Jeremy Deller. Joy in People. Hayward Publishing.

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Joy in People, Jeremy Deller

To accompany the Hayward Gallery exhibition of the same name this 216 page catalogue on the artist, filmmaker, curator and cultural archivist Jeremy Deller presents compelling, subversive works from his entire career.

The Turner-Prize winning artist has been hugely influential and this comprehensive catalogue is the first book to cover his entire career. In addition to essays by esteemed cultural theorist Stuart Hall, music historian Rob Young and Hayward Gallery’s Ralph Rugoff, there is also a conversation between Deller and curator Matthew Higgs and a focus piece by the artist’s mother.

Contains 180 colour illustrations.

D 32.80 €

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Michael Van den Abeele. A Toast to the Ghost, the Host. Wiels.

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A Toast to the Ghost, the Host, Michael Van den Abeele.

RENDER ME REAL. Millions of computers are rendering in the night; rendering everything more real, more realistic; rendering a new generation of extraterrestrials looking more real that the ones before; a new generation of dinosaurs, now feathered but covered in fur soon enough, if current rendering is done; of evil midget-like creatures; of astonishing landscapes covered with paramount super-structures and populated by the millions; a new generation of things as yet indescribable, but imperatively more real and convincing than before. The real is chased after like a deer; like the hunter that changed into a deer, now chased by his own dogs…

Includes a conversation between Michael Van den Abeele and Dennis Cooper.

Published on the occasion of Un-Scene II (exposition June 2012) at Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art.

D 15 €

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The Flesh #5.

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Featuring texts:
Le Refus by Maurice Blanchot
Bataille on Architecture
Madison Madman – interview with Hasil Adkins
To be read aloud – script by Mike Kelley / Franz West
24 Statements zur Frage des Subjekts by Marcus Steinweg
Artur Barrio, selected pages

Texts either in French, English, German or Spanish

D 12 €

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Daan van Golden. Apperception. Roma Publications.

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Apperception, Daan van Golden.

From the early geometric abstraction to the recent series of silhouette paintings, passing through photographic works and ephemera never printed before, Apperception offers a comprehensive gathering of Daan van Golden’s work to date. It also includes a list of his work, arranged by medium and chronologically, and the collections that hold them. With essays by Devrim Bayar, Sven Lütticken and Erik Thys.

Daan van Golden was born in 1936 in Rotterdam. He lives & works in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Roma Publication 182. Design: Inge Ketelers

D 40 €

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Berlin-Paris 2012. Cneai= @ Chert & Motto. Berlin. 28.06.2012

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Berlin-Paris. Un échange de galeries.

CNEAI= Paris at Chert & Motto Berlin: Yona Friedman, “handbuch”
Opening Friday June 29, 2012
from 4pm to 9pm

Invited by Chert and Motto, as part of the Berlin-Paris exchange 2012, CNEAI= proposes an exhibition of Yona Friedman, entitled “handbuch”. Designed as a staging of the visionary projects of Yona Friedman, “handbuch” is a double presentation of works of the architect and artist. This exhibition takes the form of an encyclopedia project, a public use of a personal and autonomous thought.

full programme:

Un-Scene II. Wiels.

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Un-Scene II. Wiels.

Record produced to accompany the exhibition Un-Scene II at WIELS. Design by Sara De Bondt studio.


Nel Aerts
Auer & Jurczak
Sophie Nys
Peter Wächtler
Eleonore Saintagnan
Vincent Meesen

and more.

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Success and Uncertainty / Back Up. Sandra Kassenaar, Bart de Baets.

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Success and Uncertainty / Back Up. Sandra Kassenaar, Bart de Baets.

This publication was published in conjunction with the exhibition Success and Uncertainty at bookshop/art space San Seriffe in Amsterdam, Motto in Berlin and Motto/Corner College in Zürich. The publication consists out of reproductions of the 21 twin posters and the Back Up of the project, where elements and recurring themes in the poster series are contextualised and illustrated.

D 15 €

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South # 1

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South Magazine #1 . Summer 2012,

SOUTH magazine a new collaboration / co- publication of LifO and Kunsthalle Athena

SOUTH is an arts and culture magazine published in Athens and distributed internationally. Possessed by a spirit of absurd authority, we will try to contaminate the prevailing culture with ideas that derive from southern mythologies such as the “perfect climate”, “easy living”, “chaos”, “corruption”, and the “dramatic temperament”, among others. Through our twisted – and “southern” – attitude…, expressed through critical essays, artist projects, interviews and features, we would like to give form to the concept of the South as a “state of mind” rather than a set of fixed places on the map. People from different – literal or metaphorical – ‘Souths’ will renegotiate the southern attitude, partly to define it and partly to invent it, within the post-crisis world. Opening up an unexpected dialogue among neighbourhoods, cities, regions and approaches, SOUTH will be both a magazine and a meeting point for shared intensities.

Published by: Dyo Deka Ekdotiki SA, A collaboration of LIFO free press & Kunsthalle Athena
Editor-in-Chief: Marina Fokidis
Creative Director: Yannis Karlopoulos
Editorial Team: Daphne Mangalousi, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Angeliki Roussou, Apostolos Vasilopoulos
Editorial Consultants: Dimitris Politakis, Pablo León de la Barra

€ 10

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Tumi Magnússon / Space Poetry @ Motto Charlottenborg. Copenhagen. 27.06.2012

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Tumi Magnússon: Works 2000 – 2011. Space Poetry. Book launch @ Motto Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
from 6pm

Tumi Magnússon was born in Iceland in 1957, and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 2005 – 2011.

”About Tumi Magnússon´s engagement with image, perception, meaning and a complexity to the history of painting. There is a materialistic conviction in Magnússon´s work. His practice arose from a conceptual art and fluxus basis but from the 1980s predominately concerned painting. And although he no longer uses that medium the work is still conversant with that idiom. Common across the work has been the pursuit of a form of abstraction of qualities; colour, form, and size. The word abstraction may be misleading if thought of as pertaining to colour field painting or abstract expressionism but Magnússon´s relationship to the term is more literal. he abstracts from reality, the work remains figurative, it depicts actual objects or qualities of objects but in ways in which isolates and intensifies.” – Gavin Morrison.

Space Poetry
Motto Charlottenborg

An Individual Note 03: Perhaps We Should Consider Further Back in Time. Motto Melbourne. 30.06.12

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An Individual Note 03: Perhaps We Should Consider Further Back in Time (Appropriation of Obsolete Material Within Contemporary Practice)

– Performance by VDO

– Performative lecture by Masato Takasaka

– In conversation with Masato Takasaka, Joshua Petherick & Brad Haylock


3pm start, doors close at 5pm

Motto Melbourne / Pin Up Project Space
15-25 Keele St, Collingwood 3066

Please visit Motto Melbourne / The Daphne Oram Trust