You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

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You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

Everybody is busy this Tuesday.

Size: 19 x 12
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-940524-40-2


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Frieze d/e #6 + Phil Collins @ Motto Berlin. 01.09.2012

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frieze d/e #6 launch @ Motto Berlin, starting at 7pm

Conversation between Phil Collins and Jennifer Allen, from 8pm in Chert Gallery.

A Conversation with Phil Collins about Love, Media and ‘Patho-Politics’ followed by refreshments, music and the first intense chats of the fall season

This sixth issue of frieze d/e features an essay by Mark Prince on painting space, an interview with Frank Stella and with Monika Baer, essays on the work of Latifa Echakhch, Seiichi Furuya and Phil Collins as well as reviews of documenta 13.

With an exhibition in Kabul, documenta 13 is the first major art exhibition to take place in a war zone. Yet long before the d13 artistic director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev initiated lectures and projects in Afghanistan, Phil Collins worked in conflict zones, from Ramallah to Baghdad, and with the people impacted by them. Over the last decade, Collins has exploited mass media formats by recruiting participants from karaoke pop singers to former reality TV contestants for his work. Recent projects feature Marxist DDR teachers, Mexican soap stars or teleshoppers purchasing extreme experiences.

Is it possible to criticize the mass media while mimicking ist invasive techniques? To question the society of the spectacle with more spectacles? When artists work in conflict zones, are their works inherently political? Or are they part of a ‘patho-politics’ which marks not only the media coverage of wars but also humanitarian aid? Can contemporary art’s documentary turn be entertaining? Phil Collins – in conversation with frieze d/e editor Jennifer Allen – will explore how we have learned to regard the pain of others.

Frieze d/e #3

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Frieze d/e #3

Frieze d/e is a fully bilingual German/English magazine with its own editorial team and independent content. d/e stands for ‘Deutsch’ and ‘English.’ With editing and production based in Berlin, the new magazine offers in-depth coverage of contemporary art and culture throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland while closely following the international artist communities in this region.

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Mousse #28

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Mousse Magazine #28

In This Issue:
Kathryn Andrews, Art & the Web, Manon de Boer, Tony Conrad, France Fiction, Rob Johannesma, K8 Hardy, Tobias Kaspar, Morag Keil, Sung Hwan Kim, Letter to a Blind Man, Helen Marten, John Miller, Mike Nelson, James Richards, Ben Rivers, Eva Rothschild, Thomas Schütte, Gabriel Sierra, Javier Téllez, Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating IV , Fredrik Vaerslev, Gernot Wieland

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating: Why Mediate Art?
by Maria Lind / edited by Jens Hoffmann / artwork by Marysia Lewandowska

D 8€