Walter Pfeiffer (Ed.). Scrapbooks 1969-1985. Edition Patrick Frey.

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Scrapbooks 1969-1985, Walter Pfeiffer (Ed.) published by Edition Patrick Frey.

Walter Pfeiffer’s Scrapbooks from 1969 to 1982 are a very unique Wunderkammer. Pfeiffer’s Polaroids and photographs alternate with miscellaneous objects – newspaper clippings, postcards, packaging, tickets – and brief punning notes. Pfeiffer assembles all of this into a large collage full of surprising references and comparisons that is both a visual diary and creative foundation of his artistic work. In his scrap books, Pfeiffer’s keen view of Eros, Zeitgeist and popular culture, his disrespectful humor as well as his appreciation for the poetry in the mundane and banal, are sharply revealed. They offer a view into Pfeiffer’s meandering and playful universe and are a contemporary document that captures the Zeitgeist of the 1970s and 1980s with ephemeral elegance.

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Dapper Dan # 3

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Dapper Dan # 3

In Dapper Dan’s third issue, Angelo Flaccavento studies the cult of Rei Kawakubo; legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto pulls a bomb from his heart; Berlin-based artist Christopher Kline guides us through the stations of a snakebraid; Thomas Eberwein and Jerome Rigaud discuss the creative potentials of technology; photographers Charlotte Ballesteros and Hubert Marot explore the paradox of beauty; Epic artist Jannis Kounellis declares art a sacrifice; Filep Motwary discovers talent in the work of new designer Takashi Nishiyama; Walter Pfeiffer is having a nice day; Shumon Basar shares an excerpt from his novel-in-progress and Jeff Clarke talks about his polka-dot guitar.

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Zeitlosschrift #3

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Zeitlosschrift #3. Featuring: Rick Reuter, Ricardo Domeneck, Martin J Pulvermann, Ortwin Ruf, Jakob Hauser, Brett Lloyd, Walter Pfeiffer, Cyprien Gaillard,

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Mit Links. Walter Pfeiffer.

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Walter Pfeiffer. ‘Mit Links’. Published by Team Canada. Zürich.

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