cura. #08

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cura. #08

cura. is a magazine devoted to contemporary art, with texts in Italian and English. Inside issue #08, spring/summer 2011, you’ll find:

AROUND THE WORLD – Portraits in the Exhibition Space – Willem Sandberg and Lorenzo Benedetti; Talking to Walls. Momentum – 6th Nordic Biennial, June – October 2011, Marianne Zamecznik; Free Speech – Raimar Stange; London’s East End: Cultural and Economic Migration – In Conversation with Paul Sakoilsky, Mike Watson; PSJM. When the Brand Makes the Art Piece – José Luis Corazón Ardura; TALKING ABOUT – Aesthetics of Climate – Elena Giulia Rossi; NOW – Re-reading the Classic – Francesca Cavallo; FOCUS
Gregor Schneider Ten Years After. – Ulrich Loock; ANDROID® – Berlin – Paris – Riccardo Previdi; STORYTELLING – Bachelor Machines – Benedetta di Loretoand; SPOTLIGHT – An Interview with Per-Oskar Leu – Peter J. Amdam; and much more.

D 7€


032c Issue #21 – The Culture

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032c Issue #21 – The Culture

SCOTT CAMPBELL, the young and famous tattoo artist features in this issue’s 40-page cover dossier, complete with poetry from French modernist FRANCIS PICABIA and a little-known short story by SYLVIA PLATH. Elsewhere AZZEDINE ALAÏA bares his love for animals and women; English artist HELEN MARTEN builds a page-specific installation; dream boys OLAFUR ELIASSON and KEVIN KELLY get techno-Utopian; AL-JAZEERA proves it’s the media outlet of the new millennium; LUCAS OSSENDRIJVER takes LANVIN to the frontiers of men’s wear design; FERNANDO ROMERO builds an art museum in Mexico for the world’s richest man; DANKO and ANA STEINER go downtown with LEELEE SOBIESKI and Salem’s JOHN HOLLAND; Munich magazine magnate Dr. HUBERT BURDA talks tabloids and media theory while the king of arts publishing WALTHER KÖNIG takes us back to the first German art world boom; JUERGEN TELLER shoots KRISTEN McMENAMY in CARLO MOLLINO’s Turin estate, testing the Mollino mantra, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic”; New York’s DIS magazine invades our Global Briefings section; 032c’s latest SELECT presents the best of this season’s books, products, ideas and much more on 276 pages.

D €10
EU €12


Available for distribution

Isabella Blow by Stefan Brüggermann, Triangulo

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Isabella Blow by Stefan Brüggermann

The book by Stefan Bruggeman on Isabella Blow, english magazine editor and international style icon.

This book is the first publication by Triangulo, Spain.

D 40€

OE Magazine #1, The All Together Now Issue

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OE Magazine #1, The All Together Now Issue

OE Magazine acts as a platform for Berlin’s vivid fashion scene. In this first issue it reflects what is going on by focusing on pure images. Our contributors have total freedom to realize their ideas, they are not restrained by any editorial guidelines whatsoever.

Art Direction and Concept: MAVEN, Lisa Borges & Lucie Schibel
Fashion Director: Rainer Metz

Contributors OE #1:
Lars Borges, Amos Fricke, Jochen Arndt, Christoph Schemel, Andreas Lux, Clément Martz, Dirk Merten, Rachel de Joode, Rainer Metz, Christian Stemmler, Brenda Barr, Antje Gohlke, Christof Post, Åsa Lundström, Maven, Julia Zigerli, Henriette Höft, Alexander Soltermann, Manuella Kopp, Ina Cierniak, Miriam Jochims, Ajoh Chol

D 13€
EU 15€

Apartamento #7

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Apartamento #7
Featuring: Bruce Benderson, Masha Orlov, Zoe Bedeaux, Kenny Scharf, Juana Molian, Ola Rindal, Juergen Teller, Nick Currie, Thomas Dozol, Adan Jodorowsky, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, Gemma Holt, Jordi Labanda, Aldo & Marirosa Ballo, Mariuccia Casadio, Nicolas Trembley, Crisis vs. Creativity, Liselotte Watkins.
Plus: everyday life food supplement with essays by Chiara Merino and Claire Frisbie, Red, green & yellow peppers, Alice Waters, Jim Haynes and Gloria & Anaïs.

D 12€


Dapper Dan # 3

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Dapper Dan # 3

In Dapper Dan’s third issue, Angelo Flaccavento studies the cult of Rei Kawakubo; legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto pulls a bomb from his heart; Berlin-based artist Christopher Kline guides us through the stations of a snakebraid; Thomas Eberwein and Jerome Rigaud discuss the creative potentials of technology; photographers Charlotte Ballesteros and Hubert Marot explore the paradox of beauty; Epic artist Jannis Kounellis declares art a sacrifice; Filep Motwary discovers talent in the work of new designer Takashi Nishiyama; Walter Pfeiffer is having a nice day; Shumon Basar shares an excerpt from his novel-in-progress and Jeff Clarke talks about his polka-dot guitar.

D 8.50 €

The Gentlewoman issue no. 3

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The Gentlewoman issue no. 3

An extravaganza of female politics, power and good looks, the third installment of The Gentlewoman features in-depth interviews with the opinionated, passionate women who are taking the international stage: singer Adele Adkins, writer Fatima Bhutto, activist Mabel van Oranje, cosmetic dermatologist Dr Frances Prenna Jones, Colette’s creative director Sarah and artist Germaine Kruip. The issue is accentuated by upbeat fashion series by renowned photographers such as Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Alasdair McLellan, Willy Vanderperre, Liz Collins, Daniel Riera, Robi Rodriguez and Benjamin Alexander Huseby.

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Encens – On Kris Van Assche, vol 1. 2011

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Encens featuring Kris Van Assche, vol 1, 2011

Published by Samuel Drira & Sybille Walter
Art Direction by Sybille Walter
Fashion Editor Samuel Drira
Photography Axl Jansen, Francesco Brigida, Corinna Schulte, Sybille Walter
Styling by Mauricio Nardi, Rossanna Passalacqua, Martin Michaelis, Samuel Drira


Pyramid Power #8

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Twice a year Pyramid Power showcases the best in international contemporary art, fashion and literature, focusing on projects that show criticality and rigor, and placing emerging artists on an equal footing with their more established counterparts. Pyramid Power’s brazenly eccentric perspective on the art world is visually embodied in the balance it strikes between form and content, the magazine’s bold yet considered presentation accentuates the richness of its artwork and writing.

Pyramid Power
Issue #8
96 Pages
Edition of 1,600
Fall/Winter 2010

D 12€

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Contributors :
Isabelle Pauwels & Rachelle Sawatsky
Peter Schuyff
Valentina Liernur
Tiziana La Melia
Neil Campbell
Kate Craig
& Molly Sigalet
Eileen Myles
Michael Turner
Michele Di Menna
Judith Hopf
& Ruairiadh O’Connell
Trevor Mahovsky
Jess Wiesner

Newwork Magazine # 5

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Newwork Magazine # 5
The fifth issue of newwork magazine finds a range of artists and designers exploring the concept of grace, infusing their very different work with a similar attunement to the ineffable, the elegant, the sublime.
A survey of books from st. Gallen showcases three generations of book designers who have stayed true to their city’s heritage as the heart of swiss book design while breaking new ground (and old rules) with playful use of asymmetry and unconventional typographic design. Grandfather to this vibrant multigenerational movement is Rudolf Hosteler, editor of “typografische monatsblätter”, who mentored jost hochuli, master typographer, graphic designer, and book designer. Hochuli, in turn, served as teacher to the founding members of the award-winning swiss design team, tgg hafen senn stieger and to gaston isoz, an accomplished book designer working out of berlin. While each of these designers takes a unique aesthetic approach, they are united by a fascination with graceful creative solutions.
Joining the book designers in this issue is jürgen bergbauer, a german-born fine artist / photographer who obsessively photographs rocks, extracts them from their natural contexts, and places them into flat off-white spaces, producing studies that temper analytical beauty with radiant calm. Taka mayumi, japanese-born, paris-based fashion photographer, produces a breathtaking fashion story of genderless beauty. And veteran photographer lillian bassman breathes new life into the “mad men”-era glamour she helped define with her iconic imagery and maverick darkroom techniques. As bassman’s interview with newwork reveals, her own inimitable grace flows from equal parts vision, spunk and timeless sex appeal.

104 pages

D 15 €