Christina Mackie. Chisenhale Gallery, Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

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Christina Mackie. Chisenhale Gallery, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

This publication accompanies the first exhibition in Scandinavia by the Canadian artist Christina Mackie. The exhibition, entitled Painting the Weights, consists of an extraordinary installation that features such diverse elements as watercolours, photographs and ceramics, as well as found materials that range from mineral specimens to plastic beer crates. The exhibition follows Mackie’s ongoing fascination with both human technologies and natural materials, and her exploration of the connections that run between people, societies and the natural world.

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The Shelf Journal. Shelf – Published

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The Shelf Journal by Morgane Rébulard (ed). Shelf – Published

Why start a paper journal about books at a time when the internet is calling into question the average Westerner’s innate materialism, and at a time when the price of a book-as-object puts off devotees of free knowledge on the net? What is becoming of bound volumes today – that foundation of our society, those keepers of our history?
With the dematerialisation of editorial content, the practice of design within books is taking on an even more important dimension. Whether insignificant objects or works of art in their own right, books create through their different forms and stories a unique bond with those who read, consult and own them. This almost physical connection was the reason for creating The Shelf Journal.
Part place of worship and reflection for paper lovers, part experimental platform for designers, typographers and other graphic designers, The Shelf Journal explores the essence of our libraries’ charm: the limitless variations in form of this unique object.

Dual-language journal
108 pages, 21 x 31 cm

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Concatenation – MATERIAL issue #3. Material Press.

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Concatenation – MATERIAL issue #3, Ginny Cook & Kim Schoen (Ed.), Material Press

MATERIAL exists as a platform for the artist’s voice. Each issue brings together a different group of artists who write, as well as a new collaboration with a graphic designer. During the production of this third issue, the designer Zak Jensen put forth the idea of concatenation– the act of linking together, or the state of being joined.

With contributions from Farrah Karapetian, Renee Petropoulous, Nate Harrison, James Welling, Natalie Häusler, Harold Abramowitz, Shana Lutker, Stephanie Taylor & Alice Könitz, Frank Chang and Emily Mast.

Includes a poster by Paul Zelevansky of ‘Let There Be Chairs’, an excerpt from The Book of Takes.

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Craig Atkinson / In Certain Places. Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City. Café Royal Books.

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Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City by Craig Atkinson / In Certain Places (Elaine Speight and Charles Quick), Café Royal Books

Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City, was the third symposium curated by In Certain Places that used a situation or live project in Preston, to examine a wider national and international debate.

In Certain Places move people about the city to produce a discourse, which is grounded in the physical experience of the city.

D 5 €
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Surfing the Black: Yugoslav Black Wave Cinema… and its Transgressive Moments. Jan van Eyck Academie.

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Surfing the Black: Yugoslav Black Wave Cinema… and its Transgressive Moments. Jan van Eyck Academie.

The Yugoslav black wave cinema of the sixties and the seventies is one of the grand, though hidden, chapters of cinema history. Talented young authors, working under the sign of individual expression and aesthetic experimentation, pushed and explored the limits of the constraints of a socialist state. Their efforts lead to a new path of visual expression, so outstanding by its social and political engagement, its formal invention and its courage. 

This book is the result of a multi-disciplinary research attempting to cross over politics, philosophy, design, art, architecture, and some speculative thinking. Starting from archival work, interviews, seminars, screenings and a conference, Surfing the Black has found its (temporary) conclusion in a publication consisting of six theoretical essays and three fanzines that open up the black wave film experience to current affairs. This is Yugoslavia, and modern cinema, at its blackest and brightest.

With six theoretical essays (by Boris Buden, Pavle Levi and Owen Hatherly, among others) and fanzines comprising an interview with one of the most important Yugoslav filmmakers, Želimir Žilnik, and a comprehensive glossary of terms that belong to the period and field of Yugoslav culture and politics, this is the first book on the subject in the English-speaking world.

Edition of 300

216 Pages
Text in English

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Material Press. Skalitzer 68. Berlin. 11.08.2012

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Skalitzer 68. 11.08.2012


starts at 7.00 pm.

MATERIAL is a journal of writing by visual artists, a platform for divergent opinions, uses, and appropriations of language. Published in Los Angeles, and co-edited by artists Kim Schoen and Ginny Cook, Issue 3 features artists Farrah Karapetian, Paul Zelevansky, Renee Petropolous, Nate Harrison, James Welling, Natalie Häusler, Harold Abramowitz, Shana Lutker, Stephanie Taylor, Alice Könitz, Frank Chang, and Emily Mast’s English translation of Édouard Levé’s Œuvres. At the Motto launch, Stephanie Taylor and Alice Könitz will give a live, costumed performance of their piece from Issue 3: A Leash for Fritz and Kale for Stray Bunny (9PM SHARP!). The evening will also feature a special guest performance by artist David Raymond Conroy. Natalie Häusler will present the new installation For Ann (rising) in the showcases, which will remain on display for the occasion.

Skalitzer. 68
July 21 – August 25 2012
Saturdays only!

Further Programme details here:

mono.kultur #32: Martino Gamper

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mono.kultur #32: Martino Gamper

Dear Friends,

with summer dropping in and out every now and then, we finally and happily present our latest issue featuring the unmistakeable Martino Gamper – and about high time, admittedly. But: dedicating a tasty 10,000-word interview to the charm and wit of the Italian product designer in a volume ripe with food for the mind and the eye, it is the kind of issue we believe was worth the wait.

And indeed, Martino Gamper is the kind of product designer we all have been waiting for: Brimming with ideas, energy and humour, his designs are disarmingly irreverent and irresistibly fun, and unlike anything one will see in the puristic galleries of contemporary design. Crossing over from studying sculpture to completing an MA in product design at the prestigious Royal College of Art under Ron Arad, Gamper has had little time to worry over the theoretical do’s and don’t’s of his profession – instead, he has followed a simple rule of learning by doing, meaning: the more you do, the more you learn.

At a time where design is overly concerned with form and less so with function, Gamper is not all too bothered with either, but rather with how design might affect the everyday. Coming to attention in 2007 with his epic project 100 Chairs in 100 Days, where he assembled discarded furniture and waste material into curious and charismatic new pieces, considering the history of materials as well as the context of his work has become an important element of Gamper’s practice, which sits comfortably and playfully between the worlds of industrial design and fine art.

If anything, his work is driven by an insatiable curiosity and openness, which is also expressed by the frequent collaborations with friends from different fields. Martino Gamper treats his work as a means of communication and interaction, by frequently inviting visitors and passers-by on the street to join and engage, or by creating not only the furniture, but also improvising the 7 course-menus for his legendary Trattoria pop-up dinner evenings – elevating, as an inevitable and highly welcome side effect, design into a profoundly social activity.

With mono.kultur, Martino Gamper talked about his idea of fun, why a chair is the ultimate challenge and what design has in common with cooking.

Visually, the issue is bursting with references and ideas, reclaiming image material from left and right, while unveiling the structure of a book with three booklets of different sizes all lovingly assembled into one – and manually at that, which makes for some rough edges or rather what we like to call extra personality.

As of here and now, the issue is available through our online store mono.konsum, and at a trusted art book dealer of your choice very soon indeed.
In the meantime, enjoy the remains of summer, and with our warmest regards,

D 5€ EU 6€ WW 7€

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Johan De Wilde. Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011. Het balanseer.

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Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011  by Johan De Wilde.

Between 2004 and 2011 Johan De Wilde went for brisk walks along the River Akerselva, which divides the city of Oslo into two parts, east and west. He kept a photographic record of four of those walks, collected together in Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011. The artist creates an abstraction, a suggestion, a series of images that glides past in time and space, peopled by abandoned objects, chance passers-by who give the impression of being part of a story only to step out of it in the next picture. He accepts threat, mental and physical obstacles and minuscule events in a bid to evoke that curious feeling which is so closely linked in its interpretation to life as it happens.

D 50   

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137 Master Pieces. Jungundwenig.

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137 Master Pieces

Booking done by Bettina Mönch, Leipzig.
The book is printed with a Risograph GR 3770.
Concept and design by Jungundwenig and Mathias Reynoird.

D 30€


FESPA Digital / Fruit Logistica. Wolfgang Tillmans. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.

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FESPA Digital / Fruit Logistica.

Vor einem guten Jahr besuchte Wolfgang Tillmans die Berliner Messe “Fruit Logistica”, das führende Branchentreffen der internationalen Fruchthandelswelt. “Dort gingen mir die Augen über angesichts der verrückten Displays und der Vielfalt und Komplexheit des internationalen Fruchthandels und seiner Verarbeitungsmaschinen. Darauf reagierte ich sofort mit der Kamera, habe die Bilder aber dann erstmal liegen lassen, um sie mit Abstand betrachten zu können, obwohl ich gleich an ein Künstlerbuch im “Concorde”- Format dachte”. Jetzt liegt es vor!

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