fotograf #19: Film.

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fotograf #19: Film – Magazine of photography and visual culture.

“The theme for fotograf magazine’s 19th issue is the relationship between photography and film. We logically arrived at this choice after gradually addressing topics such as photography and painting, performance, architecture etc. It is logical that photography, which during its history has reflected diverse cultural relationships, has to explore a discipline that directly relates to it, even technologically. It is no accident that many world languages use the same word for camera and movie camera. Not only do both use the same imaging optics, but they also use the same recording medium; earlier film tape, and now increasingly digital chips…” Pavel Baňka, Editorial

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Fotograf #16, Photography and Painting

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Fotograf #16 Photography and Painting

This issue of Fotograf broaches subject photography and painting, asking questions such as what is the actual bond between photographs and paintings, and how does photography differ from its much older partner?
With an introduction by Zdena Kolečková and Michal Koleček, and profiles and reviews of over 20 artists. Edited by Pavel Baňka.

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Mutující Médium / Mutating Medium, Exhibition Catalogue, Galerie Rudolfinum

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Mutující médium/Mutating Medium Exhibition Catalogue

In co-operation with Galerie Rudolfinum and Fotograf magazine

Exhibition catalogue
Czech with English resume
149 pages

Author of the texts / exhibition curator: Pavel Vančát
Graphic design: Markéta Kinterová
Editor: Pavel Baňka

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