Nazi Knife #8

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with contributions by Jonas Delaborde, Leon Sadler, Tony Jeffrey (aka Tonetta), Hendrik Hegray, Guy Mercier, Jamie McNeill, Julien Carreyn, Denise Kupferschmidt, Jacques Noel, Lee Scratch Perry, Oblivia, Misha Hollenbach, Alexandre Jacquet, Spencer Clark, Dennis Tyfus, Melissa Brown, Captain Cavern, Brenna Murphy, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Heath Moerland, Jeff Hartford, Mathieu Malouf, Roope Eronen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola & Max Eisenberg

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T.O.1 (cassette special edition)

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Black Cassette Tape, handmade printed fabric case, riso printed
paper cover, DL code.
Limited to 40 copies.

1st self-released EP of Tot Onyx, T.O.1 is a collection of fragments of Onyx’s live performances from recent years (mainly 2023), recorded in her studio as part of her creative process during the preparations. While her albums are highly conceptual and revolve around specific subjects, this EP serves more as her annual report, in which she aims to share with the public how her thoughts are shaped by time through the practice of performing live.
released February 2, 2024

Recorded and mixed by Tot Onyx in Berlin, DE.
Mastered by Koshiro Hino in Osaka, JP.
Artwork by Tot Onyx.

  1. (Ever Get The Feeling) You’ve Been Cheated? 03:44
  2. Naked Repugnance 03:24
  3. Mutilation pt.2 02:39
  4. Carnival of Anxiety 05:05
  5. Sasshobun, Shori 05:12
  6. Mutilation pt.1 02:00
  7. Karma 02:58
  8. Feeding The Enemy 04:33

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Toyota Corona (Vinyl)

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Toyota Corona
3 LPs

was made during – and is the result of – confinement
it is a film without images, it is a home-made film,
and my home is Berlin,
it is the soundtrack of a period
during which some activities were stopped and in the silence left behind,
have given way to other sounds, other machines,
animals too,
many animals..
and then events, news,
in short a generalized feverishness.
And as it is written somewhere on the sleeve :
no story
no movie
released May 30, 2023

master by rashad Becker
lacquer-mastercut by andreas (LUPO) Lubich
featurings: claudius, dorit Chrysler, thomas Jocher
label: Loud Loud

  1. intro/nitropeu 00:54
  2. restructured / part 1 01:28
  3. restructured / part 2 (he wants, she doesn’t) 02:04
  4. interlude – Martinville 1860 03:14
  5. une taille 40 une taille 41 c’est moderne 02:12
  6. snake Plissken 04:05
  7. A4 02:39
  8. underground nostalgia 05:45
  9. does music imitate or speak to wolves? 03:37
  10. [— _ _ [birds]] 02:48
  11. skipping billie 03:12
  12. exhale exhale 01:27
  13. polyuréthane 02 13:09
  14. polyuréthane 03 10:22
  15. the comet Rosetta is speaking loud and clear to some frogs in India 05:50
  16. A3 is twice a A4 05:18
  17. Indiana Creek was full of indians 05:25
  18. [— [birds]] 05:08
  19. plane and drone [master and slave] 02:57

Author: Franck David

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Screening Exercises – Quaderni (I-IV)

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“Screening Exercises” is a cycle of screenings, meetings and seminars that looks at film projection as the focus of the research of some contemporary artists and as its specific and structural element, revealing the performative aspect of cinema. The first edition happened in Venice between October and December 2022.

“Screening Exercises – Quaderni (I-IV)” collects the proceedings of the meetings with the artists and essays on theoretical insights. The protagonists of the first four exercises are the artists Helga Fanderl, Sílvia Das Fadas, Jan Kulka and the scholar Rinaldo Censi.

“Screening Exercises” and their “Quaderni” are curated by Flavia Mazzarino and Filippo Perfetti.

“Screening Exercises” è un ciclo di proiezioni, incontri e seminari che guarda alla proiezione cinematografica come fulcro della ricerca di alcuni artisti contemporanei e come suo elemento specifico e strutturale, mostrando l’aspetto performativo del cinema. La prima edizione si è svolta a Venezia tra ottobre e dicembre 2022.

“Screening Exercises – Quaderni (I-IV)” raccoglie gli atti degli incontri con gli artisti e saggi di approfondimento teorico. I protagonisti dei primi quattro esercizi sono gli artisti Helga Fanderl, Sílvia Das Fadas, Jan Kulka e il ricercatore Rinaldo Censi.

“Screening Exercises” e i relativi “Quaderni” sono curati da Flavia Mazzarino e Filippo Perfetti.

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Claudius Wagon Lit (Cassette)

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1.kuru 01:36
2.hedge 02:03
3.le départ 01:13
4.lagno 01:02
5.machine sex 01:05
6.surge 02:51
7.anthropophage 01:38
8.scherben 03:10
9.happier than the morning sun 02:04
10.glasmensch 05:20
11.vanishing twin 00:48
12.brume 01:53
13.candor,my tepid friend 03:29
14.uruk 01:53
15.hinken 02:05
16.kiki watt 02:42
17.topor 01:13
18.tiqqun 02:47 is done 01:24
20.daliah 02:08
21.restructured II 02:53
22.decapitated forms 02:57
23.lidschlag 01:55
24.second coming 01:26
25.gehende berge 01:09
26.metanoia / k-hole 03:10
27.leisesprecher 02:28
28.detruire 02:06
29.fear of heights 01:44
30.vapeur 04:32
31.nissodia 01:18
32.zufall und notwendigkeit 01:03
33.hekatombaion 01:04
34.niurgun bootor 02:35
35.last dream 02:35
36.owl 02:01
37.purge 02:26
38.the sun goes down 01:24
39.mars bar 96 nyc live 04:32
40.kauai’O’o 01:25
41.body doubles 04:10

released December 25, 2023

all tracks claudius 2023
cover art by edgar degas
featuring franckDavid on restructured II
lazara rosell albear plays sheng on glasmensch
recorded and mastered at e12 studios berlin

Author: Claudius

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You wanted it darker

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Thank you:

Team Glassbox
Amelie Lucas-Gary
Mathilde Belouali-Dejean
Maximilien Pellet
Mylene Audibert-Lebon

Louis Gary, 2020

Signed by the artist

Author: Louis Gary

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Post California

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Post California, a project led by an ex-member of A V G V S T, uses samples of distorted pop music, vaporous layers and exaggerated, almost noisy sound treatments to produce a sort of after new wave. Their music is at times shaken by nervous beats, at other times drowned in streams of ambient and sprinkled with flashes of industrial.
Post California’s second album, View from a View, is a collection of six tracks based on random sampling, collage, and hypnotic synth and guitar micro-loops, wrapped in reverb and damaged by compression.

Soleil of Persian Square design screen-printed on organic cotton t-shirt.

Available in sizes L and XL in black and gray colors

Music by Post California
Artworks by Pierre La Police, from the Parpalate series
Design by Myriam Barchechat /
Limited edition cassette, printed and duplicated at La Fabrique du Nouveau Printemps, Toulouse 2023

URGENCE MORT SUBITE was composed for Nicolas Milhé’s video installation Milton, 2020.
I Saw a Rope in Your Eye was composed for Laura Gozlan’s video installation Mold II, 2014.
Omninight Technologies contains samples from Edward Levy by A V G V S T, 2012.

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Девочки и институции

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Героини «Девочек и институций» работают в государственных учреждениях культуры. Это особый мир, похожий на морок, стремящийся навязать свои непрозрачные законы каждой и каждому, кто попал туда. Жалобы в департамент, подотчетные мероприятия, квартальные премии, отчеты и выговоры составляют основу повседневности этого мира. Девочки здесь — вторичный элемент системы, на котором, впрочем, вся эта система и держится. С системой они вступают в сложные и нередко созависимые отношения: живут по ее законам, иногда бунтуют, иногда подчиняются, скорбят, радуются и танцуют, уходят и возвращаются. Дарья Серенко попыталась описать этот мир девочек и институций, чтобы сделать хор сотен девочек различимее за привычным шумом госмашины и официальной культуры. «Девочки и институции» — точный портрет эпохи, в которую мы живем, портрет, написанный с невидимого раньше ракурса.

Author: Дарья Серенко

Publisher: No Kidding Press

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Harvey Keitel

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Un fanzine de Hendrik Hegray au format A3, incluant photographie, collage et illustration

Author: Hendrik Hegray

Publisher: Hendrik Hegray

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Belong to Me

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Vibrational Semantics Series

Vibrational Semantics explores the voice’s ability to shift seamlessly between signification and sorority, from speech sound to noise. Questions of linguistic ambiguity, embodied voicing and feeling/meaning are investigated in relation to the place and presence of the performed voice.

The project is part of Samuel Brzeski’s ongoing artistic engagement with Lydatgalleriet, involving several newly commissioned text works curated by Samuel and commissioned by Lydgalleriet.

Author: Daniela Cascella


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