FREELANCER. Zbigniew Libera. Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Raster

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. Zbigniew Libera. Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Raster

Published on the occasion of the exhibition: Zbigniew Libera Wojna. Obrazy martwe i ruchome
Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot, 20.09. – 27.10.2013

Essay by: Grzegorz Jankowicz
Edited by: Łukasz Gorczyca
Language: Polish, English
Design: Michał Kaczyński
80 pages, 29 photographs
24 x 16 cm, cloth hardcover
Print run: 400
Publisher: Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot, 2013
Producer: Raster, Warsaw

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Warsaw Modern. Czeslaw Olszewski. Fundacja Raster.

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Warsaw Modern by Czeslaw Olszewski, published by Fundacja Raster

This album of photographs by Czesław Olszewski is a unique cultural testament to the decade just prior to the outbreak of World War II. It is a fascinating voyage to the “Warsaw of the future” via the city’s modernist architecture.
The album is an attempt to revive the integrity of the Warsaw Architecture School of the interwar period. Yet it is also a narrative of the visionary modernist perspective, of how architecture creates a new spatial and aesthetic order, and how photography invokes an awareness of this order within us.
The album presents close to 300 archive photographs of selected architectural structures in Warsaw, including public buildings, residential estates and villas, as well as the modernised highways of the 1930s. These photographs were scanned from the original, glass negatives. When possible, the photographer’s original frames were restored on the basis of existing notes.
The album is preceded by an essay by Professor Marta Leśniakowska and Piotr Jamski, specialists at the Art Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). The text casts a closer look at the life and works of photographer Czesław Olszewski, and also explores the significance and specific character of architectural photography as a historical document.

Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 348

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Pożegnanie Ze Swiatem. 19 Wiosen. Raster.

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Pożegnanie Ze Swiatem.

LP published by Raster 2010

Cover by Wilhelm Sasnal

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Aneta Grzeszykowska. Love Book. Raster.

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Love Book by Aneta Grzeszykowska, published by Raster.

Photography is the amorous fetish par excellence, a fragment of the present that, like the relation between two lovers, links and realizes both the past and the future and, in doing so, deranges time altogether.” Eduardo Cadava

The primary medium in which Aneta Grzeszykowska works is photography. However, she treats it instrumentally, as a tool for the realization of advanced, artistic and ontological exercises. The artist is interested in the role photography plays in creating and documenting a personal identity. Therefore, in her film projects or doll sculptures, the human figure acquires the shape and aura of a marionette. One of the main topics of Grzeszykowska’s works is her own identity, with which she plays on many levels: by erasing her own figure from a family collection of photographs (Album, 2005), or by impersonating Cindy Sherman in her classic cycle Untitled Film Stills (2006). Some projects by Grzeszykowska – like the cycle of illusionist portraits of non-existent people (Untitled, 2006) – take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital image manipulation, while others use photography and film in a classic way by emphasizing the performative dimension of the artist’s activities. The motifs which she obsessively returns to in her works are absence, invisibility, disappearing, and the confrontation of body and thought with non-existence.

Teksty / Texts: Krzysztof Pijarski, Walter Seidl, in both English and Polish
Softcover with 143 pages.

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