David Horvitz. Mood Disorder book launch @ Randy’s Donuts Parking Lot. Los Angeles. 17.10.2015

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AT 11:59 PM.

Xiu Xiu will have a gong to whisper into.*

Ed Steck will call in from Tampa Bay, FL and read poems over speaker phone.**

Michael Smoler will be telepathically reading poems from a donut store in London simultaneously with the launch.

Books will be sold for $15 us cash out of the trunk of my mom’s car. No receipts will be given.

* Xiu Xiu will buy dounuts for the first 21 people who whisper into the gong.

** Unless he falls asleep.

Mood Disorder documents the propagation of a photograph of David Horvitz across the internet. The image—a self portrait of the artist with his head in his hands, ocean waves crashing in the background—was initially uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, and placed on various Wikipedia pages. From there, the image began to circulate, appearing on over a hundred websites as a “stock” photo to illustrate articles on a wide range of mental health and wellness issues.

David Horvitz: Mood Disorder
With a text by Ed Steck. Co-published by Chert and Motto Books, Berlin. Designed by The Future.

35 × 25 cm
72 Pages, Staple bound
ISBN: 978-1-927354-23-0
First Edition (2015)

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5 PTOHOGRAHPIES — 40 × 28 CM, Paspier

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Paspier_white_02 Paspier_white_03 Paspier_white_04 Paspier_white_05 Paspier_white_08Paspier_white_06 Paspier_white_07


«5 PTOHOGRAHPIES — 40 × 28 CM» by Paspier

Consisting of five pictures, this big format portfolio presents the Ptohograhpies series Roches Mammifères — Dissimulaits, a naturalistic study of cheese in
the process of molding. In June 2014, the series got awarded the Berlin Art Prize for Best Concept.

The Ptohograhpies are origianlly from France and Englnad. They have been epxosed to the lihgt for the vrey frist time in 1812. Since then wtih a very sepcific tcehnique, they recorded in piostiv and nagetiv ways, imegas of objcets, persons, aminals, ladnscapes,
and ohter scenes…

Edition of 350

Price 45€

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distracted-reader #1 Mixtures: Xin Cheng and Allan Smith. split/fountain.

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distracted-reader #1 Mixtures: Xin Cheng and Allan Smith. split/fountain.

156 pages with drawings, photographs and texts by Xin Cheng, and drawings, photographs and texts by Allan Smith.

The title Mixtures comes from a 2011 Xin Cheng exhibition; in this publication Cheng mixes memories of a Chinese childhood with recipes for healthy eating, photographed pages of anthropology texts showing Mongolian Yurts, and knitted socks from Scandinavia, images of ingenious low-tech merchandising stands in Cambodia, drawings of stone walls, and a bread igloo.

Smith writes about the copiousness and fabricational inventiveness of Cheng’s practice, and about the accumulative materiality in the collages and architectural practice of ex-pat architect M.K. Smith.

Allan Smith’s ‘un-illustrations’ set old school ink drawing and comic-book sequencing to work on the textured ‘push and pressure’ of a densely textured world.

Language: English
Pages: 156
Size: 25 x 19 cm

Price: €18.00

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A feast is… Ida Marie Hede, Trine Friis Sørensen, and Ursula Nistrup (Eds.). Officin.

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A feast is… Ida Marie Hede, Trine Friis Sørensen, and Ursula Nistrup (Eds.). Officin.

A Feast Is… a collection of texts and images that speak about processes of creating, accumulating, questioning and experiencing.

The book includes contributions by 26 international artists, curators, writers, art historians and scholars:

Aeron Bergman, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Alejandra Salinas, Cecilia Aldarondo, David Bell, David Shrigley, Francesco Pedraglio, Harald Voetman, Ida Marie Hede, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Jeuno JE Kim, Jacob Lillemose, James Wilkes, Lene Asp, Linus Elmes, Lina Selander, Media Farzin, Mathias Kristersson, Mathias Kryger, Mikko Kuorinki, Miranda Trimmier, Nikolaj Recke, Paolo Plotegher, Sidsel Nelund, Trine Friis Sørensen, and Ursula Nistrup.

15.00 €

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Gastronomica 13:2. Melissa L. Caldwell (Ed.). University of California Press.

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Gastronomica 13:2. Melissa L. Caldwell (Ed.). University of California Press.

Summer 2013

Judith E. Fan Discovers Social Change in Peruvian Gastronomy

Kimberly Voss and Lance Speere Reveal Ethics in the Work of Female Food Journalists

Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis Examines the Landscape of American Food Allergies

Language: English
Pages: 86

16 €
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White Zinfandel # 4 : La Grande Bouffe. Jiminie Ha (Ed.). W/—— Projects.

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White Zinfandel # 4: La Grande Bouffe. Jiminie Ha (Ed.). W/—— Projects.

The Spring/Summer 2013 theme is “La Grand Bouffe,” based on the seminal French 1973 film directed by Marco Ferreri, in which food is “the last hope hidden in the despair of living.” Artists responded with loose interpretations that engaged with the rigor and discipline of pushing boundaries.

Contributors to the issue include Marina Abramovic, Agathe Snow, Aric Chen, Asger Carlsen, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Hans Ulrich Obrist + Simon Castets, Chris Burden, Daniel Gordon, David Horvitz, Davide Balula, Frédéric Malle + Sissel Tolaas, Ethel Rohan, Lucas Blalock, Luis Gispert, Luke Stettner + Carmen Winant, Nicole Wermers, Pete Deevakul, Raul Martinez, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, and Seth Zucker.

Language: English
Pages: 128
Size: 22.9 x 32.9 cm

20 €
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White Zinfandel #3: Food Fights. W/—— Projects.

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White Zinfandel #3: Food Fights. W/—— Projects.

Issue No. 3 / FOOD FIGHTS
FW / 2012

Since our last issue, we’ve observed the convulsions in the Middle East from afar and witnessed up close the incantations against Wall Street. Paired with the explosion of food as culture, with the elevation of our most basic necessity to a luxury good, this issue reflects an idiosyncratic year of massive change.

Cover painting:
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
Sticky Fingers, 2012

Special Edition Print:
Olaf Breuning

Special thanks to Alexei Tylevich, Logan, Adam Katz & Dina Pugh, Cyril Duval / Item Idem, Leif Hedendal, Victoria Gondra, Laura Dressler, MacGregor Harp, NADA, Dominic & Chris Leong, Fahad AlHunaif

Table of Contents

RUB YOUR FACE HERE… / Davide Balula
WORLD WAR 420! / Leonard Greco
CHINATOWN / Anonymous
LAST FEAST / Hunter Hunt Hendrix
UNTITLED / Nick Van Woert
JUST JOKING / James Gaddy
RED BEANS & RICE / Tom Sachs
DEMOISELLES / Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
KERAMIKOS2 / Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
CANAPÉS… / U. Grau & C. Goberna
LET ‘ER RIP / Maia Ruth Lee
GRAIN(S) of SALT / Ryland Wharton
BINARY SYSTEM / Darren Jones
FOURCHETTE / Daphne Fitzpatrick
THOMAS DEMAND / Friend & Colleague
JUNIOR SUITE / Thomas Demand
UNTITLED… / D. McDonald & P. Beckwith
TOILET PAPER! / M. Cattelan & P. Ferrari
CATCH & RELEASE / Suzanne Rivecca

Price: €20.00

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Gastronomica Winter 2012. University Of California Press

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Gastronomica – The journal of food and culture.
Winter 2012

Olivier bauer, Andrew Beahrs, Toby Binder, Robert Bradley, Andre Broomfield, Jennifer Bruns Levin, John F. Carafoli, Leo Collum, Darrin Duford’s, Barry Estabrook, Michael Friedman, Jennifer Griffiths, Elizabeth Hale, Henry Hargreaves, Michael Joyce, Rohan Kamicheril, Alison Kinney, Mark Lazenby, Jane Levi, Margaret Lincoln, Marco Marella, Mark Morton, Shax Riegler, Alisa Roth, Katherine Streeter, Amy L. Tigner, Vijaysree Venkatraman

Pages: 140
Size: 22 x 29 cm
Weight: 450 g


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Gastronomica #12:3, Fall 2012.

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Gastronomica 12:3, Fall 2012,  University of California Press.

The Journal of Food and Culture.

Combining a keen appreciation for the pleasures and aesthetics of food with the latest in food studies, Gastronomica is a vital forum for ideas, discussion, and thoughtful reflection on the history, literature, representation, and cultural impact of food. In each issue you’ll find provocative analyses, including the latest interdisciplinary research from noted scholars that considers the relationship between food and culture throughout the world. From news to techniques, design to reviews, poetry to prose, Gastronomica presents a mix of articles and features by culinary professionals, historians, architects, photographers, poets, artists, and others, and you can expect sumptuous images depicting the richness and vibrancy of food and our joy in preparing and consuming it.

D 16€

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Haute Food 1 – Milk Eggs Water.

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Haute Food 1 – Milk Eggs Water.

For its second print issue, Haute Food is Milk Eggs Water: three basic ingredients in the kitchen, three elements that symbolize the origins of life as well as three recurring elements in the avant-garde art movement of the early 1900’s.

Haute Food 1‘s spirit is infused with this movement without letting go of its evident obsession with nostalgia, 70’s savvy and particular sense of humor. Haute Food 1 features selected research material as well as original and archival works by invited artists. All contributors were given total freedom to interpret these three elements to their liking.

Haute Food 1 is fruit of the collaboration with:

Elena Page, Marco Braca, Mara Corsino, José Miguel Curet, Olivia Cartmill, Kuba Dabrowski, Lixx Díaz, Alison Dilworth, Miguel Figueroa, Radamés Figueroa, Nancy Gallardo, Roberto Greco, Maria Joao,
Caroline Kan, Nico Krijno, Riccardo Linarello, Rita Lino, Agatha A. Nitecka, Elena Pivetta, Isabella Sabbioni, Chaveli Sifre, Giulia Soldavini, Tatjana Suskic, Serena Toffetti, Lucio Vanotti.

Each copy is individually numbered by hand and is accompanied by an A3 double-sided poster (color or black and white) featuring a collage by Alison Dilworth and photography by Agatha A. Nitecka. Edited by Mara Corsino.

D 12 

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