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@shouseRCA and @shousetanlin are two publications from their respective Twitter accounts. Each account was one of the two voices of the statementhouse (temporary title) built at the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.

The house “spoke” in two ways. One was that of the arrangements of texts and ordinary situations that punctuated its daily life through the action of the two curators Sophie Oxenbridge and Katie Reynolds (@shouseRCA). The other voice was that of poet Tan Lin, echoing it remotely from New York (@shousetanlin).

The two voices answered and prompted each other.

TBOOK is a fictitious publishing house that proposes to transform the Twitter scroll into a book form.

Author: Jean-Pascal Flavien, Tan Lin

Publisher: TBook; Motto Books

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ARC #18. Royal College of Art.

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ARC #18. Royal College of Art.

This Issue of Arc, The royal college of art’s student-led Magazine, carries an accent.
It is about personnal voice and how things are spoken both and off the page.
The Magazine have Been edited, designed and filled by current student by across the college, with special commissions by artist and writers who have, in some ways, inflected those studying by way of saying or seeing.


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Ark : Words and Images from the Royal College of Art Magazine 1950-1978

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Ark : Words and Images from the Royal College of Art Magazine 1950-1978

Ark : Words and Images from the Royal College of Art Magazine 1950-1978 is an Anthology of the magazine Ark. It Includes original materials from Ark magazine selected and introduced by students on the critical and writing about art and design MA programme at the RCA today. Also featured in full colours, alle the Ark Magazine’s cover and index of their’s contents.


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After Butler’s Wharf. Critical Writing, Royal College of Art.

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After Butler’s Wharf, Critical Writing RCA.

After Butler’s Wharf presents a series of critical perspectives on the economic, artistic and political histories of this landmark London building, including: a catwalk commentary on 1975’s Alternative Miss World with photographs by Richard Young; a fictional conversation between Sir Terence Conran and Mr Butler, the founder of the Wharf; an interview with artist Kevin Atherton; archival investigations into the rich, unwritten history of 2B Butler’s Wharf, a film and live art collective which included John Kippin and David Critchley; a letter to the late Stephen Cripps, pyrotechnic sculptor and Butler’s Wharf resident; and an excerpt from an unpublished interview with Derek Jarman.

Cloth bound hardback, 136 pages.

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ARC #17

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Arc #17 compendium, Critical Writing RCA.

The Arc 17 compendium brings you the three editions of the journal made in 2012 and 2013.

17.1: RURAL takes on the interchange between rural and urban practice, with contributions from Ruth Beale, Brian Dillon, John Akomfrah and Ute Meta Bauer. 32 pages.

17:2 CROSSINGS tackles the idea of the polymath in contemporary culture, with texts by Chris Kraus, David Morris, Joe Kerr and many more. 36 pages.

17.3: ADAPTATION focuses on methods and processes relating to appropriation and adaptation in literature, art, design and architecture. It counts Yves Lomax and Teal Triggs among its contributors. 36 pages.

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Useless: New Writing in Art and Design. Royal College of Art.

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Useless: New Writing in Art and Design. Royal College of Art.

Graduating students from the Royal College of Art’s new Critical Writing in Art and Design MA programme present their first collaborative publication — a collection of essays that work to deconstruct the idea of uselessness within a diverse range of ideas, projects, interviews and stories. These works, which provide a multitude of perspectives on the theme, form an object that spans topics across art, product design, architecture, literature, radio, information technology and more.

Freire Barnes | Anna Bates | Jigna Chauhan | Nicola Churchward | John Dummett | Jeanette Farrell | Natalie Ferris | Clo’e Floirat | Elizabeth Glickfield | Charmian Griffin | Christina Manning-Lebek | Peter Maxwell | Dora Mentzel | David Morris | Jonathan P. Watts

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Royal College of Art
Language: English
Product dimensions: 210 x 130 x 15 mm
Design: Pedro Cid Proença
Cover illustration: Fabienne Hess.

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Ritual Without Myth. Royal College of Art.

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Ritual Without Myth. Royal College of Art.

Designed by Rustan Söderling and edited by Lily Hall and Laura Smith, the catalogue for Ritual without Myth features a series of short essays that contextualise the practice of the artists in the exhibition, and provide insight into their diverse approaches to ritual, as well as their embodiment and subversion of dominant myths.

Interspersed throughout the catalogue, a visual essay expands upon these written narratives through a series of images and quotations, including images from the Warburg Institute’s Photographic Collection, London, that reinforce and open out existing connections between the exhibited works.

The catalogue is accompanied by a full-colour insert with photographic documentation of the exhibition.

Printed by Art Quarters Press, the Ritual without Myth catalogue is printed on Cyclus Offset 100% recycled paper manufactured from 100% de-inked waste at Dalum mill.

Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-907342-31-8

D 9€

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Shadowboxing. Royal College of Art

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Shadowboxing. Royal College of Art

Shadowboxing is a set of four booklets published on the occasion of the Royal College of Art exhibition, also titled Shadowboxing, to make visible the processes of discussion, collaboration and production between artists and curators at different moments between February and June 2011. Contributions take the form of artists’ commissions, interviews and conversations with relevant people from the cultural and political field, as well as essays by the curators.

Issue 1
The dialogue prompted by Giorgio Agamben’s text ‘What is an Apparatus?’ has been central to the development of SHADOWBOXING. Issue 1 reproduces this text including questions posed to the four artists as part of the invitation to collaborate with the CCA students and Marysia Lewandowska’s annotations, which reflect her reading of the text in response to the invitation.

Issue 2
SHADOWBOXING has developed as conversations have unfolded between the artists and curators. What has transpired from this approach over the past months is an exploration of the different ways in which artists enact critique within certain parameters, and an awareness of the paradox: how can one challenge forces that have become so internalised that they are indistinguishable from one’s own shadow? Issue 2 reflects through images and texts the research and the production process of SHADOWBOXING. It also includes the exhibition guide and the programme of events and film screenings.

Issue 3
The act of publication, as defined by the writer Matthew Stadler, constitutes a deliberate political strategy, which enables the formation of a public space through an ongoing circulation of ideas, texts and conversations. Much in line with his thinking, Publication is conceived as a snapshot of the unfolding dialogues that have shaped and continue to inform SHADOWBOXING. The contributions in this issue reflect upon the boundaries between private and public spaces, and how these can be tested or made contingent.

Issue 4/5
A Structure that Wants and To be Another Structure has been conceived as a double issue, where the content of the publications run in parallel. As a whole it both reflects, and confronts the terms used throughout SHADOWBOXING. It includes a text by Wendelien van Oldenborgh and interviews with Lis Rhodes and Rainer Ganahl.

Issue Four/Five is edited by the graduating students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, 2011 and is designed by James Langdon.

D 15€


Arc #15: The Impossible. Royal College of Art Students’ Union

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Arc #15: The Impossible. Royal College of Art Students’ Union

Issue 15 of Arc, the art and design publication designed and produced by current postgraduate students at the Royal College of Art, is edited by Charmian Griffin and designed by Hannah Montague. The front cover illustration by V&A Student Illustration Award 2011 winner Mike Redmond, editorial contributions, as well as design, all explore ‘The Impossible’. David Morris, a student on the RCA’s new critical writing course, considers on the opportunity contained in the rhizome, artist Yelena Popova on a potential Mars landing and a studio visit by students to the realm of painter and RCA alumnus Sir Peter Blake, this latest issue captures the visual arts practice and thought of the moment. The issue also includes contributions from graphic novel legend Alan Moore, Paola Antonelli, Design Curator for New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Chad Hurley, the founder of YouTube.

68 pages

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