GOD DAMMIT!. Kahil Janssens. Möbius Publications.

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The book is the result of an intensive quest for the sources of evil in the world of faith. For mankind faith is expected to function as a source of hope, joy of life and consolation. It should guide man on his journey from womb to tomb. Up on closer examination this idea doesn’t agree. Man has become a victim of manipulative techniques, mental as well as physical. Official religions and cults alike attempt to tie men by every possible mean. The more one delves into the records, the clearer it becomes that these activities are executed in the name of a divine being—if it exists at all. This book is an attempt to admit the reader through words and pictures into the labyrinth of methods what gullible victims are subjected to.

Author: Kahil Janssens
Publisher: Möbius Publications
Language: dutch/english
Pages: 354
Binding: Softcover


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MICHELLE GRABNER: I WORK FROM HOME. David Norr, (Ed.). Mousse Publishing.

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The reference monograph on the American artist Michelle Grabner, this volume offers an expansive look at an artist whose body of work and sphere of influence continue to gain recognition. Published on the occasion of the the artist’s retrospective at the MOCA Cleveland, the book documents works from the last 20 years, positioning the studio as core to a remarkably diverse output—paintings, drawings, prints, videos, and sculptures. Considering Grabner’s pursuit of art making, criticism, and curating as inextricably linked, this publication seeks to highlight the distinctive values and ideas that drive Grabner’s practice: woking outside of dominant systems, working tirelessly, and working across platforms.

Author: David Norr (Ed.)
Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 200
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788867490950
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An Artist With Six Legs. Superflex. Kunsthal Charlottenborg

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An artist with six legs-motto-1An artist with six legs-motto-2An artist with six legs-motto-3An artist with six legs-motto-4An artist with six legs-motto-5An artist with six legs-motto-6An artist with six legs-motto-7

An Artist With Six Legs

An artist with six legs, 253 works, 20 years, 8 curators, 1 exhibition is the catalogue of the exhibition «Working Title: “A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX”» held at Kunsthal Charlottenborg from 13 December 2013 to the 2nd of February 2014.

Describing their projects and works as tools, to be activated and often even changed, by the viewers, the users, XXXXXXXXX’ versatile artistic practice is distinguished by a continued interest in exploring social, political and cultural conditions. XXXXXXXXX makes up their own rules, humorously and intelligently challenging conventions about things like copyright, power structures, design and economy. Throughout their career a distinguishing trait of their modus operandi has been to collaborate with other artists and experts.

Author: Pernille Abrethesen (Ed.)
Publisher: Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Language: danish/english
Pages: 335
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 8798788944976


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The Body Decides. Franz Erhard Walther. WIELS-CAPC.

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the body decides-motto-1the body decides-motto-2the body decides-motto-3the body decides-motto-4the body decides-motto-5the body decides-motto-6

The Body Decides

A pop up book for adults, this catalogue on the work of Franz Erhard Walther sought its inspiration in the artist’s work in order to determine the publication-form that might most appropriately convey the centrality of action to the artist’s oeuvre. The performativity at the heart of Walther’s more than a half century long practice is underscored through the appearance of six brightly coloured elementary pop up forms spread throughout the book.

Author: Franz Erhard Walther
Publisher: WIELS-CAPC
Language: English
Pages: 116
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783863355135


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A Scent Of Danger. Kahil Janssens. Möbius Publications

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A scent of danger-Motto-1A scent of danger-Motto-2A scent of danger-Motto-3A scent of danger-Motto-4A scent of danger-Motto-5A scent of danger-Motto-6A scent of danger-Motto-8

A Scent Of Danger

An essay about ritual with texts by Jon P. Mitchell, Richard Schechner, Tracey Warr, Dawn Perlmutter. Concept and design by Kahil Janssens.

Author: Kahil Janssens
Publisher: Möbius Publications
Language: English
Pages: 188
Binding: Softcover

35 €

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Bookstores from Tokyo @ Motto Berlin. 22.03.14 – 05.04.14.

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Bookstores from Tokyo

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks; a project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo:

Archipelago Books

Book Apart

Book Storage

Nostos Books

Snow Shoveling

Accompanying the publications is a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.

The project is conceived and curated by Jun Harada.


Permafo 1970-1981. Wroclaw Contemporary Museum. Motto Books.

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First published in Polish in 2012 on the occasion of the exhibition Where is PERMAFO? at Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (30 November 2012- 4 February 2013)

Date of publishing: Nov 25, 2013
Language: English
Pages: 456
Size: 30.5 x 22.5 x 3.5
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788363350093

Price: €29.80
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James Langdon. A School for Design Fiction. Spector Books

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A School for Design Fiction

A school for design fiction was convened on 8 November, 2013 at Gallery for Contemporary Art, Leipzig. This itinerant school employs the curious genre of ‘design fiction’ to assert storytelling as the primary function of design, assuming that every artefact has the potential to express the character of the culture that produced it. This publication documents and expands on the founding of the school through a series of imagined scenarios. These include a drama at the printer for architect Augustus Pugin in 1836, the history of the universe as observed on an English hillside in 1937, the first human trial of split brain surgery in California in 1961, and a Scottish speech synthesis studio in 2013.


Eine „Schule für Design Fiction” wurde am 8. November 2013 in der Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig gegründet. Diese wandernde Schule beschäftigt sich mit dem obskuren Genre der „Design Fiction”: Geschichtenerzählen wird hier als die Hauptaufgabe von Gestaltung angesehen und zwar unter der Prämisse, dass jeder Artefakt das Potential hat, etwas über die Kultur auszudrücken, in der er produziert wurde. Das Buch dokumentiert und erweitert die Schulgründung durch eine Serie imäginärer Szenarien: ein Drama, das der Architekt Augustus Pugin mit einem Buchdrucker 1836 erlebt, die Geschichte des Universums von einem englischen Berghang aus im Jahr 1937 betrachtet, die erste neuchirurgische Split-Brain-Operation an einem Patienten in Kalifornien

Author: James Langdon
Publisher: Spector Books
Language: English/Deutsch
Pages: 128
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783044669274


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BOOKSTORES from TOKYO @ Motto Berlin. 22.03-05.04.2014

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Japanese books and stationery fair @ Motto Berlin
Saturday 22 March – Saturday 5 April 2014
Opening on 22 March – from 5 pm

Five independent bookstores from Tokyo are coming to Berlin:

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks. A project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo, run by young owners in their 20s to 30s, as well as a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.


KRISIS @ bruno. Venezia. 22.03.2014

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KRISIS @ bruno
Esposizione e presentazione di Krisis | Orientation

22.03.2014 — 29.03.2014
Tuesday – Friday h 10 — 19
Monday + Saturday h 15 — 19

22.03.2014 / h 18 — 20

29.03.2014 / h 18 — 20

C\o bruno
dorsoduro 1621/A,
calle dell’Avogaria
30123 – Venezia

Krisis | Orientation è dedicato alla crisi dei modelli orientativi e al crescente senso di disorientamento. Da sempre l’uomo ha cercato di costruire un proprio orientamento all’interno del mondo che abita. La complessità della realtà e l’immensa quantità di stimoli a cui siamo sottoposti richiede una costante selezione di informazioni ritenute utili: la costruzione dell’orientamento è dunque un’attività principalmente eliminativa. Questa operazione di framing della complessità è stata veicolata nel tempo dal linguaggio lineare (sotto forma di narrazioni e miti), da sistemi di classificazione (prevalentemente di tipo tassonomico), da rappresentazioni grafiche (atlanti, guide e mappe), ecc. Nel corso degli ultimi decenni questi modelli sono entrati in crisi: il crollo delle grandi narrazioni preclude la costruzione di un immaginario collettivo condiviso, i sistemi di classificazione dinamica rendono obsoleti i modelli tassonomici, gli atlanti e le guide stanno lasciando il posto a sistemi di navigazione on demand.
La crisi dell’orientamento nasce dalla complessità delle correlazioni tra numerose emergenze diverse, il cui effetto più visibile è una complessiva tendenza alla frammentazione, alla individualizzazione, alla selezione, alla separazione, alla monetarizzazione del contesto sociale e ambientale. I paradigmi di orientamento diventano circoscritti, limitati, incapaci di costruire visioni ampie e condivise. L’accelerazione progressiva dei fenomeni limita la capacità di produrre orientamento dall’esperienza vissuta e accresce la necessità di informazioni e indicazioni provenienti dall’esterno.
In questo scenario diventa cruciale ripensare al disorientamento come un’esperienza che possa essere una fonte di rinnovamento per nuove pratiche d’orientamento.