Transposition — Christian Kathriner, Davide Cascio. Spector Books

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According to legend, the house in which Maria received the apparition of the Angel of Annunciation, the Santa Casa, was relocated by angels from Nazareth first to Dalmatia and then to Loreto. Since the 15th century, the Santa Casa of Loreto has become one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites. In 2009, the artists Davide Cascio and Christian Kathriner developed a work that refers back to this legend. They created two wall carpets for the pilgrimage chapel of Our Lady of Hergiswald — a replica of the Santa Casa in Loreto. The wall carpets, Jacquard tapestries, were woven on a CAD-operated loom in Flanders. The tapestries show a group of people apparently resting at the edge of a riverbed. The large-scale publication presents this temporary spatial installation by Davide Cascio and Christian Kathriner in striking color images that at the same time absorb the opulent decoration of the Baroque chapel of Hergiswald and simultaneously refract it within a contemporary aesthetics.

Texts: Jörg H. Gleiter, Robert Suckale, Birgit Szepanski, and Stanislaus von Moos.


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Davide Cascio – E.N. , Spector Books

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Davide Cascio – E.N. , Spector Books

The idea for this catalogue came about in the spring of 2008 when Davide Cascio began planning a series of exhibitions to be held that fall at four locations: the art space FormContent in London, the gallery Agenzia04 in Bologna, The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in Riga, and at the Kunsthalle Basel. Each of the exhibitions came together by means of a unique process, presented a different perspective and originated from the same idea: to examine the ambivalence of esprit nouveau thinking within the different contexts of the individual institutions. The series of exhibitions serve as the backdrop for this catalogue. This book — a collection of texts and images brought together and discussed as the exhibitions were being prepared and after they concluded — is intended as a system of footnotes to the works by Davide Cascio.

Published by Spector Books
128 pages, English
Design: Pascal Storz
Edited by Egija Inzule
Leipzig 2011

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