You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

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You and me and everybody. Erik Steinbrecher. + Motto Books.

Everybody is busy this Tuesday.

Size: 19 x 12
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-940524-40-2


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Kirsten Palz, 100 Works. Erik Steinbrecher.

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Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_1Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_2Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_3Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_4Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_5Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_6Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_7Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_8Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_9Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_11AKirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_12Kirsten Palz, 100 Works_Erik Steinbrecher_rakete.co_Motto_13

Kirsten Palz, 100 Works (2007-2014)

Read by Erik Steinbrecher



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Šunka Buch. Erik Steinbrecher. & Motto Books

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This book was published on the occasion of “Under the Tail of the Horse” —

Swiss contribution to the Prague Quadrennial 2015


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IN WINE. Erik Steinbrecher. Tafel-bild

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IN WINE. Erik Steinbrecher. Tafel-bild

16 pages 23 x 33cm
full colour


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Konkret. Erik Steinbrecher. Bookhorse

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Portfolio-like assembled reproductions of the artists’ work from the past twenty years. Mainly printed matter. Entirely an artist’s book.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Erik Steinbrecher, Books & Prints’ at Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich.

Author: Erik Steinbrecher
Publisher: Bookhorse
Date of publishing:
Language: -
Pages: 352
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783952339169


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BLUES. Erik Steinbrecher. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

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BLUES. Erik Steinbrecher. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

BLUES by Erik Steinbrecher is made of two booklets consisting of four identical loose pages, which are folded and assembled in different orders, resulting in new spreads.

It was published on the occasion of Steinbrecher’s exhibition UBER ALLES at Berlin’s Kunstbibliothek, a Staatliche Museum zu Berlin, which ran from 8. Novermber 2012 to 17. February 2013.

Size: 30 x 22 cm

D 18€

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Erik Steinbrecher. NEW PAINTINGS. Motto Berlin. Opening 02.03.2013

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Erik Steinbrecher
@ Motto Berlin
Opening reception 02.03.2013
from 7pm

Super Green Horn. Erik Steinbrecher. JRP-Ringier Special Edition.

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Super Green Horn. Erik Steinbrecher. JRP-Ringier Special Edition.

In 100 copies of his new publication, “Super Green Horn,” Erik Steinbrecher has inserted
grass between the front cover and the first page. The book is a product for the exhibition Graphic Detour at Stichting Nationaal Museum voor Grafische Vormgeving De Beyerd.

Design: Norm, Zürich and Erik Steinbrecher.
The book is signed and numbered in the inside back cover.

D 70€

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Erik Steinbrecher Trilogy

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Erik Steinbrecher Trilogy from left; Ital Thai Chinese and Paint, Möhren In Athen, Halli Galli

Erik Steinbrecher Zine Set contains:

Ital Thai Chinese and Paint, Erik Steinbrecher & Zuni Halpern

Ital Thai Chinese and Paint is a compilation of the first collaborative work by Zuni Halpern and Erik Steinbrecher. The booklet shows montages of photographs and paintings. All the photographed advertisings are collected in the streets. The paintings on paper are studio works. Both materials, views of fusion food and plates of abstract designs are melted. These “painted meals” can be considered as ornaments in the urban context of fast gastronomy and catering.

Möhren In Athen, Erik Steinbrecher

For his show Wind in Athens/Möhren in Athen Erik Steinbrecher left Berlin for Athens, his suitcase packed with carrots. The artist’s art odyssee began. His chosen site for an intervention was the National Archaeological Museum. During his visit in the collection Steinbrecher installed single carrots in the exposition spaces; close to sculptures and artfacts, on bases and behind walls. For this publication Steinbrecher overworked these documents making up the images with cancarrots.

Halli Galli, Erik Steinbrecher

After work artist Erik Steinbrecher every now and then takes a stroll around town. For this project he explored Zurich´s red-light district around Langstrasse with his camera in his pocket. He took photos of the advertising vitrines around the erotic-dance scene located there. A selection of these photographs of artistic dancers were then printed out and overworked by Steinbrecher.

Published by Nieves

D 16€

Erik Steinbrecher . Arabesque à gogo

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Erik Steinbrecher Arabesque à gogo

A project by the Swiss artist for his exhibition at Pasqu’Art in Bienne.

This book contains a series of images collected by the artist (barricades, barbed-wire enclosures, bamboo stockades, wood fences), illustrating the theme of frontiers and their limits.

Co-published with the Centre Pasq’Art, Bienne and JRP Ringier. Designed by Cornel Windlin.

Softcover, 240 x 314 mm
94 pages
Images 90 b/w

D 13€