Johan De Wilde. Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011. Het balanseer.

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Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011  by Johan De Wilde.

Between 2004 and 2011 Johan De Wilde went for brisk walks along the River Akerselva, which divides the city of Oslo into two parts, east and west. He kept a photographic record of four of those walks, collected together in Akerselva-Oslo 2004-2011. The artist creates an abstraction, a suggestion, a series of images that glides past in time and space, peopled by abandoned objects, chance passers-by who give the impression of being part of a story only to step out of it in the next picture. He accepts threat, mental and physical obstacles and minuscule events in a bid to evoke that curious feeling which is so closely linked in its interpretation to life as it happens.

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