Useless: New Writing in Art and Design. Royal College of Art.

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Useless: New Writing in Art and Design. Royal College of Art.

Graduating students from the Royal College of Art’s new Critical Writing in Art and Design MA programme present their first collaborative publication — a collection of essays that work to deconstruct the idea of uselessness within a diverse range of ideas, projects, interviews and stories. These works, which provide a multitude of perspectives on the theme, form an object that spans topics across art, product design, architecture, literature, radio, information technology and more.

Freire Barnes | Anna Bates | Jigna Chauhan | Nicola Churchward | John Dummett | Jeanette Farrell | Natalie Ferris | Clo’e Floirat | Elizabeth Glickfield | Charmian Griffin | Christina Manning-Lebek | Peter Maxwell | Dora Mentzel | David Morris | Jonathan P. Watts

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Royal College of Art
Language: English
Product dimensions: 210 x 130 x 15 mm
Design: Pedro Cid Proença
Cover illustration: Fabienne Hess.

D 10 €


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