‘DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS LOVER’ (tote bag). Olaf Nicolai. Olaf Nicolai & Motto Books

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© Olaf Nicolai

Special Edition for Motto Books, 2021
Edition: 100

37 x 39 cm

Black bag with red text
Inside printed label

80% Recycled cotton, 20% Recycled polyester

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Damián Navarro, Olaf Nicolai, Stéphanie Serra @ Motto Berlin. 23.11.2019

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Putting together. About Libraries, Books, Images, Words.

Damiàn Navarro, Olaf Nicolai, Stéphanie Serra

Saturday November 23, from 7pm at Motto Berlin.

Join us for a discussion around the practice of assembling, which will lead to the question of researched and found material and its montage possibilities. We will look at Damián Navarro’s rotorelief stickers and collecting process, and Olaf Nicolai’s editing practice in the 3 volumes of Conversation Pieces that link the library of the Roman gallerist Maria Colao to the art historian Mario Praz through his house (Walther König) and Stéphanie Serra’s written project on libraries, Through the Words of Others (fink).

Screening: Conversation Piece, Luchino Visconti, 1974 (subtitles in English)
Damián Navarro is an artist who works in Lausanne (Switzerland). He plays with collected object-documents to dig into realities, and repeatedly attempts to reshape the topics he addresses.

Olaf Nicolai is a German conceptual artist who works in Berlin. His work includes a major interest in books, literature and editing as well as its possible special forms.

Stéphanie Serra is a Swiss writer and researcher working on French films made by writers between 1950 and 1975.

In addition to the talk, an intervention in the Motto bookstore showcases will turn around the on-going looping.store website project developed by Pablo Perez and Damián Navarro and aims to share part of his stickers collection.

Recent publications as well as the fink twice series from edition fink will be on display

Walk Like an Egyptian. Giovanna Silva. Motto Books.

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walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_1COVER walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_12walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_11walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_2 walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_3 walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_4walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_5  walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_7 walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_8 walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_9 walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_10   walk_like_an_egyptian_silva_giovanna_motto_13


Walk Like an Egyptian
Author: Giovanna Silva
Publisher: Motto Books
Language: English

With a text by Olaf Nicolai



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Camera Austria #133. Reinhard Braun (Ed.)

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cameraaustria_133_motto_1 copycameraaustria_133_motto_2camreaaustria_133_motto_3cameraaustria_133_motto_4cameraaustria_133_motto_5cameraaustria_133_motto_6cameraaustria_133_motto_7cameraaustria_133_motto_8cameraaustria_133_motto_9cameraaustria_133_motto_10 copycameraaustria_133_motto_11cameraaustria_133_motto_12cameraaustria_133_motto_13 copy


Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
Jens Asthoff
Mladen Bizumic
Hannes Böhringer
Hans-Jürgen Bonack
Taco Hidde Bakker
Stephan Keppel
Omar Kholeif
Julia Klement
Doreen Mende
Kito Nedo
Olaf Nicolai
Kathrin Peters
Andreas Prinzing
Heidi Specker
Tatjana Turanskyj
Stephen Zepke

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Olaf Nicolai / Rollo Press @ Kunsthalle Basel. 19.06.2014

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Olaf Nicolai / Rollo Press @ Kunsthalle Basel. 19.06.2014
from 4pm

olaf nicolai
hotel nacional rio
rollo press zürich (rollo no. 40), 256 photographs, 148 pages
isbn 978-3-906213-07-1

T: +41 61 206 99 00 · F: +41 61 206 99 19
info@kunsthallebasel.ch · www.kunsthallebasel.ch

Szondi/Eden. Olaf Nicolai. Motto Books.

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Olaf Nicolai-motto1Olaf Nicolai-motto2Olaf Nicolai-motto3Olaf Nicolai-motto4Olaf Nicolai-motto5


Published on the occasion of the 8th Berlin Biennale.

Silkscreen in black and silver.
Edition of 300.

Author: Olaf Nicolai
Publisher: Motto Books
Language: English / German
Binding: Hardcover


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Labyrinth. Four Times Through the Labyrinth. Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel. Spector Books, Rollo Press.

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Labyrinth. Four Times Through the Labyrinth. Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel. Spector Books, Rollo Press.

*New English Translation

“This book on labyrinths is wonderful! It enlarges the traditional catalog of labyrinths so much and so well, being itself labyrinthine,” remarked Jean-Luc Nancy, the French philosopher, on the German edition, published by Spector Books, ISBN 978-3-940064-82-0, in summer 2012. Sadie Plant, author of “Zeroes + Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture”, has now translated Labyrinth into English.

The starting point for this transcript of four lectures, all held in Leipzig in 2010, is a public art work that Olaf Nicolai installed in Paris in 1998. By exploring and combining a broad spectrum of topics that relate to the theme of the labyrinth, this book serves as both, a reference system to Nicolai’s work as well as an independent source book dealing with labyrinthian matter ranging from the minotaur to the floorplans of IKEA. Published in collaboration with Rollo Press.

320 pp., ca. 280 black-and-white illustrations,
softcover, perfect bound

Price: €12.00

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Olaf Nicolai & Jan Wenzel. LABYRINTH – Ein Buch in vier Vorträgen. Spector Books & Rollo Press.

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LABYRINTH – Ein Buch in vier Vorträgen, Olaf Nicolai & Jan Wenzel, Spector Books & Rollo Press

“Warum tötete Theseus den Minotaurus?” – “Weshalb fand er den Ausgang des Labyrinths nur mit Hilfe des Ariadnefadens?” – “Erleichtert ein Mehr an Wissen die Orientierung? Oder wird es schwieriger, wenn wir verstanden haben, wie leicht es ist, sich zu verlaufen?” – “Wie kommt es, dass das Labyrinth uns im Handumdrehen zu Mitspielern macht? Warum kommen wir nicht los von diesem Gewirr aus Linien und Gängen?” – “Ist der Weg ins Zentrums des verwickelten Gängereichs leichter zu finden als der Weg zurück in die Freiheit?”

320 Seiten, Deutsch, Broschur mit ca. 280 Abbildungen
Gestaltung: Urs Lehni

D 12 €

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Olaf Nicolai @ Motto Berlin. 06.06.2011

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Start: 19:00
Olaf Nicolai – Faites le travail qu’accomplit le Soleil –

Special guest: Ronald Lippok interpreting Zabriskie Point
Plus: screening of Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point

Participation of the artist, the book’s designers HIT (Lina Grumm + Annette Lux) and Kathrin Meyer (Curator kestnergesellschaft)

Olaf Nicolai
Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil
published by Spector Books, Leipzig 2011
German or English version
48 Pages
D 28€

Olaf Nicolai: Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil

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Olaf Nicolai – Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil

48 Pages
Designed by HIT London/ Berlin
Leipzig 2011

The publication “fait le travail qu’accomplit le soleil” was published to accompany the exhibition from Olaf Nicolai in the kestnergesellschaft, Hanover. It translates the topics and the vocabulary of the exhibition in the space of the book: A tour of the exhibition as a comic. Essays on the work of Olaf Nicolai Anne von der Heiden, and Hans-Hagen Hildebrandt, Monika Szewczyk and Marc Ries.

28.00 €

Available for Distribution

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com