Space for Visual Research. Spector Books

Posted in photography on January 30th, 2015
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Space for Visual Research. Spector Books
edited by Markus Weisbeck, Mathias Schmitt, Michael Ott

The Space for Visual Research was established at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2013 as a workshop and laboratory for experimental research into new graphic, abstract and visual worlds. The Space’s mission is to support the exploratory urge for new aesthetics, in particular by empowering design students to create their own individual imagery. The resulting Space for Visual Research publication is a lab book, a log of visual experiments conducted using physics, chemistry, optics and reproduction technology as starting points for image production. Technical explanations open up possibilities for customized reproductions of each visual experiment presented here, while commissioned interviews and essays as well as a hand-picked bibliography render Space for Visual Research a useful reference tool for visual research generally today.

With texts by Alex Marashian, Liam Gillick, Karl Schawelka and Sophia Gräfe.

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Kim Seob Boninsegni: Mining For Pearls

Posted in Editions, Exhibition catalogue on March 20th, 2012
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Artist Book

Kim Seob Boninsegni: Mining For Pearls

With Texts by:
Liam Gillick
Sarina Basta
Daniel Baunmann
Giovanni Carmine
Piero Golia
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Pierre Joseph
Justin Liberman
Tobias Madison
Elli Medeiros
Damián Navarro
Mai-Thu Perret
Guillaume Pilet
Emmanuel Rossetti
Wolf Günter Theil

Published by Atelier Schönhauser Berlin

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Liam Gillick & Lawrence Weiner. A Syntax of Dependency:. Mousse Publishing.

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Liam Gillick & Lawrence Weiner. A Syntax of Dependency:. Mousse Publishing.

This publication documents the monumental, collaborative work that Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner produced for the Antwerp museum of contemporary art MuHKA in the spring of 2011. Poignantly titled “A Syntax of Dependency:, the project could be viewed as the outcome of a twenty-year dialogue between the artists, their respective artistic practices and separate generations. This giant floor piece, consisting of an abstract linoleum pattern containing an array of phrases, took up the museum’s entire first floor – its site – and specifically meant that the end of the exhibition also entailed the work’s irreversible destruction. This photo novella – complete with fragments of a conversation between both artists and a short text by exhibition curator Dieter Roelstraete – captures the work in its unique desolate splendor.

56 pages

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