Phill Clatworthy. Help Your Self. Spark and Worthy.

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Help Your Self by Phill Clatworthy, published by Spark and Worthy.

Help Your Self is a humorous but sincere homage to the self-help genre.

Available in 4 different colours: Blue, beige, yellow and green. (Please specify in the order comments the colour preferred.)

D 9 €

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Frieze d/e #6 + Phil Collins @ Motto Berlin. 01.09.2012

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frieze d/e #6 launch @ Motto Berlin, starting at 7pm

Conversation between Phil Collins and Jennifer Allen, from 8pm in Chert Gallery.

A Conversation with Phil Collins about Love, Media and ‘Patho-Politics’ followed by refreshments, music and the first intense chats of the fall season

This sixth issue of frieze d/e features an essay by Mark Prince on painting space, an interview with Frank Stella and with Monika Baer, essays on the work of Latifa Echakhch, Seiichi Furuya and Phil Collins as well as reviews of documenta 13.

With an exhibition in Kabul, documenta 13 is the first major art exhibition to take place in a war zone. Yet long before the d13 artistic director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev initiated lectures and projects in Afghanistan, Phil Collins worked in conflict zones, from Ramallah to Baghdad, and with the people impacted by them. Over the last decade, Collins has exploited mass media formats by recruiting participants from karaoke pop singers to former reality TV contestants for his work. Recent projects feature Marxist DDR teachers, Mexican soap stars or teleshoppers purchasing extreme experiences.

Is it possible to criticize the mass media while mimicking ist invasive techniques? To question the society of the spectacle with more spectacles? When artists work in conflict zones, are their works inherently political? Or are they part of a ‘patho-politics’ which marks not only the media coverage of wars but also humanitarian aid? Can contemporary art’s documentary turn be entertaining? Phil Collins – in conversation with frieze d/e editor Jennifer Allen – will explore how we have learned to regard the pain of others.

Gastronomica #12:3, Fall 2012.

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Gastronomica 12:3, Fall 2012,  University of California Press.

The Journal of Food and Culture.

Combining a keen appreciation for the pleasures and aesthetics of food with the latest in food studies, Gastronomica is a vital forum for ideas, discussion, and thoughtful reflection on the history, literature, representation, and cultural impact of food. In each issue you’ll find provocative analyses, including the latest interdisciplinary research from noted scholars that considers the relationship between food and culture throughout the world. From news to techniques, design to reviews, poetry to prose, Gastronomica presents a mix of articles and features by culinary professionals, historians, architects, photographers, poets, artists, and others, and you can expect sumptuous images depicting the richness and vibrancy of food and our joy in preparing and consuming it.

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Neue Welt. Wolfgang Tillmans. Taschen

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Neue Welt by Wolfgang Tillmans, Taschen.

Over the period of more than two decades, Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. From snapshots of his friends to abstract images made in a darkroom without a  camera or works made with a photocopier, he has pushed the photographic process to its outer limits in myriad ways. For this collection of photos, his fourth book with Taschen, Tillmans turned away from the self-reflexive exploration of the photography medium that had occupied him for several years by focusing his lens on the outside world—from London and Nottingham to Tierra del Fuego, Tasmania, Saudi Arabia, and Papua New Guinea. He describes this new phase simply as “trying out what the camera can do for me, what I can do for it.” The result is a powerful and singular view of life today in diverse parts of the world, seen from many angles. Says Tillmans, “My travels are aimless as such, not looking for predetermined results, but hoping to find subject matter that in some way or other speaks about the time I’m in.”

The book features a fascinating conversation between the artist and Beatrix Ruf, director of Kunsthalle Zurich.

The exhibition “Wolfgang Tillmans. Neue Welt / Wolfgang Tillmans. New World” will be on show at the Kunsthalle in Zurich from 1 September to 4 November 2012.

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It was the streets that raised me, streets that paid me, streets that made me a product of my environment. Arne Schmitt, Andrzej Steinbach. Spector Books.

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It was the streets that raised me, streets that paid me, streets that made me a product of my environment by Arne Schmitt and Andrzej Steinbach, Spector Books.

Coming from a Hiphop and Punk/Hardcore background, the streets are the place where all our relevant references come together: music, skateboarding, graffiti, political action. The book thus combines self-taken photographs of our surroundings and found footage ranging from movie stills to reproduced magazines and record covers. Both layers are intertwined in a fictional script, formulating an attitude which links Leipzig in 2010 to the New York City of the late 80s, for example. The title „It was the streets that raised me, streets that paid me, streets that made me a product of my environment“ is a reference to what motivates our work: the streets of the city (in this work, Leipzig) as the setting – as well as our favored forms of subculture as the “soundtrack” of our artistic work. That is why it comes in a printed record sleeve; the content is totally pure, just pictures, while all information, similar to liner notes, are found on the sleeve.

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folio issue zero

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folio issue zero

offset print, full colour, saddle stitched.
Featuring artists and collectives Siân Robinson Davies, Bumf Collective, Ben Dawson
and Dead Photographers Project.
Every special edition includes 4 limited edition A5 size postcards by the featured artists.
Edited and published by folio in 2010. Edition of 1000. Special edition of 200/1000.

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issue zero, D 5€

issue one, D 7€

Hey Now! Jens Schildt. Colophon & Silver Fern Press.

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Hey Now! Jens Schildt. Colophon & Silver Fern Press.

The second in a series of octavo-sized publications dedicated to the typographical “And” and “&, this is a representation of found ampersands, photographed by Mr. Shildt. Design by Jens Schildt and David Bennewith.

4.25″ x 6.75″
16 pages
Edition of 300

D 6€

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And. William H. Gass. Colophon & Silver Fern Press.

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And. William H. Gass. Colophon & Silver Fern Press.

The first in a series of octavo-sized publications dedicated to the typographical “And” and “&,” this is a re-print of the literary critic’s famous 1986 essay on that essential conjunction. Design by Denise Bertschi with David Bennewith.

4.25″ x 6.75″
40 pages
Edition of 300

D 6€

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frieze d/e #6

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frieze d/e #6

Herbst / Autumn 2012

Bildräume / Painting Space
Interviews mit / with
Frank Stella & Monika Baer

Phil Collins, Latifa Echakhch, Seiichi Furuya

Rückblick Documenta 13 in Review

German / English
152 pages

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Pożegnanie Ze Swiatem. 19 Wiosen. Raster.

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Pożegnanie Ze Swiatem.

LP published by Raster 2010

Cover by Wilhelm Sasnal

watch a video

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