All I Remember. Elisabetta Benassi. Nero

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All I Remember. Elisabetta Benassi.

Conceived as an artist’s book as well as a work of art, All I remember, is a collection of 477
backs of photos retrieved from the archives of the most important daily newspapers in the
world, collected and photographed by the artist over the last three years. Elisabetta Benassi
has selected the most significant photos of the 20th century in a backwards route through
personal and collective memories. Each page of the book corresponds to a single photo back
characterized by a data sheet with the dates, the photographers’ names and an objective
description of that which is represented in the image, as is usually done in image filing
systems. The result is an original history of our past, made of written images, of memorable
moments of the history of the 20th century.

Published by Nero 2011
484 p.
165×215 cm
Edition of 1’000
Language: Ita /Eng
ISBN 978-88-97503-00-2

D 50€


trans19 – composition. Launch @ Motto Zurich, 28.9.2011

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«this was fun – it was a lot of fucking work, and it‘s one of the hardest things I‘ve ever done, but it was worth the effort.» JOHN ZORN

Wir möchten euch am Mittwoch 28. September zur Vernissage in den Motto Bookstore an der Kochstrasse 1 in Zürich einladen. Um 19:30 Uhr wird die Redaktion das Heft vorstellen und anhand einiger Artikel in die Thematik “Komposition und Architektur” einführen. Beim anschliessenden Apero freuen wir uns auf anregende Diskussionen.

Es grüsst, die transRedaktion

Philipp, Steffen, Michel und Siham

“Tomorrow I’ll Be Happy”: The LGB Group @ Motto Berlin. 28.09.2011

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Wednesday 28 September
Start 6:30 pm

To mark the German launch of The Readymades by John Holten, Broken Dimanche Press are pleased to announce an exhibition by Darko Dragičević at Motto Berlin.

Found within the pages of The Readymades is the seminal text on The LGB Group (1995-2007) by one of the group’s leading stars: Djordje Bojić. Extending the world of the book, BDP in conjunction with Galerie Gojković, are pleased to transform Motto’s courtyard vitrines with some of the group’s more renowned works.

The liminal space of Motto’s courtyard will play host to work from The Readymades by:
Aleksandar Gojković (SR)
Miloš Lubarda (SR)
Elaine Pettifer (US/SZ)
Ivan Veselin (HU)
Matthias Nagry (HU)

Serbian artist and filmmaker Darko Dragičević has created the artwork.

The exhibition is presented in cooperation between BDP, Galerie Gojković and FUK Laboratories Berlin

CODE:RED. Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

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CODE:RED. Tadej Pogačar. Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E

CODE:RED includes a series of theoretical essays from the fields of gender studies and feminism, the history of the struggle of sex workers, their political actions, their fight for human and social rights, their cultural work, their inclusion in labor syndicates, and so on. The publication pays tribute to the extraordinary individuals who through their courage and boldness have managed to escape the vicious circle of ignorance and stigmatization.

The book also presents essential information about the CODE:RED project – its beginnings, structure, strategies, actions, networks, and collaborations. Also included are visual documents from projects in São Paulo, Venice, Madrid, and New York, as well as three issues of the Sex Worker newspaper. The authors of the essays are Ana Lopes, Pia Covre, Gabriela Silva Leite, Suzana Milevska, Maria do Mar Castro Varela and Nikita Dhawan, Mamen Briz, Mojca Pajnik, and Melissa Ditmore.

The book was edited by Tadej Pogačar, with language editing by Rawley Grau and Jana Wilcoxen and graphic design by Ajdin Bašić. The book has been published in English.

The publication of CODE:RED was made possible by the financial support of the Erste Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana. The publisher of the book is the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute.

236 pp., 240 ill.

D €30


Available for distribution

Instant 02: Le Grand Voyage Immobile

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Instant 02: Le Grand Voyage Immobile

Sim Kyeoul (a.k.a. Sim Winter) takes a contemplative views on a drowsy morning in her warm bed.
Hwang Boeun (a.k.a. BBossing) shows an ordinary thanks giving day at her home. Like her grandmother who is going out and her mother who is hanging laundries..
Ji Yoonsun takes immobile scenes that she saw while she was living at 114th Old Oak Road in London.
Sohn Woosung talks about the silence in his room that he found out afresh but wontedly.
And Im Minyung presents the picture of people over the window on snowy days.

Sim Kyeoul (a.k.a. Sim Winter)
Hwang Boeun (a.k.a. BBossing)
Ji Yoonsun
Sohn Woosung
Im minyung

D €10


Quick #4

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Quick #4: Uncertainty Principle, Iñaki Bonillas

All Bilder / All pictures: Iñaki Bonillas
Gestaltung / Design: Franziska Nast / Arno Auer
Herausgeber / Editor: Arno Auer

36 Pages


D €7

Available for distribution


Bidoun #25

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Bidoun #25: Summer 2011

Featuring contributions from Magdi Mostafa, William Wells, Mahmoud Othman, Abdel-Halim Qandil, Egyptian Museum, Doa Aly, Nawal El Saadawi, Ganzeer, The Seif Family, Abdel-Moneim Abou El Fotouh, Sanaa Seif & Hanin Tarek, Hassan Gamal, Omar Nagati, Shahira Amin, Mohamed Abdullatif, Albert Cossery, Mohamed Hamdy Mustafa, Mido Sas, Will Raynolds, Esraa Abdel Fattah, Ramy Raoof, Amina Abaza, Abdallah al Alfy, Marie Antoinette Castelli, Mona Khalil, Heather Nagy, Susie Nassar, Zahara, Jarett Kobek, Jenna Krajeski, Sophia Al-Maria, Sherine Amr, Perry Moataz, Nancy Mounir

D €11.20

Available for distribution


Cmagazine #111: Libraries. Amish Morell. C The Visual Arts Foundation

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Cmagazine #111: Libraries. C The Visual Arts Foundation

C Magazine is an international art periodical devoted to promoting critical discussion about contemporary art through in-depth essays, interviews, artist projects and reviews. Based in Toronto, with contributors from around the world, C keeps contemporary art professionals and enthusiasts informed of significant ideas and trends in art and culture.

Issue 111 includes features by Adam Lauder on Performing the Library; Jen Hutton on Dexter Sinister; David Senior on the Whole Earth Library; Randy Lee Cutler on Reading; Pandora Syperek on ILLUMINnations: the 54th Venice Biennale, and artist projects by Read-in and Thilo Folkerts with Rodney LaTourelle; Reviews of exhibitions by Song Dong, Gina Badger, Adel Abdessemed, Chris Curreri, Wim Botha, Frances Stark and others.

Published by C The Visual Arts Foundation
Autumn 2011

D 5€

New bookstore opening: San Serriffe, Amsterdam, 22.9.2011

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New bookstore in Amsterdam!
Opening: 22th September, 5–10 pm

San Serriffe will be open weekly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 12–8 pm.

San Serriffe
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 240

Uncanny Magazine #3: Publication As Process. Uncanny Editions.

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Uncanny Magazine #3: Publication As Process. Uncanny Editions.

The aim of this issue is to document and archive an essentially visual account of ‘publication as process’. The idea of making several publications during the illustration/ design process is a way of creating a platform for critical awareness. Not only does it generate space for discussion with other people, but promotes a big variety of solutions and alternatives to the work being produced, thus increasing the possibility of making a more considered and reflected decision through the act of publishing.

Issue 3 of Uncanny Magazine is divided into two sections:
1) a reproduction of a publication produced as part of the image-making process for an illustration project for the English Touring Opera, in its original size and form;
2) a selection of 11 of the 23 publications produced whilst making illustrations for the aforementioned design project.

Published by Uncanny Editions
Winter 2011
29.7 x 21 cm, 52pp.
Numbered edition of 100

D 17€