Displayer #04.

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Displayer #04

Published by Karlsruhe University Of Arts And Design

The production of publicity, and in a wider sense of a public, is among the key strategies of any exhibition. Publications play a crucial role here. By editing and publishing the magazine Displayer, students come to better understand central questions of exhibition design and curatorial practice, and can make contact with authors outside the school. Displayer is a continuation of students’ practical and theoretical work in a public, published form. Historic and contemporary exhibitions, guest lectures and seminar projects can here be investigated in greater depth, with seminar themes worked through in interviews and by re-editing texts for publication. Following the seminar’s intensive investigation and discussion, the final publication itself becomes a kind of exhibition space for ongoing questions and concerns.

D 12€


Mousse #28

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Mousse Magazine #28

In This Issue:
Kathryn Andrews, Art & the Web, Manon de Boer, Tony Conrad, France Fiction, Rob Johannesma, K8 Hardy, Tobias Kaspar, Morag Keil, Sung Hwan Kim, Letter to a Blind Man, Helen Marten, John Miller, Mike Nelson, James Richards, Ben Rivers, Eva Rothschild, Thomas Schütte, Gabriel Sierra, Javier Téllez, Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating IV , Fredrik Vaerslev, Gernot Wieland

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating: Why Mediate Art?
by Maria Lind / edited by Jens Hoffmann / artwork by Marysia Lewandowska

D 8€