[theatro]. Maria Lalou. Onomatopee

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[theatro] is a rhythmical reading experience, a 5,5 meters long transcript of a seminar performance, reflecting it’s original pulse and duration. [theatro] expands on the notion of ’view’ (‘thea’ in Greek, where the word ’theatre’ comes from). The word ‘view’ is also the root of the word ‘theory’ [coming from the junction of the words ’thea’(=view) and ‘oro’( =to perceive)]. Aiming towards theory as practice, [theatro] is a new work of Lalou in the form of a book written in two languages Greek and English.

Introduction by Alena Alexandrova

Graphic design : Yin Yin Wong / Werkplaats Typografie
Size closed 12 x 16 cm, open: 49.3 x 16 cm (leporello)

Edition of 500


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[theatro]. Maria Lalou’s Book Launch & Exhibition @ Motto Berlin 19.11.2015

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Questioning the physicality of space and the meaning of an object within its relation to a viewer, I tend to intertwine the viewer’s visual memory and imagination by repeating previous moments of an experience. The architectonic theatre features various objects and [theatro] expands on the notion of ‘view’ (‘thea’ in Greek, where the word ‘theatre’ comes from). The word ‘view’ is also the root of the word ‘theory’ [coming from the junction of the words ’thea’(=view) and ‘oro’( =to perceive)]. Intending the theory as practice, Ι composed [theatro] as an act of theory, asking ‘Does a de-construction of a composition inquire or does it request a knowledge of the past?’

[theatro] is a rhythmical reading experience, a 5.5 meters long transcript of a seminar performance reflecting it’s original pulse and duration. It is based on the seminar performance “PUZZLE”, that took place at FROWN, Athens initiated by Maria Lalou, consisted of Katerina Drakopoulou [A], Maro Zacharogianni [B], Maria Lalou [O], Mirrored Glass Object [X] and a live-feed camera. In this work Maria Lalou uses two software platforms for writing. Powerpoint for the pre-fabricated text and a live performed text on ‘Word’, both projected on the screen from her computer. [theatro] is verbatim transcription of the piece with several functions. Next to the documentation of the PUZZLE performance and a manual reading, it also serves as a script for the play, ‘I AM A ‘Φ’.

During the book launch in Motto Lalou will introduce the work with the lecture performance ‘theatre of consciousness’ a work based on a critical text that Lalou has written in 2013 for the academic press ‘activate’ published in London prior to the idea of [theatro]. The performance’ theatre of consciousness refers to the seen and the seer through an analysis that places the audience in a central position and as a core thematic of ‘the seen’.

[theatro] is published by Onomatopee launched primary in Eindhoven at Lalou’s solo exhibition ‘a spect’ during June 2015. The publication is designed in collaboration with Yin Yin Wong/Werkplats and includes an introduction to the work by Alena Alexandrova.

[theatro] leporello will be installed in its full length from the 19th November in the vitrines of Motto accessed through the public space. Lalou is producing a limited edition of prints of the floor plan ‘archetype’ which is one of her basic tools for this series of work, to will be installed in the exhibition space.

Maria Lalou is an artist born in Athens in 1977. She works with the science of objects – containers, spatial installations, film and accumulated performances, developing context as of extensions of architecture. Lalou’s specialization at glass science has been evolving in contextualizing aspects of mass / surface / space/ time /duration in the sphere of cognition by challenging the bodily experience and questioning alignment of the vertical and horizontal, disposition and disorientation. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Fine Arts and from Technical University of Athens in Architecture, Design of Space – Object and Constructive Arts. She has been researcher at DasArts Amsterdam and an invited resident in e- mobilArt program for Interactive Artists. Lalou’s works have been shown amongst others in the Contemporary Art Museum of Thessaloniki during the 2nd Biennale of Thessaloniki, in ‘Technopolis’ Industrial Museum of Athens and at ‘Living Spaces’-2nd Contemporary Art Festival in Damascus, ‘Manobra’ Festival in Sao Paolo Brazil. She has been in collaboration with institutions as the E-Engineering of the Hogeschool of Amsterdam as an external adviser, with Roehampton Univesity in London as a writer on a post academic journal and an invited lecturer by Rijksacademie Studios in Amsterdam in 2012. For more info visit: http://reaction-lalou.com

Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love. Natasha Bodrozic and Irena Boric (ed.). slobodne veze / loose associations, Onomatopee

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Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_1Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_9 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_8 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_7 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_6 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_5 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_4 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_3 Politics_of_Feelings_Economies_of_Love_Natasha_Bodrozic_Irena_Boric_slobodneveze_loose_associations_Onomatopee_Motto_Distribution_2


Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love – Project by k.r.u.z.o.k. Edited by Natasha Bodrozic and Irena Boric


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One + 1. Daniel Eatock. OMP76

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One + 1 by Daniel Eatock

a database of One + 1’s
in images
in words
a text by Marie-Anne McQuay
a poster

Project manager: Freek Lomme
Editors: Daniel Eatock, Sebastian Campos, Marie-Anne McQuay, Freek Lomme
Text: Marie-AnneMcQuay
Graphic design publication: Sebastian Campos
Printed at Lecturis

D 7€

Dark and Stormy, Onomatopee 53.1

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Dark and Stormy, Onomatopee 53.1.
Contributors: Bart de Baets, Remco Van Bladel, Richard Brautigan, Italo Calvino, Friedrich Jürgenson, Ilja Karilampi, Jens Lekman, Freek Lomme, Jack London, Wong Kar-wai, Henry Miller, Charles M. Schulz, Pruane2forever, Tom Schiller and Rustan Söderling.

D 3€
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OMP 39. Gert-Jan Prins – A cavity: the capacitive version

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Onomatopee #39
Gert-Jan Prins. A cavity: the capacitive version
D 30€

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Onomatopee #30.3 – A Task for Poetry #3: Some of that Colour
D 15€


Onomatopee #29 – Rondom (All around the periphery), Jack Segbars
D 15€


Onomatopee #34 – Method, Dick Raaijmakers
D 15€

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Sliding the Slow Split. OMP 14

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Sliding the Slow Split by Navid Nuur. Published by Onomatopee.


During his working period at the Cacaofabriek, Navid developed an artistic signature that grabbed Onomatopee’s attention. Titles of works should function, according to Navid, both as a literary designation of meaning as of a visual addition to this conceptual stance. This was Navid’s working challenge. Navid figured out a way how he could play with the text’s ink by spraying water on the text, on the canvas. The ink of the text would flow downward, leaving layers of ink in different colours behind. Black ink, for example, contains multiple colours of witch some flow further down then others. A flowing colour radiance is what resides on the canvas.

The combination of both text and visual appearance make this publication suiting to Onomatopee. Besides this reason comes that Navid is a great guy.

D 15€