Fillip #12 on Critical Forms of Publicness with Lorna Brown, Jeff Derksen, Sean Dockray, Sven Lütticken, Julian Myers, Anne Pasternak, Keith Wallace.

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Fillip #12 on Critical Forms of Publicness with Lorna Brown, Jeff Derksen, Sean Dockray, Sven Lütticken, Julian Myers, Anne Pasternak, Keith Wallace.
Fall 2010.

D 15€
Available for distribution.

Cabinet #38 summer 2010 – ISLANDS.

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Cabinet #38 summer 2010 – ISLANDS.



* Colors / Red
Maggie Nelson
Something dipped
* Ingestion / Table Manner
Anthony Grafton
The disposition of the Last Supper
* Inventory / An Anthology of Memories from Cabinet’s Published Past
Alejandro Cesarco
Working through our issues
* Leftovers / The Future of Neglect
Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss
Urban renewal and the politics of refusal


* Radiantly Malevolent
Adam Jasper
Louis Wain’s psychotic cats
* Blue Notes
Brian Dillon
Selling the siren song of the medicine cabinet
* Scratch and Sniff
Gary Leggett
Diagnosing the allergic reaction
* If It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It
George Pendle
The sincere horse sense of Dr. George W. Crane
* Artist Project / Transmission
Maria Friberg
* Dry Mountain Water
Allen S. Weiss
Afloat on a sea of stones
* Cabinet v. Beşiktaş
Soccer as never before


* Lords of the Ring
Alistair Sponsel
Beneath the surface of the atoll
* Islands and the Law: An Interview with Christina Duffy Burnett
Sina Najafi and Christina Duffy Burnett
The juridical shape of America’s insular empire
* Artist Project / Pulau Pejantan
Institute of Critical Zoologists
* The Silence of the Dams: An Interview with Tetrapod No. 16-2-77
Mats Bigert, Sina Najafi and Tetrapod No. 16-2-77
* Isles of Safety
Tom Vanderbilt
Considering the traffic island
* A Topical Paradise
Hernán Díaz
Literary archipelagos since the great age of exploration
* Artist Projects / Washed Ashore
Keren Cytter, Jason Dodge and Annika Ström
* On the Monstrosity of Islands
D. Graham Burnett
Betrayal, solitude, madness, despair
* The Islanders
Andreas Hiepko
Castaways in a divided Berlin
* Artist Project / 65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living
Jeremy Drummond
* An Archipelago of Centers
Sandy Isenstadt
A modernist reinvention of the kitchen


* Postcard / Loss Accountability of Top-Down Ontologies
Mary Mattingly
* Bookmark / Napoleon, Penguins, and Beef Tea

D 10€
Available for distribution.

The Body Event: Language is a Flawed Medium @ Pro qm. 3-18.09.2010

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The Body Event: Language is a Flawed Medium
David Toop and John Latham
September 3 – 18, 2010

September 5, 8pm: “John Latham Films 1960 – 1971”, film presentation with an
introduction by Antony Hudek

Pro qm, Almstadtstr. 48-50, 10119 Berlin
Fri. / Sat. 11- 8 pm
Sunday 5.9 2-10 pm

In the context of “Unter dem Motto 2010”, Pro qm presents an exhibition and
event about the work of the British artist John Latham. “The Body Event:
Language is a Flawed Medium” is the third iteration of David Toop’s sound
work for computer and voice made with John Latham in 2004, two years before
the artist’s death. The sound work will be presented together with a
selection of documents and books.

On Sunday, September 5th, 8pm, a program of films by John Latham will be
screened and introduced by Antony Hudek (co-editor with Athanasios Velios of
“The Portable John Latham”). The films are part of a newly-issued DVD of
John Latham’s films co-published by LUX and Lisson Gallery, which
includes all the artist’s completed films as well as previously un-seen
performance documentations. The exhibition and event is co-organized with
Occasional Papers, London.

“The Body Event” was first presented at John Latham’s exhibition “God is
Great” at Lisson Gallery, London, in 2005. In 2009, the composition was
re-configured at Flat Time House, the artist’s former home in Peckham, South
London. Musician, writer and curator David Toop has followed John Latham’s
practice closely, from his first encounter with the artist’s work in 1968 to
becoming a member of Artist Placement Group in the 1970s and a privileged
interlocutor in Latham’s later years. Toop recently curated with Tony
Herrington an exhibition at Flat Time House entitled “Blow Up: Exploding
Sound and Noise (London to Brighton 1959-1969)”, and will be performing the
premiere of his score based on Latham’s theories, “FLAT TIME/sounding”, at
Whitechapel Gallery, London, on 5 September 2010.

John Latham (1921-2006) was one of the most significant British artists of
the second half of the twentieth-century – a pioneer in the fields of
experimental film, painting, sculpture, and performance. Most importantly in
his own eyes was the concept of Event Structures and Flat Time Theory, which
he saw as revolutionizing not merely art but science, philosophy and

photo: Walia; courtesy ‘Contemporary British Artists’, Bergstrom+Boyle Books
London, 1979

Occasional Papers

“El poder de la convocatoria” (the power of the open call), Mireia Saladrigues

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“El poder de la convocatoria” (the power of the open call) by Mireia Saladrigues

This book looks at how an artistic project seeks the involvement of the recipients of the work, together with the reasons why people do, or do not, take part in the dynamics of interaction.  This was achieved by inviting random members of the public to participate in the project and interviewing those who took part, compiling their opinions and personal information. This book contains the conversations that were had as well as documentation of the project itself.

Texts in Catalan

D 15€
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EZKIOZALEAK: A photographic account of the followers of the Ezkioga Apparitions edited by Julia Montilla

A photographic collection accompanied by a pair of analytical texts about the phenomenon documenting the apparitions that took place in Ezkioga in 1931.

Texts in Spanish and English

D 12€
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N + 1: Recherche et expérimentation en design graphique, numérique et sonore dans les écoles supérieures d’art et design

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N + 1: Recherche et expérimentation en design graphique, numérique et sonore dans les écoles supérieures d’art et design

Serving as an extension, rather than catalogue, of the International Design Biennial 2008, Saint-Etienne. Featuring contributions from Linda Hillfling, Paul Thek, Michael Rock and Pierre di Sciullo, amongst others.

Published by Les éditions de la Cité

D 10€
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Motto @ Witte de With, Rotterdam. 14-19 September 2010.

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Unter dem Motto 2010, September 3-5, 2010.

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Septembre 3-5, 2010
Click on the picture for more info!

Emily Williams presents “The Object Lag”. Archive Kabinett, Berlin. 24.08.2010

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“The Object Lag” and book launch “Figures of Speech”
August 24th, 2010, 7 pm at Archive Kabinett in Dieffenbachstraße 31, Berlin.

On invitation by Falke Pisano and Archive kabinett, Emily Williams presents “The Object Lag”, a yearlong project she is currently curating at Nieuwe Vide art space in Haarlem, as guest curator for 2010. The event will double as the Berlin book launch of Pisano’s publication “Figures of Speech”.

The Object Lag, is an open evolving structure that seeks to place the emphasis on the interrelated contexts that orbit the object. Seeing the object and its experience, as something that is constantly in movement and so open to an infinite amount of possibilities and readings. The Object Lag transforms the common curatorial practice of organizing and arranging into the very material itself, with its dynamic evolution resting on the contributions made by numerous artists and designers, activating, translating and feeding back into its structure.

The five interrelated parts of The Object Lag are entitled Form & Content, Translation, The Archaeology of Autonomy, Cross-Reference, and The Intangible, each taking on a different stance toward the object. Part One, posed the self-referential question of how it should carry itself, to unfold naturally in relation and reaction to its content? Part Two, brought together artists and designers reflecting on the notion of translation and in Part Three The Object Lag juxtaposed its dynamic structure with a working period in the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, with performances and temporary interventions made by artists and designers intersecting the static nature of its 224 year old museum model, challenging the notion of autonomy.

Preceding Part Four- Cross-Reference, where a selection of writings and thesis’ by artists and designers form the next departure point, Williams reflects on The Object Lag with a presentation in Archive kabinett. Often referring to her role within the project as a choreographer of events, her position as a curator is not fixed but merges with and informs her artistic practice. For this presentation she brings to the foreground, the very personal artistic constellation of thoughts and ideas that formed the starting point for this multi faceted curatorial project.

The event on the 24th of August will simultaneously serve as the Berlin booklaunch of Falke Pisano’s publication Figures of Speech. Published by JRP Ringier / Christopher Keller Editions Figures of Speech is largely based on a performative practice of writing and involves a circulation and exchange of language, ideas, and form. The publication comprises Pisano’s recent work with a focus on the act of speech in relation to different forms of agency in artistic production. Although less outspoken than in Emily Williams’ curatorial and artistic practice, the notion of “the object” functions as a constant reference point; one that is both strategically affirmed and negated.

Archive Kabinett is a platform from where to experiment with formats and concepts related to the field of publishing. Its intent is to investigate art practices in the context of a wider cultural and social environment. Archive Kabinett’s agenda is focused on the shifting cultural values and distribution possibilities, aiming also to encourage a critical discussion around the function of an exhibition. From this starting point, it translates, organizes, and circulates critically invested materials. Archive Kabinett is also the editorial office of Archive Books and Archive Journal. The design of its space is an ongoing collaboration project with the architectural practice nOffice.

Dieffenbachstraße 31, 10967 Berlin
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 3pm-8pm
U8 Schönleinstraße
U1 Kottbusser Tor

“The Lift & the Space/Object”. Maria Jeglinska and Olivier Lebrun

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“The Lift & the Space/Object”
Author: Maria Jeglinska, Office for Design & Research
Designed by Olivier Lebrun featuring typefaces by Emmanuel Rey
Text by: EESTT (Eastern European Study Think Tank)
48 pages
210mm x 297mm
Colour offset printing

D 9.50€
Available for distribution.