2012 Calendar, Körner Union/Maximage and T. Rihs

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2012 Calendar

Edition of 300, 48,5 x 69 cm, offset, 4 pantones

This 2012 calendar is made of photograms directly composed on offset plates. This unusual and experimental technique allows to print perfect fades without using any raster.
Objects, things and animals were selected and arranged by students, during a workshop at ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne, held by Körner Union/Maximage and T. Rihs, assisted by Olga Prader.
Printed at ECAL by Benjamin Plantier, 2011
20 CHF

For now: only available at Motto Zürich

Boa Books. new titles.

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Grand Massif
Jérémie Gindre

43 pages, 28.9 x 20.4 cm
Docutech First Edition
ISBN 978-2-940409-21-1

CHF 15 / € 12 / $ 18


A form that’s neither geometric nor organic would be a great discovery
Tatiana Rihs

A form that’s neither geometric nor organic would be a great discovery, est une phrase de l’artiste américain Donald Judd.
Tatiana Rihs organise dans ce receuil 43 citations visuelles qui forment une constellation de pistes de recherches autour de la notion de géométrie organique aux travers du temps.

45 pages, 28.9 x 20.4 cm
Docutech, First Edition
ISBN 978-2-940409-19-1

CHF 15 / € 12 / $ 18

Published by Boa Books. Geneva.

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