The Witness, GAM/Torino

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The Witness by The GAM Underground Project. Torino.

A publication to accompany the exhibition All the Memory of the World at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin (The GAM). It aims to introduce the public to a selection of texts investigating the relationship between different historical methods, art and images. The book focuses on three main themes, which are divided into three different sections, each bringing forth a memory that has been ‘buried’ by a general aesthetic over-production. Images from the world’s history are observed through a ‘privileged moment in time’ in which the artist is identified as the only possible witnessto our present

Published by Archive Books

D 18€

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The Exhibitionist #2

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The Exhibitionist #2, Journal on exhibition making.
Published by Archive Books.

Tara McDowell, Matthew Drutt, Juan A. Gaitan, Aurélie Voltz, Constance Lewallen, Eva Díaz, Robert Storr, Jenelle Porter, Jane Simon, Mary Jane Jacob, Nato Thompson, Joshua Decter, Okwui Enwezor, Jack Bankowsky, Peter Eleey, Jens Hoffmann.

D 10€
Available for distribution.

Broken Away from Common Standpoints. Alicja Kwade.

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Brocken Away from Common Standpoints, Alicja Kwade.

Published by Mousse Publishing on occasion of the exhibition Alicja Kwade. Brocken Away from Common Points at Peep-Hole, Milan, March 25th-May 15th, 2010.

D 12€
Available for distribution.

9 Fine Local Bookstores @ Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010

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Motto is participating in ‘9 Fine Local Bookstores’ organized by Zine’s Mate during the Tokyo Art Book Fair starting from 30th July to 1st August 2010.

BooksActually ( Singapore )
Dashwood Books ( N.Y. )
Golden Age ( Chicago )
Keibunsha Ichijouji ( Kyoto )
Motto ( Berlin )
Ooga Booga ( L.A. )
Split/Fountain ( NZ )
Taco che ( Tokyo )
The Book Society ( Seoul )

Location : Vacant 2F
3-20-13 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Peep-Hole Sheet #05

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Peep-Hole Sheet #05 by Massimo Grimaldi

Peep-Hole Sheet is a limited edition quarterly of artists’ writings. The Summer 2010 issue presents an unpublished text by Italian artist Massimo Grimaldi, Snowblind

Published by Mousse Publishing

D 10€

Nico Vascellari. Mousse Publishing.

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Nico Vascellari, monograph published by Mousse on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition in Museion, Bolzano (5.6-29.8 2010), including hundreds of photos that capture the spirit of his cathartic performances—from Cuckoo to Gnawing My Own Teeth Behind A Closed Door—the intense hardcore concerts of his band, Lago Morto, and his sculptures and collages, as well as the places and objects that have inspired him, it winds up with a photographic catalogue that is a selection of covers from his extraordinary collection of record albums. The catalogue includes texts by Letizia Ragaglia and Andrea Lissoni in Italian, German, and English.

D 26€

Berlin Sampler – Le son de Berlin de 1904 à 2009, Théo Lessour

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Berlin Sampler – Le son de Berlin de 1904 à 2009, Théo Lessour

Sampler is a series of city music guides. It proposes new ways to see how music interacts with it’s suroundings, and new ways to discover a city. Berlin Sampler, the first of the series, was released in November 2009.

Music was an extremely important factor in the creation of the berlin identity. But it is strangely very often forgotten in many of the books about the city, and the knowledge of Berlin music history is most of the times way smaller than the one on art, movies, architecture… This book offers keys to listen to the city of expressionism, dada, silent movies, cabaret, Bauhaus, hyperinflation, nazi and communist dictatorship, cold war, Airlift, 68 riots and student protest, alternative movments, fall of the Wall and Love Parade. It helps discover music pieces that were often forgotten and put the famous ones in a new light, that shows the inner breathing of the city through history. : dada sound poetry, electronic music in the 30’s, german swing under the third Reich, free radical music from 68, DDR punk, the genius-dilettant movement of the 80’s, and the minimal techno…. there are many creatures in the berliner Zoo.

Ollendorff & Desseins Publishing

D 14€

80*81, Volumes 1-4

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Volume One: What Happened?

Including BLITZ by Derek Ridgers, Rosetta Brooks in ZG magazine, Zeitleiste: January 1980 and December 1981, The Beginning of the Green Party, William S. Burroughs and Andy Warhol at the Chelsea Hotel, Slavoj Žižek / Interview, Alain Badiou on Jacques Lacan, Eric B. Mitchell / Interview, Excerpt from René Ricard’s The Radiant Child, Robert Longo / Interview

D 19.50€


Volume Two: California über alles

Including Ear by Isa Genzken, Tatum O’Neal & family by Brad Elterman, Playlist by DJ Hell, two more films, Giorgio Moroder / Interview, Paul Schrader  / Interview, Timeline: February 1980, October Surprise, also by Gary Sick, Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr/ Interview, Hello America / The Presidents, JG Ballard, Timeline: November 1981

D 19.50€



Volume Three: Mao III

Including Triangle, Trois Femmes by Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal, Interview Don DeLillo, J.G. Ballard, My Father, and Me by Mei-Lun Xue, Timeline: March 1980 and October 1981

D 18€



Volume Four: u2 – 4u + 8 = 0

Including Wolfgang Pauli, Viktor Kortschnoi, Max Bill, Andy Warhol, CG Jung, Angela Bulloch, Robert Fludd, Charles and Ray Eames, Dan Graham, Bob Wilson, Alexander von Schlieffen, Richard Feynman, Samuel Beckett, Aylin Langreuter/Christophe de la Fontaine, Mario Juruna, Niels Bohr, Pope John Paul II, Kasimir Malevich, Oskar Schlemmer

D 20€


Edited by Georg Diez and Christopher Roth, Published by Edition Patrick Frey

All texts in English

Stolen Works of Art, Olivier Lebrun

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Stolen Works of Art by  Olivier Lebrun

This Catalogue, is a compilation of 124 works of art collected on the Interpol website on may 21st, 2010. They’re classified by Interpol as “Recent Stolen Works of Art” and reproduced here with their administrative number as caption. The process of transformation from stolen artworks to low-file jpeg reproductions, means a dematerialization of the physical pieces which exist now as a data collection. The publication uses the replication of these datas, as a tool for reinterpretation of a collection and therefore, an exhibition in this 130×200mm space

D 16€
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Available for distribution

Chimurenga #9-13

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#9 Conversations in Luanda and Other Graphic Stories

#10 Futbol, Politricks & Ostentatious Cripples

#11 Conversations with poets who refuse to speak

Features a heady mix of words and images that give voice to silence. So much has been said about speech: speaking up, speaking for oneself, not being allowed to speak, speaking for the other who’d rather speak for self, but very little is said about the virtue of silence. So much said about making oneself visible, but little said about mining the rich depths of absence. This issue is about silence, disappearing oneself as act. Though it’s often one of abdication, could it be defiance, resistance even? – a challenging idea, in a culture where struggle about seeking exposure, giving voice, making visible and all that stuff…

#12&13 Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber

#12 : An all-faxion issue on black technologies no longer secret.
Featuring words and images by Allan “Botsotso” Kolsky, Koffi Kwahule, Joao Barreiros, Olufemi Terry, Doreen Baigaina, Stacy Hardy, Akin Adesokan, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, JG Ballard, Emmanuel Dongala, Blank du Blanc, Jean Malaquais, Liesl Jobson, Peter Kalu, Dominique Malaquais, Basim Magdy, Jean Lamore, Femi ?Rage? Dawkins, James Sey, Minette Vari, Teju Cole and Rana Dasgupta.

#13 : 13 documents the (un)making of: Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber (Louis Chude-Sokei; Victor Gama); Mannenberg (John Edwin Mason; Abdullah Ibrahim); The Last Angel of History (John Akomfrah and Edward George and BAFC); Les Saignates (Jean-Pierre Bekolo Obama); Les Saignantes 2 (Lionel Manga), SAPE (Baudouin Mouanda); a painting (Pume Bylex); Julumbu (Abu Bakarr Mansaray); Palestinian Walls (Eyal Weizman); Beaubourg (Luca Frei) and Slackers like Nkrumah and Sartre (Shirana Shahbazi, Tirdad Zolghadr and Faouzi Rouissi).

D 13€
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