Dérive #54 – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung. Christoph Laimer, Elke Rauth (Eds.)

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Christoph Laimer, Elke Rauth
– Public Spaces. Resilience & Rhythm:
Resilience, rhythm, and public space. Shaping robust environments
Aglaée Degros, Sabine Knierbein, Ali Madanipour
The role of users in processes of urban resilience : the career of Manhattan’s Pier 84
Stéphane Tonnelat
The Polykatoikia – Resilience and variability in space and time
Richard Woditsch
Im Reich der Wunder. Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
Nikolai Roskamm
And the Street Goes on: Everyday Acts of Resilience in Budapest
Ian Cook
Istanbul – City of Risk. Public space planning for risk mitigation
Susanne Prehl, Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri
Prishtina: shifting experiences of places in a ‘post-conflict’ city
Karin Norman
– Kunstinserts:
World´s End
Martin Krenn, Barbara Holub, Paul Rajakovics
– Magazin:
Lob der Brandstifterin
Thomas Ballhausen
Physical Disorder oder Urban Culture? Ein ethnographischer Essay über Architektur, Graffiti und Überwachung
Robert Rothmann
Straßenbeobachtungen: Das Smartphone im Stadtalltag
Peter Neitzke
– Serie: Geschichte der Urbanität:
Die Stadt als Archipel der Kapseln (Teil 2)
Manfred Russo
– dérive – Radio für Stadtforschung:
S.O.S ST. PAULI – Die Essohäuser und das Recht auf Stadt

– Besprechungen:
… „hinter dem nylonvorhang“? Architektur und Urbanismus Südosteuropas
Iris Meder
Der Raubzug in Berlins Mitte
Claudia Krieg
Los Angeles oder das Ende der Vergangenheit
Nicole Theresa Raab
Haltung und Handlung zugleich
Elisabeth Haid

Language: English-Deutsch
Pages: 68
Size: 28 x 21 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €8.00

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Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley. Giovanna Silva (Ed.). Mousse Publishing.

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Giovanna Silva, ed.
Text by Angelo Del Boca and Giovanna Silva

The book Libya: Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley is part of a series of publications about nations at war, or in crisis; conceived by Giovanna Silva, they tell the stories of different countries through photographs of their multifaceted landscapes. In the case of Libya, Silva has attempted to outline the architectural structures built by Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime that were demolished during the recent revolution. Her journey started from Benghazi—the first epicenter of the revolt, as a city that had always been hostile to Colonel Gaddafi—and culminated in Tripoli, inside the bunker-barrack of Gaddafi’s residence. In this construction and de-construction of Gaddafi’s personality, Silva creates a parallel narrative relying on archival pictures she has collected over the years, depicting everything from a young Gaddafi surrounded by the politicians he did business with for years (who would later turn their backs on him), to images of his death, when he lay bleeding and knocked to the ground just like the architecture that embodied his ideals. The publication includes a conversation between Giovanna Silva and Gaddafi biographer Angelo Del Boca, who knew, inside out, just who the real Gaddafi was.

Language: English / Arabic
Size: 11 x 15 cm
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788867490929

Price: €20.00
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Editionshow. Raster, Chert, Motto. Berlin. 05.12.13-15.02.14

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Editionshow. Chert, Raster & Motto, @ Chert / Motto. 06.12.2013 – 15.02.2014


Frozen Chicken Train Wreck. Laurence Hamburger. Chopped Liver Press / Ditto Press.

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These posters exist for a day. They are conceived in the newsrooms of our tabloid dailies – The Star, The Sun, The Times and others – in the late afternoon, as the paper is being put to bed. Just hours later they are visible along the roadside of every major arterial road in the city.
These tabloid posters – candid and often outrageous epigrams of news – have been displayed along this road since the First Anglo-Boer War. They live momentarily in the minds of passing drivers and pedestrians, and by midnight they are already defunct.

I began collecting South African tabloid posters in 2008 with no other purpose than to preserve them. I thought they were funny, clever and true. Composed in a local vernacular of shebeen English, these statements are part of the texture of our urban fabric; so familiar as to almost disappear. Loud and colourful, tough and sharp, replete with a droll wit and blunt gallows humour, their blatant iconoclasm and muscular use of language is invigorating and oddly reassuring. The newspapers themselves were not keeping an archive, and however ephemeral they might seem I thought there was a relevance in them that was not being recognised; something uniquely South African.

Driving down Louis Botha Avenue, the rhythmic flash of passing headlines reads like a journalistic version of the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. It’s an alternative history of the city, a tabloid summary of our age. Constructed from political sound-bites, public innuendos, colloquial bon-mots and hard, bitter truths, they read like an everyman’s state of the nation address, full of comedy and antagonism.

“They are,” as one of the copy editors remarked, “the perfect marriage of a corrupt society and a progressive constitution.”

– Laurence Hamburger

Language: English
Pages: 208
Size: 19 x 27 cm
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780957161221

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In-Between Things. Giacomo Santiago Rogado. Studio Rogado.

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Language: English-Deutsch
Pages: 320
Size: 24,5 x 18,5cm
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783033042261

Price: €38.00
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Language to Cover a Page. Kristen Mueller. Motto Books / & So.

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Language to Cover a Page. Kristen Mueller. Motto Books / & So.

Working within a lineage which encompasses Joseph Kosuth’s Purloined (in which the author assembled a single novel from individual pages of different books), Tom Phillips’s A Humument (in which the author creates a new narrative by drawing on top of existing pages) and Ronald Johnson’s Radi Os (in which the author erases words from Milton’s Paradise Lost to create a stirring new poem), Mueller has done more than simply “compose the holes.” With Language to Cover a Page, Mueller has carefully aligned excerpts from disparate books—with differing typefaces intact—into two evolving pages. These pages crescendo before our very eyes, a flipbook of accumulating meaning, where with the passing of every page the narrative becomes aware of its own developing presence. —Derek Beaulieu (excerpt from text insert accompanying the book)

Language: English
Pages: 316
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-940524-09-9


Price: €22.00
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Steven Warwick (Heatsick). Interiors. Publication launch @ Motto Berlin. 15.01.14.

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Steven Warwick (Heatsick) Interiors. Publication launch @ Motto Berlin.

Join us for the launch of ‘Interiors’ by Steven Warwick, published by Motto Books. Steven’s recent LP under his Heatsick alias, RE-ENGINEERING, alongside other releases from PAN and many other labels will also be available.

Wednesday 15th January

Motto Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
im Hinterhof
10997 Berlin


Zicatela Ding. Yann Gerstberger. éditions P.

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Zicatela Ding. Yann Gerstberger. éditions P.

Un projet de / a project by Yann Gerstberger
Photos de / by Julien Goniche
Textes de / texts by Laetitia Paviani et / and Lili Reynaud-Dewar
Conception graphique par / graphic design by Adulte Adulte
Florent Faurie & Daniel Ribeiro

Language: English / French
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-917768-35-8

15 €

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n.paradoxa vol. 33: Religion. Katy Deepwell (Ed.). KT Press.

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n.paradoxa vol. 33: Religion. Katy Deepwell (Ed.). KT Press.

vol 33 2014: Relgion

‘Editorial’ pp. 4

Ayelet Zohar
‘Yayoi Kusama: The Jewel, the Mirror and the String of Beads’ pp. 5-15

Lou Cabeen
‘Artists pages: ‘Public Display” pp. 16

Barbara Kutis
‘Confronting Catholic Ideals: Elzbieta Jablonska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Dorota Nieznalska’ pp. 17-25

Zehra Jumabhoy
‘Of Voyages and Vetiver: A Conversation with Zarina Hashmi’ pp. 26-31

Oreet Ashery
‘Artists Pages: ‘Party for Freedom” pp. 32-37

Mathilde ter Heijne
‘Artists Pages: ‘Experimental Archaeology: Goddess Worship” pp. 38-43

Paula Levine
‘Artists Pages: ‘as if the laws were malleable” pp. 44-47

Lieke Wijnia
‘The Last Supper: Marlene Dumas, Mary Beth Edelson and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’ pp. 48-56

Judy Batalion
‘Helene Aylon in conversation’ pp. 57-66

Mirjam Westen
‘Almagul Menlibayeva: ‘Women always bring problems to religions…’’ pp. 67-72

Michelle Moravec
‘Performing Prehistory: Would you rather be a goddess or a cyborg? Cheri Gaulke and Anne Gauldin’s ‘Malta Project” pp. 73-84

Julian Vigo
‘Sturtevant: On Religion/Sacrilege’ pp. 85-91

‘Female Power’ (Arnhem, MMK, 2013)’ pp. 92-93

”The Beginning is Always Today’ (Saarlandets Museum, 2013)’ pp. 94-95

Language: English
Size: 21 x 26 cm
Binding: Softcover

11 €

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Making Worlds. Amelia Barikin & Helen Hughes (Eds.). Surpllus.

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Making Worlds. Amelia Barikin & Helen Hughes (Eds.). Surpllus.

Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction is an anthology of new texts by artists, curators, art historians and writers who are self-confessed science fiction fans. The linking point is the idea of science fiction as a platform for the building of alternate art histories. This collection is concerned with the ways in which science fiction might be performed, materialised or enacted within a contemporary context.

Edited by Amelia Barikin and Helen Hughes, with contributions by: Adrian Martin, Amelia Barikin, Andrew Frost, Anthony White, Arlo Mountford, Brendan Lee, Charles Green, Chris McAuliffe, Chronox, Damiano Bertoli, Darren Jorgensen, Dylan Martorell, Edward Colless, Helen Hughes, Helen Johnson, Justin Clemens, Lauren Bliss, Matthew Shannon, Nathan Gray, Nick Selenitsch, OSW, Patrick Pound, Philip Brophy, Rex Butler, Ryan Johnston, and Soda_Jerk.

Design by Brad Haylock

Softcover, 320 pages.

15 €

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