Space for Visual Research

Space for Visual Research
Author: Markus Weisbeck, Mathias Schmitt, Michael Ott
Publisher: Spector Books
Language: German / English
Pages: 184
Weight: 1.1000 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783944669809
Price: €26.00
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The Space for Visual Research was established at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2013 as a workshop and laboratory for experimental research into new graphic, abstract and visual worlds. The Space’s mission is to support the exploratory urge for new aesthetics, in particular by empowering design students to create their own individual imagery. The resulting Space for Visual Research publication is a lab book, a log of visual experiments conducted using physics, chemistry, optics and reproduction technology as starting points for image production. Technical explanations open up possibilities for customized reproductions of each visual experiment presented here, while commissioned interviews and essays as well as a hand-picked bibliography render Space for Visual Research a useful reference tool for visual research generally today.

With texts by Alex Marashian, Liam Gillick, Karl Schawelka and Sophia Gräfe