[theatro]. Maria Lalou. Onomatopee

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[theatro] is a rhythmical reading experience, a 5,5 meters long transcript of a seminar performance, reflecting it’s original pulse and duration. [theatro] expands on the notion of ’view’ (‘thea’ in Greek, where the word ’theatre’ comes from). The word ‘view’ is also the root of the word ‘theory’ [coming from the junction of the words ’thea’(=view) and ‘oro’( =to perceive)]. Aiming towards theory as practice, [theatro] is a new work of Lalou in the form of a book written in two languages Greek and English.

Introduction by Alena Alexandrova

Graphic design : Yin Yin Wong / Werkplaats Typografie
Size closed 12 x 16 cm, open: 49.3 x 16 cm (leporello)

Edition of 500


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