The Kingsboro Press @ Motto Melbourne. 24.08.2012

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Including Becca Albee, David Armacost, Jordan Awan, Walter de la Mer, DX, Noel Friebert, Dmitri Hertz, Chip Hughes, GB Jones, Cat Kron, Melissa Levin, Greil Marcus, Nik Planck, Zephyr Pavey, Asher Penn, Jeremy Sigler, Algernon Charles Swinburne, William Wegman, Yan Yan, Seth Zucker & more

To accompany the launch of  THE KINGSBORO PRESS #8, Megan Plunkett presents FLORENTINE GARDENS, an exhibition of work by contributors Chip Hughes, Dmitri Hertz and Zephyr Pavey


Friday 24th August

5pm – 7pm

Motto Melbourne
15-25 Keele Street,
VIC 3066


David Brandon Geeting. Everything Gentle. Café Royal Books.

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Everything Gentle by David Brandon Geeting, Café Royal Books.

“Everything Gentle” is a phrase my mother always used when I was a kid,
implying that I should take it easy, as I am clumsy by nature. These photographs are a light,
no-stress meditation on balance, or lack thereof.

D 4.50 €

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BIG SALE + Jérémie Gindre + Alvaro Urbano @ Chert+Motto. Berlin. 25.08.2012

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Saturday August 25: Jérémie Gindre + Alvaro Urbano
Start 7pm

Jérémie Gindre, “Ric Rac & Sandwichsm” – an illustraded reading of two publications by the artist

Jérémie Gindre presents an illustrated reading of two of his last publications: “Ric Rac” (Chert+Motto) – a comic book adaptation of artworks about floods, landslides and swamps – and “Sandwichsm” (Rollo Press), an encyclopedic road trip that follows the tracks of whale watching, minimalism drawing, rock moving and lobster eating.
Multi-lingual compatible! (reading in French with German and English subtitles, plus many illustrations)

On the same evening, presented by Chert: opening of the outdoor exhibition by Alvaro Urbano
“Utopias are for Birds”

Utopia is a non-place, a good-place. Utopia is defined as an idyllic society with a legal system and socio-political ideals, a society living in harmony, between geographical dislocation and intellectual positivism. Many have been and will be, the failed attempts to reach that model.
Utopias are for Birds is based on a collection of utopian projects: architectural ideas that could not be carried out because of financial or constructional unfeasibility, leaving only drawings and diagrams for posterity.

The different birds’ nests are reproductions of drawings by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Archigram, Superstudio, Yona Friedman and others. Placed amongst the architecture of the building where the gallery is located, the works create a path from the street outside to the courtyards.

August 25th / Until winter comes

In the afternoon Motto will display items for sale in the courtyard, up to 60% off. Books, Magazines, back issues, display copies, back list titles. We need space to display new arrivals this fall and have worked a large selection of items that need to go! (START 2PM)

The Equation of Desire. Martin Soto Climent. Mousse Publishing.

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The Equation of Desire. Martin Soto Climent. Mousse Publishing.

The Equation of Desire is the outcome of Martin Soto Climent’s efforts to recognise, name and organise all the relevant and substantial aspects of his own life. Starting from this very personal standpoint, the research soon became an investigation into universal questions of life; it became a series of diagrams about the human condition and also a series of 366 photographs.

All of the photographs emerge from a similar process: Soto Climent rolls-up different pages of vintage photographic yearbooks in such a way that a new and surprising image arises. Being a combination of a number of pictures, the result is reminiscent of a collage, but with one essential distinction: the original pictures are not destroyed by being cut up, they are not even damaged by the act of rolling or other interventions, but just unravel back into their original shape after the shot. The whole process thus results in an ephemeral picture that will disappear again and only remains in the picture taken by the artist.

Pamphlet text in English
ISBN: 978-88-96501-64-1

D 28€

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Many Of Them Vol. 2: Days Of Being Wild

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Many Of Them Vol. 2: Days Of Being Wild

A limited edition (1000 copies) self-published magazine from San Sebastian.

Featuring: Cosmic Wonder, Comme des Garçons, Alaïa, Hannelore Knuts, Chanel, Dries van Noten, Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3, Limi Feu, Issey Miyake, Rock Owens, Theyskens’ Theory, Pelican Avenue, Adam Kimmel, Missoni, Swash, Undercover, Dior Homme, Lutz, Maurizio Amadei, Daniela Gregis, Paul Harnden, Jean Colonna, Geoffrey B. Small, Eatable of Many Orders, Bernhard Willhelm, Rosa Maria, Maison Martin Margiela, Bless, Christian Astuguevieille, Elena Ochoa Foster, Jamie Stewart, Owem Pallett, Raya Martin, Lucrecia Martel, Ariane Michel, Nicolas Provost, Kim Ki-Duk, and Isaki Lacuesta.

Printed: Color – Black & White
600 Pages

D 35€

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Khhhhhhh. Slavs and Tatars. Mousse Publishing / The Moravian Gallery.

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Khhhhhhh. Slavs and Tatars. Mousse Publishing / The Moravian Gallery.

A reconsideration of pedagogy, progress, and the sacred role of language via the perspective of a single pesky phoneme, [kh]. Khhhhhhh explores the thorny issues of knowledge versus wisdom and the immediacy of the oral versus the remoteness of the written word thru a fireside chat around sacred hospitality and Velimir Khlebnikov.

English and Czech
64 pages
23 x 31 cm

D 18€

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Paweł Althamer. Polyethylene. Common Task. Mousse Publishing.

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Polyethylene. Common Task by Paweł Althamer, Mousse Publishing.

Polyethylene. Common Task, published on the occasion of Paweł Althamer’s exhibition at Museion in Bolzano, is a visual and textual journey through the participatory processes that 
Polyethylene. Common Task, published on the occasion of Paweł Althamer’s exhibition at Museion in Bolzano, is a visual and textual journey through the participatory processes that inform the work of the Warsaw-based artist. Focusing on the sculptural outcome of his research as well as the developments of those social activities that play a key role in the artist’s work, the book also reports on the “invasion” of the Museum by twenty-five friends and neighbors of the Polish artist.
With texts by Sebastian Cichocki, Letizia Ragaglia, Andrea Viliani, along with hundreds of images, the book narrates “an adventurous exploration of the unexpressed potential that lies in human action and the real world, as launching pads for the voyage towards others and toward other, possible worlds” (Andrea Viliani).

D 30€

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Mirjam Wirz. Sonidero City / Mexico.

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Mirjam Wirz. Sonidero City / Mexico.

Double-sided poster, printed in Mexico City, 2010/2011
57 x 87 cm

D 12 €

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Stephanie Kiwitt & Ben Cain ( Launch ) + openings … @ Motto@WIELS ( 12/09/12 – 7pm )

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Stephanie Kiwitt shows her recent book Wondelgemse Meersen, published by Kodoji Press.

In photographic sequences of mud, destroyed dwellings, waste and rampant nature, the book describes the precarious, chaotic state of the marshes of Wondelgem, a wasteland that Stephanie Kiwitt photographed in the north of Ghent.

The book was created as part of the research project ‘De fotograaf in de stad’ at the School of Arts / KASK, Ghent.


Ben Cain – BY-Product

This book follows two days of collective work during which outcomes, even objects, were temporarily formed and disbanded, leaving behind exhaustion, rumour, and around three thousand photographs, some of which are shown in the pages of this book.

The term ‘collective’ refers here to a group of four dancers and myself– this group’s activity produced a series of objects that are at once fleeting and monumental. The intention was in part to use bodies and movements as the raw material for making the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as other forms –both messy and succinct- that relate to but also depart from those letters.

As objects, these products of action have special properties which are defined not only by their temporal appearance and their unsettled forms, but also, and more importantly by the fact that these objects are made by, and are comprised of thinking and feeling subjects.

Being negotiated by people, and comprised of people, or bodies, these objects are work, workers, and products, all bound in one irreducible form.

This book isn’t interested in recording single outcomes but rather all the action, the attempts, the ‘practice’ that takes place pre- and post- object.


The Wiels project room presents a new work from the artist in residenceLaura Wiedijk, developed during the last year, a spatial installation titled “Waver”.


In “Tenant”, the family home becomes the stage to re-enact a scripted dialogue that takes as a starting point a story about Mrs. Schumacher who was the lodger of the artist’s grandfather in Berlin during the Second World War. She was a communist and helped Vladimir Lenin travel from Switzerland to Russia in 1917 after the February Revolution broke out. The relationship between language and physical movements explores roles that these two elements play in the creation of knowledge and social relations.

The film by the artist in residency Grace Schwindt has been completed in 2012 is 82 minutes long and has been commissioned Film London Artists Moving Image Network and Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. The format is HD Video.

Terug Naar Af. Gerard Herman.

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Terug Naar Af. Gerard Herman.

Deeze publicatie kwam op de valreep tot stand, enkele dagen voor de opening van Un-Scene in Wiels, Brussel, donderdag 21 juni 2012, nadat een grote reeks andere tekeningen op mysterieuze wijze op de trein tussen Antwerpen en Moeskroen in rook opgingen. Alle tekeningen en gedichten zijn te lezen als lussen, waarbij het einde naadloos aansluit bij het begin.

This publication came about at the eleventh hour, a few days before the opening of Un-Scene in Wiels, Brussels, on Thursday June 21, 2012, after a fair amount of other drawings had vanished into thin air on the train between Antwerp and Mouscron. Each drawing and poem can be read as a loop, in which the end follows the start seamlessly.

D 11.00€

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