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@shouseRCA and @shousetanlin are two publications from their respective Twitter accounts. Each account was one of the two voices of the statementhouse (temporary title) built at the Royal College of Art in London in 2015.

The house “spoke” in two ways. One was that of the arrangements of texts and ordinary situations that punctuated its daily life through the action of the two curators Sophie Oxenbridge and Katie Reynolds (@shouseRCA). The other voice was that of poet Tan Lin, echoing it remotely from New York (@shousetanlin).

The two voices answered and prompted each other.

TBOOK is a fictitious publishing house that proposes to transform the Twitter scroll into a book form.

Author: Jean-Pascal Flavien, Tan Lin

Publisher: TBook; Motto Books

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Tan Lin (artist talk) @ Motto Berlin. 19.02.2013

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Tan Lin @ Motto Berlin. 19.02.2013
Talk 8pm (sharp)

The Powerpoint of Reading and other videos.

Tan Lin will be reading and screening selections from a number of videos and Powerpoint video works, including Bibliographic Sound Track, the Ph.D Sound, Dub Version, and Eleven Minute Painting. The various videos explore communications platforms such as Twitter, SMS, status updates, IM chats, programming languages, video game walk-throughs, the couplet, and the Powerpoint slide, as they affect reading, attention spans, and genre. The screening event performs an audience’s reading in an environment that has absorbed everything next to it in the room – from bibliographies to the smell of wet spanghum peat moss, the perfume Wet London Pavement, Glade Everglade Air Freshener and the music of New Order and Lucky Dragons.

Tan Lin is the author of over ten books, most recently, of Heath Course Pak, Bib. Rev. Ed, Insominia and the Aunt., and 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004 The Joy of Cooking. He is the recipient of a 2012 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, a Getty Distinguished Scholar Grant and a Warhol Foundation/Creative Capital Arts Writing Grant to complete a book on the writings of Andy Warhol. He is working on a sampled novel, Our Feelings Were Made By Hand. He is an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at New Jersey City University.

A proposition from Jean-Pascal Flavien, Natalie Czech and Westphalie Verlag

(image courtesy Ludlow 38)