European Tour for Yes, But Is It Edible? 6-15.03.2015

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European Tour for Yes, But Is It Edible?
The music of Robert Ashley, for two or more voices

New Documents is pleased to announce a series of seven launch events in conjunction with the recent release of Yes, But Is It Edible? The music of Robert Ashley, for two or more voices, edited by Will Holder and Alex Waterman.

For the launches, Holder and Waterman will read duets from Dust and Celestial Excursions, two of Ashley’s later operas. Please join us as we celebrate what has been a book seven years in the making!

March 6: Glasgow
Friday, 7 pm
Tramway (w/ LUX Scotland)
25 Albert Drive, G41 2PE

March 7: Leeds
Saturday, 2 pm
Leeds Library (w/ Pavilion)
18 Commercial St

March 8: London
Sunday, 3.30 pm
Café Oto
18-22 Ashwin St
£5 / £4 Advance

March 10: Paris
Tuesday, 7 pm
Fondation Lafayette
46 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie

March 11: Brussels
Wednesday, 7 pm
La Loge
Kluisstraat / Rue de l’Ermitage 86

March 13: Amsterdam
Friday, 7 pm
De Rode Bioscoop (w/ Kunstverein Amsterdam)
Haarlemmerpln 7

March 15: Berlin
Sunday, 7 pm
Motto Books
Skalitzer Straße 68

Vajiko Chachkhiani / Bom Dia Books @ Motto Berlin. 26.02.2015

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Vajiko Chachkhiani / Bom Dia Books @ Motto Berlin. 26.02.2015
from 7pm

With a conversation between the artist, Vajiko Chachkhiani and the curator Ory Dessau.

“BOTH” is an artist book published on the occasion of Vajiko Chachkhiani’s 2014-2015 exhibition at the Museum für Gegenwartkunst Siegen.

Divided into ten chapters, the book reflects the circular
course of the Siegen exhibition which is divided into ten rooms.
Each chapter of the catalog corresponds to a room.

Chachkhiani’s poems are printed on a different paper and have
been inserted into each chapter, unbound, underscoring the
unique quality of this publication.

Vajiko Chachkhiani, born 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia,
lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Daniel Marzona.

Ory Deassau, born 1979 in Tel Aviv, is a curator
and art critic based in Berlin.

Published by Bom Dia Boa Noite Boa Tarde
with texts by Rein Wolfs, Ory Dessau, Ines Rüttinger
150  × 215 mm, 184 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-943514-32-2
designed by Studio Manuel Raeder

CATCHING FIRE POSTER SET. Dan Bodan + Alberto Troia

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CATCHING-FIRE-POSTER_SET_Dan_Bodan_Alberto_Troia_0311 CATCHING-FIRE-POSTER_SET_Dan_Bodan_Alberto_Troia_0312 CATCHING-FIRE-POSTER_SET_Dan_Bodan_Alberto_Troia_0313


This last summer after completing his new album, ‘Soft’, Dan Bodan asked Munich based artist Alberto Troia (Kyselina) to choose a song and interpret it as a series of images. The result is a limited edition collection of 3 wall posters depicting Troia’s unique take on the song ‘Catching Fire’. With the kind participation of DFA Records, the posters will be made available to Europe exclusively through Motto Distribution.

The Posters come packaged with a digital download code for SOFTY SOFT Vols 1,2,3, a series of radical reworkings of tracks from the album by the likes of Lotic, KABLAM, E+E, MCFERRDOG, vetran producer Howie B. and more.

3 posters
edition of 50
Published by DFA Records
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Casting Jesus. Christian Jankowski. Edition Taube

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Casting Jesus


Christian Jankowskis erstes Künstlerbuch bei Edition Taube basiert auf der gleichnamigen Videoarbeit „Casting Jesus“ aus dem Jahr 2011.

Es zeigt eine 3-köpfige Jury aus Vertretern des Vatikans, die in einer Art Casting-Show aus 13 professionellen Schauspielern den perfekten Jesusdarsteller auswählt.

Die renommierte Jury setzt sich zusammen aus dem Vatikan-Priester Monseñor José Manuel del Rio Carrasco, dem Kunstkritiker der vatikanischen Zeitung ‚L’Osservatore Romano‘ Sandro Barbagallo und dem Journalisten und Geschäftsführer der Kommission für Filmbewertung der italienischen Bischofskonferenz Massimo Giraldi.

Unter ihren kritischen Augen absolvieren die Kontrahenten verschiedene Aufgaben, wie zum Beispiel das Brot zu brechen, ein Wunder zu vollbringen, das Kreuz zu tragen oder aber auch das dramatische Darbieten von bekannten Jesus-Zitaten.

In mehreren Castingdurchgängen im römischen Complesso Santo Spirito in Sassia verdichtet sich das Bewerberfeld nach und nach bis am Ende ein strahlender Sieger fest steht. Die Performance konnte Video-Livestream kann ein separates Publikum von 300 Zuschauern das Casting verfolgen.

Das Buch beinhaltet neben zahlreichen farbigen Abbildungen eine Predigt von Karl-Eugen Fischer, sowie Texte von John Beeson und Dirk Rustemeyer.

Die ersten 20 Bücher der Auflage sind als Special Edition mit einem signierten Unikat-Print erhältlich.


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Composition. Jochen Lempert. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König

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IMG_0015 copy IMG_0013 IMG_0012 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0008 copy

This publication is published on the occasion of an exhibition of Jochen Lempert curated by John Rasmussen and organized by Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis and co-presented with the Rochester Art Center, Rochester.

Text by Chris Sharp


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Gagarin #29

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gagarin_29_09gagarin_29_08 gagarin_29_01 gagarin_29_02 gagarin_29_03 gagarin_29_04 gagarin_29_05


The Artists in their Own Words

with original texts by
Valentin Carron
Chiara Fumai
Erik Van Lieshout
Oscar Murillo
Goshka Macuga
Leo Copers
Jananne Al-Ani
Sven ‘t Jolle

The Artists in their Own Words

is a recent artist’s magazine (°2000), entirely dedicated to thepublication of especially written and unpublished texts by artists whoare now working, anywhere in the world. Each issue contains a number ofartists’ writings, if possible from an equal number of countries. Thetexts are published in their original language and alphabeticalwriting, with unabridged translations in English added. Advertising andvisual material are deliberately kept out. In collaboration with theResearch Centre for Artists’ Publications / Archive for small Press& Communication (ASPC) at the Neues Museum Weserburg in Bremen(Germany), GAGARIN features a supplementary Index of Artists’ Writingspublished world wide. GAGARIN is indexed in Art Biography Modern ABM byCambridge Scientific Abstracts, Oxford, UK. GAGARIN is aimed at thosewho do not tend to wait until everything is accepted and synthesisedand those who are prepared to leave the road to search for stimulatingart and ideas while they are still fresh. GAGARIN does not restrictitself to a particular period or import and runs trough the codes thatare applied in the world of art. Its orientation is artistic,documentary and historical. GAGARIN also aspires to provide an accuratesource of information about the collaborating artists, using their ownwords.


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Pierre Leguillon – Le Tapis (Fair Use). WIELS, Roma Publications

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Le_tapis_Pierre_Leguillon01Le_tapis_Pierre_Leguillon02Le_tapis_Pierre_Leguillon03Distributed on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Museum of Mistakes: Contemporary Art and Class Struggle’, conceived by Pierre Leguillon and bringing together works he has created over the last fifteen years from reproduced images, this folding brochure/poster continues in this spirit by mimicking the economy of means and autonomy of images Leguillon deploys in his work. It proposes an exhibition model that attempts to foil or declassify the hierarchies of art, as each work is informed by a principle of movement, or even reversibility, and reflects a perpetual process of emitting and receiving information, spurring us to rethink the conditions of the reception of art.


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Rossella Biscotti – For the Mnemonist, S. – WIELS + Roma Publications

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Rossella-Biscotti-02 Rossella-Biscotti-03 Rossella-Biscotti-04 Rossella-Biscotti-05

For her first solo exhibition in Belgium, acclaimed Italian artist Rossella Biscotti draws a trajectory across spaces that evoke important historical processes and links them to the sciences of the mind. This book, published in conjunction with the exhibition, follows this example by interweaving narratives in relation to the concrete and discrete architecture of memory, dreams, and ideas. While revisiting sites of punishment, the gathering of works embodies the ability of the human mind to resist oppression, tracing individual destinies or collective endeavours through a combination of materials, language, and scientific techniques. With a text by Adam Kleinman. Design: Louis Lüthi.


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Nobody owns the beach, David Horvitz

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Poster by David Horvitz
46 x 61 cm


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5 PTOHOGRAHPIES — 40 × 28 CM, Paspier

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Paspier_white_02 Paspier_white_03 Paspier_white_04 Paspier_white_05 Paspier_white_08Paspier_white_06 Paspier_white_07


«5 PTOHOGRAHPIES — 40 × 28 CM» by Paspier

Consisting of five pictures, this big format portfolio presents the Ptohograhpies series Roches Mammifères — Dissimulaits, a naturalistic study of cheese in
the process of molding. In June 2014, the series got awarded the Berlin Art Prize for Best Concept.

The Ptohograhpies are origianlly from France and Englnad. They have been epxosed to the lihgt for the vrey frist time in 1812. Since then wtih a very sepcific tcehnique, they recorded in piostiv and nagetiv ways, imegas of objcets, persons, aminals, ladnscapes,
and ohter scenes…

Edition of 350

Price 45€

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