137 Master Pieces. Jungundwenig.

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137 Master Pieces

Booking done by Bettina Mönch, Leipzig.
The book is printed with a Risograph GR 3770.
Concept and design by Jungundwenig and Mathias Reynoird.

D 30€


Frankenstein. Mary Shelley. Lubok Verlag

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Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus- Mary Shelley

“He would hope that, left to itself, the slight spark of life which he had communicated would fade; that this thing, which had received such imperfect animation, would subside into dead matter; and he might sleep in the belief that the silence of the grave would quench for ever the transient existence of the hideous corpse which he had looked upon as the cradle of life. He sleeps; but he is awakened; he opens his eyes; behold the horrid thing stands at his bedside, opening his curtains, and looking on him with yellow, watery, but speculative eyes.”

Text in English and German

Designed by jungundwenig, Berlin
Published by Lubok Verlag, Leipzig

D 49€

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com