FEB.17,2009 – Henry Roy. Kaugummi Books

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Feb.17,2009 by Henry Roy

Paris based photographer Henry Roy portrays a day of his life; FEB.17,2009 describes an imaginary day inspired by his environment in a dreamy and cinematic perception of reality. Between reality, fiction, and everyday life, his work mixes family and street pictures with portraits; Including French filmmaker Claire Denis, and art critic Jeff Rian with his daughter Emma. Henry also asked the musician Jimmy Tomenou to play his own part for this story.

36 pages, 14 x 23 cm
Published by Kaugummi

D 12€


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Compiled Daydreaming, Lara Dhondt, APE

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Compiled Daydreaming by Lara Dhondt

The interest of Lara Dhondt is directed towards a fast, minimal, and vital human need to appropriate a personal space; conquering one’s own place in the world.
An important element within the artist´s work is the installing of these demarcations in urban landscape, she works with (waste) materials gathered on the spot . The photographic representation becomes a monumental document of an ephemeral action in public space.
These constructions can generate and feed ‘daydreaming’; They function as primitive , primary sculptures based on human measurements.

24 pages, 195 x 270 mm
Published by APE, Belgium.

D 10€

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Walther E. Frost Boxcars 1935-1975. Joseph Edwards Notes 1936-1972, Donwood Bricks, AKV

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Walther E. Frost Boxcars 1935-1975. Joseph Edwards Notes 1936-1972 by Donwood Bricks

Walther E. Frost was an amateur photographer who produced over 10,000 pictures during his lifetime. One of his favourite subjects was the Boxcar.
Joseph Edwards was an employee at a Canadian railway company who wrote detailed notes of his everyday life on the tracks.
Donwood Bricks fills a small historical gap, which builds a connection between Walther and Joseph.

Two booklets, 48/24 pages, b/w, 21 x 14,5 cm
Published by AKV Berlin.

D 15€

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Dust Show. Morava Books

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Dust Show, curated by Piotr Łakomy

Dust Show is a publication that sums up activities taking place in the space of the Amager Park in Copenhagen. The project, conceived by Piotr Łakomy, was extended over a longer period, with the works installed in September and October 2010. There were also works that did not make it to their destination, to the park by the sea. Dispersal – a characteristic feature of the project – was set in order in the publication Dust Show; it was here that all the artists and their works met. As in the case of an earlier book, Dust Snow, photographs documenting the show are accompanied by a text by Sebastian Cichocki, a curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.
Participants of Dust Snow included: Jesper Fabricius, Christopher L G Hill, Paweł Kowzan, Piotr Łakomy, Mads Lindberg, POSTER COMPANY (Max Pitegoff & Travess Smalley), Tomasz Saciłowski, TTC (Simon Højbo Hansen, Magnus Clausen, Emil Alsbo), and Honza Zamojski.

Published by Morava Books.

D 12€

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A special edition OLD NEWS BOXSET is now available…

It contains OLD NEWS #1, #2, #3, #4, #México, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #9 1/2, #10 and Vinyl News NO.1 / KARL HOLMQVIST READS OLD NEWS 11 AUGUST 2010.

Published by Pork Salad Press

D €100

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Lazlo Magazine # 0 . On dwelling

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Lazlo Magazine # 0 . On dwelling

Lazlo Magazine is a place of investigation through expression, a platform for debate and creativity; bold ideas in fresh forms. A half-yearly independent magazine drawing inspiration and content from (and aiming to reach) the academic chair and the club dance floor, the artist’s atelier and the scientist`s laboratory, the catwalk and the sidewalk. We interview, overview and review. Take pictures, draw illustrations and play music. We write narrative and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Deconstruct and demystify. Reconstruct and link.
In each issue people from the above very different fields contribute on a chosen topic. Equal attention is paid to the quality of the content and of its layout. A solid and daring idea in a spartan yet adventurous design.

Lazlo Magazine N°0 is ‘On Dwelling’. Strongly influenced by Heidegger`s ‘Bauen Wohnen Denken’ we stroll between metropolis and countryside, real and virtual landscapes, chaos and order, looking for old and new ways to own and be owned by time and space, moment and place. Mapping traces of building re-inventing and re-bridging man and environment.

Edit by Lazlo Moulton
Photo Editors 3/3

Alterazioni Video; Andrea Grippo and Martino Sacchi; Angela Sanna; Ariel Reichman; Benjamin Lindenkreuz; Carolina Melis; Chiara Capodici; Chris Moore; Conor Creighton; Daniel Shea; Dioniso González; Edward Burtynsky; Filippo Romano; Fiorenza Pinna; Giorgio Barerra; Giovanni Solinas; Joachim Cols; Joel Sternfeld; Jules Spinatsch; Katherine Newbegin; Katia Fourquet; Libreria La Central; Lucy Orta + Jorge Orta; Man0rbaH; Marco Bulgarelli and Meike Pullo; Maria Grazia Lintas; Maria Klessmann; Michael Racowitz; Neeva; Patrizia Calefato; Paul O’Connell; Peppe Tortora; Rick McGrath; Simon Norfolk; Sonja Baude; Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs; Thomas Birke; Tony McKibbin; Valetina Ilardi.

The magazine comes with the CD “X to X(1) – Audioportrait of Japan” – a field recordings composition by artist Micha Otto

issue n°0 Spring 2010 – On Dwelling
19.9 x 26.7 cm
148 pages – colours
language: english

D € 15

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I, Coleoptile . Ann Cotten & Kerstin Cmelka

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I, Coleoptile – Ann Cotten & Kerstin Cmelka

Ann Cotten has published numerous work including Fremdwörterbuchsonette (Suhrkamp) which won in the Reinhard-Priessnitz-Preis. She also published a book on concrete poetry Nach der Welt: Die Listen der Konkreten Poesie und ihre Folgen (Klever Verlag) in 2008. The same year saw her receive the George-Saiko-Reisestipendium and the Clemens Brentano Förderpreis für Literatur der Stadt Heidelberg. Her latest book came out in August from Suhrkamp and is called Florida-Räume. I, Coleoptile is her first full length book of work in English.

Kerstin Cmelka is a visual artist and was born in 1974 in Mödling, Austria. Most recently she has taken part in Cold Society at KW69, Berlin, Gestures – Performance and Sound Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark (2010), Scorpio’s Garden in the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin (2010) and Playing Homage, Contamporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (2009). She curated Stolen from my subconscious, KW-Berlin, 03.03.2011 – 03.04.2011

127 x 184 mm,
88 pages, 25 b/w photos 2 ill., softcover with French Flaps

Published by Broken Dimanche Press

D € 12


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The Moon – Tal R – Lubok Verlag

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The Moon, Lubok Verlag
(sold out)

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Panorama . Olga Lewicka

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Panorama Olga Lewicka

Olga Lewicka’s >PANORAMA< presents her subjective view of the 19th century medium of the panorama. In this artist’s book, several layers of representation & examination overlap: the artist’s works, her private archive, documentation on European panoramas, texts by the collaborating authors. Thwarting the book’s typical linear structure, these layers become one texture, weaving the 19th century into the present. The panoramas and their popularity throughout the 19th century – the beginning of the modern culture industry – open up a new & allegorical perspective onto contemporary visual culture and its implication within the capitalist economy. The book reflects on the dialectics of entertainment and control or political oppression. But above all the panorama is revealed as a fascinating allegory of vision’s emancipatory power.

Text: Alicja Jodko, Andrzej Kostołowski, Olga Lewicka, Carsten Zorn
Text Editing: Carsten Zorn
Visual Editing: Honza Zamojski
Photography: Olga Lewicka, Carsten Zorn (if not stated otherwise)
Translation: Benjamin Carter, Cordula Gdaniec, Ewa Kniaziak, Katarzyna Michońska
Design: jungundwenig, Berlin

format: 230 x 172 mm, 120 p., offset printing, soft cover
color: fullcolor + Pantone 296 & Pantone 3405
edition: 250
language: english

Published by Morava Books

D € 18


Available for distribution

Bidoun #24 – Sports

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Mohammad Khordadian, Omar Sharif, Neil Beloufa, Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Álvaro Perdices, Navad (90), Nada Zeida, The World’s Hottest Chili Pepper, Falconry, Shah Rukh Khan and Twenty20 cricket, Hashim, Sadam Ali, Zeina Durra’s Morning Ashtanga Routine, Pouran Jinchi, Karthik Pandian, Nicky Nodjoumi

D 11,20€


Available for distribution