Obra De Referencia, Mark Manders, Roma Publications

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Obra de Referencia by Mark Manders

Broad selection of works by Manders, published on the occasion of a solo show in Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City (February-April 2011). Text in Spanish by Mark Manders and Ruth Estéves.
Published by Roma Publications.

Artist: Mark Manders
In collaboration with: Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil
Year: 2011
Number of pages: 96
Size: 14 x 19,6

D 15€


The Last Newspaper, Latitudes, the New Museum

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The Last Newspaper by Latitudes

The Last Newspaper was a hybrid exhibition inspired by the ways artists approach the news and respond to the stories and images that command the headlines. Co-curated by Richard Flood and Benjamin Godsill, the exhibition was held at the New Museum, New York, from 6 October 2010 to 9 January 2011.

Alongside the exhibition, a number of partner organisations, including Latitudes, used on-site offices to present their research and stage public dialogues. ‘THE LAST POST’ / ‘THE LAST GAZETTE’ / ‘THE LAST REGISTER’… was an 12-page free weekly newspaper and an incremental exhibition catalogue edited during a 10 week editorial residency by Latitudes.

This published record, designed by Chad Kloepfer and Joel Stillman, is the surrogate catalogue of The Last Newspaper. Featuring over 100 contributors, including essays and interviews with participating artists, the compilation also brings together articles and special features around an expanded selection of work that addresses the news, the newspaper, and its evolving form and function.

D 15€
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La Vie Moderne, Kikifruit, Kaugummi

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La Vie Moderne by Kikifruit

Printed in april 2011
First edition : 100 copies
24 pages, black and white printed – 20 x 28 cm

Kikifruit is a french artist living in Poitiers. His works have been published by Frederic Magazine, FLTMSTPC, Bon Gout, and Kaugummi.
La vie Moderne is Kikifruit’s come back publication, 20 greyscale paintings for his darkest book ever made.

D 9€


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Migration, Nicolas Poillot, Kaugummi

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Migration by Nicolas Poillot

Printed in february 2011
First edition : 100 handnumbered copies
20 pages + poster, black and white printed – 14 x 20 cm

Nicolas Poillot (born 1978) lives and works in Paris.
He is one of the co founder of JSBJ – Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes – a portfolio based website which now includes personal and collective zines, and larger photographic publications.
The series of photographs taken for Migration were shot at Vincennes zoo (Paris) on Sunday 30 November 2008, the next day, this place closed for several years due to renovation.

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Mousse #28

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Mousse Magazine #28

In This Issue:
Kathryn Andrews, Art & the Web, Manon de Boer, Tony Conrad, France Fiction, Rob Johannesma, K8 Hardy, Tobias Kaspar, Morag Keil, Sung Hwan Kim, Letter to a Blind Man, Helen Marten, John Miller, Mike Nelson, James Richards, Ben Rivers, Eva Rothschild, Thomas Schütte, Gabriel Sierra, Javier Téllez, Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating IV , Fredrik Vaerslev, Gernot Wieland

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating: Why Mediate Art?
by Maria Lind / edited by Jens Hoffmann / artwork by Marysia Lewandowska

D 8€


May #6

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May #6
“This 6th issue focuses on a selection of writings about the artist Paul Thek (1933–1988), which we are publishing in the wake of his first American restrospective at the Whitney Museum last autumn, following a retrospective organized by the ZKM that circulated between 2007 and 2009 in Europe. (…)”

Paul Sztulman, Marietta Franke, Antek Walczak, Chris Kraus, Nicolas Ceccaldi, David Lieske, Mike Bouchet, Michaela Eichwald.

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Objects of Vertu, Artist Instruments and Thingamajigs, HAP. Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle.

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HAP: Objects of Vertu, Artist Instruments and Thingamajigs.
Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle.

HAP is an artist group founded in 1999 in Ghent, Belgium.
All objects in this artist book were manufactured in the studio of HAP. They are parts of installations, tools or study objects.
By conceiving this publication as an auction catalogue, the objects claim the status of autonomous sculptures.

HAP is: Jens De Schutter, Piet Mertens and Wim Waelput.
Text: Dieter Roelstraete.
Design: Boy Vereecken and Kasia Korczak.

D 15€


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Balanced Acts, Jonathan Monk & Ariel Schlesinger

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Balanced Acts, Jonathan Monk & Ariel Schlesinger

A new exhibition of collaborative works by Jonathan Monk and Ariel Schlesinger.

The starting point of this series of works was a long distance dialogue, followed by an intense discussion centered around the idea of equilibrium and the failure of finding a perfect balance.

The work of “Balance Acts” comprises of 24 photographs by Swiss duo Fischli and Weiss. Each image has been carefully manipulated, installed within its own defined setting and illuminated by what appears to be a candle stick simply stuck into a wine bottle. Real objects have been added and real objects have been removed.

Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, October 30th – December 11th, 2010
Photography by Elad Sarig
Design by Sven Hausherr

D 16€
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Profeminist White Flowers, Sands Murray-Wassink

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Profeminist White Flowers by Sands Murray-Wassink

“The book is and was an integral part of the recent retrospective exhibit event. Expressing belief systems and psychic connections it represents the heart and soul of Sands’ current work.”

432 Pages
Self Published.

More info here: http://www.sands1974.com/bookpwf.html

D 30€

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AGMA Issue #3

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AGMA Issue #3 – Edited by Francesco Stocchi

AGMA is a quarterly publication dedicated to exhibition making, made up of six different sections:

EXHIBITIONS presents extensive visual reviews of recent exhibitions worldwide
ARCHIVE presents an historic exhibition
STUDIO presents an artist’s studio
COLLECTION presents a private collection
DEPICTION presents a commissioned artist project
ADVERTISING presents a selection of advertisements from a single source

AGMA is overseen by a constantly changing editorial board and is accompanied by www.agmamagazine.com; a parallel resource home to an even larger selection of exhibitions.

D 12€

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