5 BZ

Publisher: Gözel Records

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Book Cover. Sara MacKillop. Blue Feint.

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Book Cover, a project by Sara MacKillop. Published by Blue feint, 2009.

The material on which this book is based was compiled and edited by Norman Longmate, who before joining the staff of the BBC as a radio producer in school broadcasting was himself a freelance scriptwriter, contributing to both radio and television. He is now a member of the BBC Secretariat.

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